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How Long Does It Take To Alter A Wedding Dress

When Do I Need To Get My Alterations Done


As a general rule, aim to have your initial alterations appointment six weeks before your wedding date, or, if you’re getting married abroad, six weeks before you fly to your wedding destination. We understand that time is precious in the run up to the wedding, but make sure to keep the few Saturdays before your wedding free for your fittings – you won’t regret it!

Salons May Charge Differently

Some bridal salons, seamstresses, and tailors charge for alterations on wedding dresses per service, while others will provide you with a flat rate for the alterations. Determine in advance which payment plan youre more comfortable with a flat fee may be better for a bridal gown that requires a lot of alterations and a per-service pricing structure will be better for more simple alteration needs and dresses with easier fabrics to alter like crepe as opposed to a beaded lace dress.

How Long Does It Take To Alter A Wedding Dress

One of the first questions we get from almost every bride is how long does it take to alter a wedding gown?

The simple answer is three months.

The long answer is that it really depends on a variety of details:

  • The style of gown

  • The degree of changes to be made

  • The type of materials

  • Your work schedule and planned trips

  • Any planned changes in diet or fitness habits

  • Any customized elements desired

  • Pregnancyplease contact us if you are pregnant or have recently been pregnant so we can discuss an ideal time to start the fitting process.

  • Most dresses could technically be altered within 24 hrs, but this is not ideal you don’t want rushed work, and neither do we. We have made some exceptions for brides with emergency situations. To minimize the occurrence, we have to charge a rush fee for any alterations needed to be done in less than six weeks, and we ask that you email or call us to check that we will be able to accommodate your rushed schedule. This also usually means there won’t be time to make detailed adjustments, though we will always do our best in the time allowed.

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    Bring The Rest Of Your Wedding Attire

    When attending your fittings, make sure to bring the undergarments, accessories, and pairs of shoes you plan on wearing with your dress. This will assist you and the seamstress to determine what needs to be changed and by how much. Seeing the entire outfit will also give you an idea of what you will look like on your special day.

    If the specific shoe you plan on wearing is not yet available, bring another pair that has a similar height. The same goes for any other piece of clothing if they are not yet on hand, bring something with the same dimensions.

    What To Do If Your Dress Is Delayed Due To Covid

    Eva Lendel
    • Contact your bridal shop. If you purchased your gown with us, we will see what we can do to help you get your dress on time.
    • Research the wedding dress designers policies. In some cases, you might be able to place a rush on the dress to get it delivered sooner. Some designers might also refund your money.
    • Consider postponing the wedding. Unfortunately, brides across the country are postponing their weddings due to the pandemic, and if the dress of your dreams wont arrive in time, that might be the best option for you.

    Shipping problems can also contribute to the delayed arrival times of wedding dresses for the next few months. The first issue here is that logistical breakdowns are occurring as people are quarantining. Additionally, during the coronavirus pandemic, many consumers have switched to online shopping. The increase in shipped goods across the U.S. could lead to slight delays in the domestic shipping process. International shipping could lead to more extensive delays, especially in countries where people are still being asked to quarantine at home.

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    Who Does My Wedding Dress Alterations

    This depends on the kind of wedding dress you’ve chosen. Most bridal boutiques will have a list of recommended alterations services that they can provide, while others will have an in-house seamstress who can do the alterations for you, although you shouldn’t feel obliged to use their services. If your dress is from the high street or a ready-to-wear retailer like Net-a-Porter, you’ll have to find a seamstress yourself – we’ve got a handy list here for Irish brides, but if you’re based elsewhere, it’s worth asking married pals for recommendations. If you’re having your gown custom made, alterations should be included in the service, and will be done by the designer or one of their staff members.

    Photo by Sharon Kee Photography via One Fab Day

    Wedding Dress Alterations 101

    In This Article

    Fit is everything, which is why when it comes to your wedding dress, alterations are also everything. After all, your wedding day is the only day you’ll be showing off your stunning gown that took months to find. And the last thing you need on your special day is to deal with a wardrobe malfunction.

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    Other Special Adjustments And Alterations

    Adjustments and additions like straps, necklines, bust, hip, and waist fitting could also be done in a matter of weeks. However, some alterations, like the chest area and the neckline, are trickier than others. You could even want to switch up the style from your initial choice. Maybe you want a fuller hem, added lace, or even a big train these alterations, adjustments, and additions can be made to your wedding dress in less than three months max.

    Now you have an idea on how long do alterations to a wedding dress take. Making alterations to your wedding dress takes time and expert touch to bring out the perfect outfit. However, it all burns down to the item and how complex the alterations must be made.

    Special Considerations For Wedding Dress Alterations

    Altering a Wedding Dress

    While every bride, wedding, and dress are different, there are always similar considerations to make sure you keep in mind as you’re wedding planning. Even if you love how your wedding dress looked the first time you try it on, almost every single bride has their wedding dress altered. Yes, it’s an additional investment, but you’re spending money to make sure that the wedding dress you spent so much more money on looks incredible and makes you feel like a bride. As you’re dress shopping and planning your alterations, keep the following in mind:

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    Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Dress Alterations

    Even if you’ve found your wedding dress and signed on the dotted line to officially make it yours, you still aren’t ready to head down the aisle quite yet. Most gowns need some sort of alteration, and the scope of work can vary greatly, depending on where you purchase your gown and how many changes need to be made. The most important thing to keep in mind is the more labor intensive the request, the more time and money you should allow for the process of creating your dream dress. With the help of a professional seamstress or tailor, you’ll be ready for your wedding day with a gown that suits your figure flawlessly.

    How Much Can You Alter A Wedding Dress

    The exact bridal alterations you can do will depend on your dressthe fabric, beading , and whether you purchased it as a sample size or had it made to order will all make a difference. But in general, many experienced seamstresses should be able to work their magic and can completely redesign your gown, if thats ultimately what you want. From adding corset panels to shortening straps, inserting a bustle, adding lace, sewing cups into the bodice, raising the hem, etc., your options for wedding alterations are practically limitless. When purchasing your wedding dress, always ask the retailer or designer about the types of customizations that can be made. If theyre not able to accommodate your requests during the design process, they may be able to refer you to a professional seamstress who specializes in working with their gowns.

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    How Much Do Wedding Dress Alterations Cost

    Wedding dress alteration costs will vary depending on what you need to have done and the style of your gown, but youll need to factor them into your budget. Your boutique may be able to give you an estimate of alteration costs once you’ve chosen your dress, but that should be regarded as a guideline, not a set-in-stone price.

    According to Patricia Orelaja of plus-size bridal boutique Heavenly Bodies Bridal, brides can pay as little as £60 for the most minor alterations at her shop, but for more extensive work you can be looking at over £200. As a guideline, the most expensive part of the fitting is usually the hem our prices for this range from £70-£125,” she says. “Brides have a free consultation and are not obliged to have their fittings with us although almost all do!

    Bespoke changes like adding straps or extra beading will raise the price.

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    What’s Involved In A Wedding Dress Fitting

    WhiteAzalea Ball Gowns: Convertible Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

    First Fitting: Youll likely have ordered your dress months before, so in your first appointment youll try it on again and the seamstress will see where it needs adjusting. Itll probably take an hour and will be the longest appointment: youre not only getting pinned, but meeting the dressmaker and discussing your requirements.

    Some brides might be worried about being undressed in front of the seamstress, but theres no need this is their job and seamstresses are very discreet.

    Listen to the seamstresss advice If they warn against a change or suggest a different one, its for a good reason. Trust their experience and knowledge of the garments.

    However, if what they’re saying really doesn’t match up with what you want, ask for a second opinion, particularly if you’re not using a specialist wedding dress service not everyone is as experienced with certain types of changes or working with certain fabrics, especially if theyre less experienced. It isnt offensive to take the dress to a different seamstress for a second opinion you will get what you pay for so make sure the seamstress is right for the job at hand.

    Second Fitting: Third Fitting:

    Youll take your dress home with you at the final fitting. Ask your boutique for advice about safely storing your dress at home ahead of the wedding.

    “Make the dress work for you, not you work out for the dress.” Kate Halfpenny

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    Allow For Special Circumstances Regarding Something Old Fabrics

    If you plan on wearing your mother or grandmothers wedding dress or incorporating substantial elements from one or both of their gowns into your own be prepared to cope with a no from your tailoring team. Some older materials seem to have stood the test of time, but going through standard alterations can change that rather quickly. Trust the professionals to find a more subtle way to add these sentimental elements into your ensemble.

    Also, if you plan to have part of your dad’s shirt sewn into your wedding dress, make this clear to your seamstress or tailor! They’ll be experts at where to place these special items and make sure that they’re presented prominently without altering the look of the gown.

    Photo by Natalie Watson Photography Bridal Salon: Wedding Atelier Planning & Design by Evoke Design & Creative From Real Wedding: Black-and-White Luxe Backyard Wedding with Modern Minimalism Style

    Most Common Wedding Dress Alterations That You Should Know About

    Aug 28, 2018The Dress, Wedding Tips

    Everyone wants a perfectly beautiful wedding dress that fits like a glove, right? There might be some unexpected steps to the dress bliss as finding the perfect wedding dress doesnt always mean that it fits you flawlessly. In some rare occasions you can take your wedding dress from the store straight to the wedding but most brides need to have alterations done to the dress. We have listed some alterations from the most common to the not so common.

    Plan your whole wedding outfit with this beautiful easy to use planner!

    18 pages going through your whole bridal look from hair to shoes, not to forget your wedding dress. 100% Free!

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    When To Begin The Process

    Regardless of when you purchase your gown, your alterations should begin 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding. If you are aware that your gown will need more extensive design changes or alterations, be sure to allow time for this. In this case, allow 8 weeks if possible. This should be booked in at least 3 months in advance as dressmakers schedules fill up quickly. When making the booking, discuss what you are after and what your time frame is. The dressmaker will most likely be able to give you a guide on how long they may need for the alterations based on your description.

    Via Artful Tailoring

    When Is The Best Time To Start Working/ordering A Custom Wedding Gown

    Do this One Thing to Permanently Fix a Messy Wedding Gown Train | French Tack | Stabilizing Tacks

    Trust us, our goal is to create a wedding dress that will suit both your figure and personality to make you feel beautiful and confident on your special day. There is absolutely no need to settle with a dress that isnt exactly what you want. Let 3rd Floor Tailors help you say yes to the perfect dress.

    3rd Floor Tailors can take care of all other ladies in your wedding entourage too be it custom dressmaking or alterations. For more information on custom wedding dress or any of our bespoke tailoring services, please contact us.

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    Before You Step Foot Inside The Bridal Salon Here Are Some Tips You Should Keep In Mind

    Wedding dress alterations can be tricky, and many women dont realize the steps they must take following the big purchase of a wedding dress. Get advice on what to expect when it comes to your alterations!

    You’ve likely dreamed of shopping for your wedding dress since you were a little girl, but what was most certainly not in your dreams was the logistics of wedding dress alterations. Though important and most of the time essential to your wedding dress process, many brides dont know that they need to account for the period of snipping, clipping, and tweaking that must go into a wedding dress before its ready for its bridal debut.

    Wedding dress alterations can be tricky, and many women dont realize the steps they must take following the big purchase of wedding dresses. Though every woman’s bridal alterations will be different, there are some consistent things to keep in mind when it comes to planning the timeline of your wedding dress alterations before the big day as well as suggestions on what to keep in mind before you head to the first fitting and beyond leading up to your wedding day.

    In order to help you organize your time while you’re preparing to wear the most important dress of your life, weve put together a comprehensive list of tips you should keep in mind before you swipe your credit card to purchase a wedding dress at the bridal salon.

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