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Where To Print Place Cards For Wedding

Place Card Designs For All Occasions

FAUX CALLIGRAPHY (EASY) | Wedding Place Cards

Youve found them! We make place cards fun, easy, and fast. With a diverse pallet of custom colors and lots of tastefully curated fonts, we have the perfect professionally crafted place cards to match any theme.

Upload your guest list in a flash or create it right on our site. Check your preview and print. Perfectly customized place cards, easy as 1-2-3.

Give Your Guests A Little Piece Of Your Wedding Day

Place cards are something that your guests can also keep and take home with them after the wedding. Just like with your stunning Paperlust wedding invitations, your place cards are a special piece of your wedding day that your guests are sure to love, so why not let them take them home to treasure?

Place cards a lovely way to show your guests how special they all are to you theyre a great personalised touch. Place cards can be taken home by guests and turned into a lovely memory of a beautiful day. Place cards from a wedding are something that can be kept in a photo album amongst pictures from the day, or another very good idea is to have them framed and then your loved ones can display the beautiful cards in their homes.

What Do You Write On Wedding Place Cards


What you write on your wedding place cards is entirely up to you. You definitely need to include the guests’ names, but other than that, there are no set rules. If you want to add more information, you can always include the guests’ assigned table numbers as well. You can also include a sweet message, like “welcome” or “at last” or any other sort of greeting to get your guests excited. Pro tip: Don’t forget to order cards to display table names too.

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Choosing A Printable Template / Design

If you haven’t already chosen a design, go do that first and come back when you’re done! There are loads of great designs to match the style and flavor of you and your wedding. Just search what you’re looking for on your favorite search engine or marketplace and come back when you’ve picked something. If you don’t have a favorite marketplace, Etsy is a great place to start, and if you happen to be printing place cards we recommend our easy-to-use place card maker.

Guide Guests To Their Seats With Style And Ease

Pin on Wedding name cards
  • 85 x 55 mm size
  • 6 paper stock options
  • Reverse side printing available

Help guests find their seats easily with custom place cards. Also known as escort cards, place cards can be customised with your initials or wedding date â youâll simply need to handwrite your guestsâ names before use.

We offer design options for every style. Plus, itâs easy to make your friends and loved ones smile by adding personal touches, such as a monogram or a custom hashtag. You can even upgrade to reverse side printing to include a heartfelt thank you note or favourite quote.

To start creating your custom place cards, explore our design gallery â you can see all of our options together, or filter them by style, colour and more. Once youâve found an option you love, make it yours by adding all of your custom touches. After perfecting your design, simply place your order and let us take care of the rest.

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Create Elegant Wedding Place Cards

Details like establishing seating arrangements for your wedding day can be quite challenging. You want to make sure your wedding guests will be happy and comfortable with the people they’ve seated alongside, and it can be difficult to make the perfect arrangement for your table size or venue layout. At Shutterfly, we dont want tasks like this to be anything but an exciting step toward making your wedding day special. We offer a varied selection of wedding place card templates to make the process an easy one. With designs that will emphasize your style and impress your guests, theres no shortage of personalization options. After planning the seating chart, add your guests’ names to these stunning table cards. They won’t only be elegant table decor, they’ll also be special keepsakes you can cherish forever.

Print Out The Full Set

After you’ve figured out your print settings and tested that everything looks good it’s time to print the whole batch! Cross your fingers and keep an eye on itcard stock can be more likely to cause paper jams and if you have a dark template you might run through a lot of ink! It’s generally recommended to keep an eye on the print job and make sure it’s working well as it prints out so you don’t waste any paper on bad print-outs.

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Fresh Magnolia Leaf Place Card

Fresh cut magnolia leaves are the perfect touch to enhance your wedding or event and a sustainable option to help reduce our carbon footprint. These magnolia leaves bloom a deep earthy green that are sturdy and thick to last through your event. Leaves may vary in size, shape, style. Pricing reflects one leaf.

We love to suggest other products that can help make your event more fun. Recommended items contain affiliate links. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links.

Download Free Microsoft Word Place Card Print Template

Calla Lily Printable Place Cards – Weddings, Reception Table Cards

Start by downloading the print template that matches your product from our Free Print Templates page.

We offer 3 x 3 and 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch place cards. Templates for both sizes are found in the Fold Cards section of the template page. See below.

Please note we also offer inDesign templates, but in this tutorial we address Microsoft Word only.

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When Should I Order My Placecards

Its best to order your placecards when you order the rest of your wedding stationery, so it doesnt get forgotten or left to the last minute. Of course, you might have already ordered your wedding invitations, so what then? Well, the time required for place card printing can vary depending on the type of placecards you order . Take a look at our guide to delivery times to find out the expected times for different print types. With Paperlust, regardless of what type of placecards ordered, you can have them within two weeks of final approvals. That said, you should aim to order at least a couple of months before the big day to cut down on stress close to the wedding!

Can You Make Place Cards On Microsoft Word

Yes, you can use Microsoft Word to make your own place card template Word. Furthermore, this application offers different place card layouts and designs to suit varying themes, occasions, and motifs. You can start the design by picking the best layout to suit your needs then use different customizing and editing tools to turn your design into something unique.

If you dont want to start from scratch, you may download a template. But if you decide to create and customize your place cards by hand, it could be fairly time-consuming. Moreover, printing stores or professional calligraphers could charge you a really hefty sum.

Fortunately, you can create your place cards for any occasion using your computer and the Microsoft Word program. Here are the steps to do this:

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Hear From Our Happy Customers

Our top priority is happy customers like these.

“Awesome Service :)”

I needed place cards quickly. I still cant believe how fast and easy it was. Even after we had to make a last minute change customer service was friendly and helpful.

Caitlin S.“They look even better in person!”

Couldnt be happier with the Verona place cards. They were so easy to customize. I had really unique flowers and bridesmaid dresses. With the custom colors I got the place cards to match our theme perfectly.

Ashley M.

Engraved Sensations Laser Cut Names Dinner Place Card Napkin Holder

8 Free Wedding Place Card Templates with Table Name Cards Template Free ...

Courtesy of Etsy

Place cards can in fact be both pretty and practical, and these are proof positive. The personalized, ring-shaped napkin holders come in in a variety of finishes, three different wood options, and four metallic, mirrored ones. Theyre perfect for a wedding yes, but how cute would they be after the fact set out on a holiday table?

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Seat Your Guests In Style With Wedding Place Cards

Design personalized wedding place cards with Shutterfly. You have been planning your wedding for months nowor even years. Youre getting down to the final details that will really complete the day. Youve sent out lovely, personalized invitations and your guests have RSVPd, letting you know which of your loved ones will be attending. Now, its time to decide where your guests will be sitting at the wedding reception. Why not personalize the occasion with custom wedding place cards from Shutterfly? With Shutterfly, let your guests know their table numbers with one-of-a-kind wedding place cards designed by you. Wedding place cards and seating cards make wedding planning a breeze. Plus, they add the perfect finishing touches to your wedding decor.

Flat Cards Vs Tent Cards

Your place cards will typically come in one of two types: flat or tent. Flat placecards arewell, flat, and are often used in conjunction with a place card holder.Tent cards, on the other hand, are meant to be folded in half and stand on their own.They are also sometimes called foldable cards.

The big advantage of tent cards is that they are free-standing, so you dont have to find something elseto hold them and can just arrange them on a table. However, if youve got the time and budget to dosomething more creative with your cards then place card holders are a great way to add a bit more flairto your event!

There is a third option to the flat versus tent card choice, which is to do something totally unique!For some inspiration on some of the more creative place card ideas checkout our favoriteideas for wedding place cards and escort cards.

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Print Place Card Cutting Guidelines

Now its time to print cutting guidelines on the reverse side of the sheet.

Simply load your paper into the printer in the opposite direction and click print.

How to Change Appearance of Guidelines

The guidelines in the template are set to print very lightly and subtly. If you have trouble seeing them and prefer them darker, follow these instructions:

Tip: You can also follow these instructions to turn the table outlines on while typing in guest info in the previous step. Just be sure to shut them off before printing!

  • Right click the table to reveal the Table Properties menu
  • Click Borders and Shading
  • An interface will open to edit the appearance of the guidelines

Please note instructions may slightly differ depending on the version of Word you are using.

Enter Your Guests Names And Table Numbers

Wedding Place Cards Tutorial

Change the sample place card wording to the name and table number for one of your guests. Change font, size, and text color if you wish.

Font shown here is Adelicia Script.

You have set up your template and are ready for a test print!

TIP: At this time, we recommend cutting a plain piece of paper to the size of your place card for the test print. This way you do not waste any of your cards.

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Do Coordinate With Other Day

The table setting cards are an opportunity to add a decorative flair to your place settings. As such, be sure to coordinate the look of your place cards with your decor in some way.

This can be accomplished with colors, your theme, your monogram, or all of the above. Its easy to mix and match your day-of stationery pieces here.

via minted

How Do You Write On Wedding Place Cards


While you can spend time labeling each wedding place card in hand-written calligraphy, we know you likely don’t have too much extra time on your hands. That’s why we recommend ordering printed or printable place cards ones online. Sites like The Knot Invitations and Etsy allow you to print all the information you need directly onto the table cards, so all you need to do is set them up on your reception tables.

If you’re dreaming of DIY handwritten place cards, we recommend taking a calligraphy course, or simply practicing your print ahead of time. Then, draw on them on a solid, firm surface with a small-tipped pen or marker for sharp, clear lines. Another alternative? Laser cut wedding place cards.

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Type & Print Or Hand Write Place Cards

Posted in Planning0

Did you print out or hand write the names and table numbers on your place cards?

Or is a large sign a better idea?

I planned to do calligraphy on mine but even with the neatest handwriting I am too much of a perfectionist and imagined them typed.

My problem is that I’m waiting for 11 people to RSVP and we need to have the place cards at our venue for the 2 week final appointment on Sept 21, so it’s going to be a really last minute thing doing these. That being said, what do you think would be easiest?

on September 5, 2017 at 1:11 PM

Wedding Place Cards Etiquette

Wedding Place Cards Wedding Place Card Printable Place Card

How do you write place cards? This is a FAQ here at Mospens Studio. After loads of research, I found many ideas and ways to write place cards. Surprisingly there are many options.

The idea of a place card is to help your guests find their seat. Otherwise they will look all around and be lost not knowing where to sit.

Your guests will either pick up their place card when they enter your reception or a table seating sign will be at the entrance showing your guests what table they are sitting at, then a place card is already placed on each setting at each table showing your guests where to sit.

FORMAL WEDDINGorMr. GatsiosThis is used if Nick is the only Mr. Gatsios in attendance. If there are more than one guests named Mr. Gatsios then you would want to have his name read Mr. Nick Gatsios to avoid confusion.

Many times however at Mospens Studio we do print 2 names on each place card at the request of our client. Two names would look like this on one card:Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gatsios


YOUR GUESTS GUESTYou want to find out your guests guest names and have a place card for each guest.

TITLEMr. is used for a man 18 years or older. An unmarried lady 18 and older is Ms. You will use Miss for unmarried girls under the age 18. Master is used for a boy until they are age 7. Mister is used when they turn 18. In between 7 and 18 there is no title used.

Shop our wedding place cards, or have custom place cards created for you!

Contact us with any questions!

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