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When To Book Hotel Block For Wedding

How Many Rooms Do We Need To Block For Guests

Reserving Hotel Room Blocks 101 ll DIY Wedding Corporate Event Planning

The number of rooms you’ll need really depends on how many guests will be travelling, but most hotels require you to book blocks in groups of 10 or more. If the area doesn’t have a lot of hotel options and you’ve been offered a significant discount on accommodations, it’s usually best to err on the side of holding too many than too few. Just make sure you’re not on the hook financially for any leftover rooms.

How Early Should I Reserve My Wedding Hotel Block

Q: My FH and I know we want to get married in NYC and the weekend we want, but dont have our venue booked yet. Is it too early to book hotel blocks for guests? Im nervous theyre not going to be available!- Sharon

A: You are definitely right to want to reserve your hotel room blocks early for guests, but youre a bit too early. As soon as you nail down your venue and date that is when youll want to start e-mailing hotels. And since Im assuming youll have at least 6+ months from the time you book your venue to your wedding date, this will give you an opportunity to e-mail several hotels near your venue to negotiate the best rate. Typically youll need a block of at least 10 rooms at each hotel to get a discounted, reserved rate. Follow the advice below to make sure your hotel room block experience goes great!

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It Costs Nothing In Most Cases

Many couples think that they have to put down a huge deposit when they block rooms. Others think that they will be responsible for unused rooms in a room block. While both concerns a valid, what most couples dont know is that hotels have a special kind of room block that they use for weddings. Its called a courtesy room block and it is created for small groups .

When you ask a hotel for a courtesy room block, you dont have to put a deposit and there are no charges for unused rooms. To learn more about a courtesy room block, you should read this.

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What Should The Price Point Difference Be For My Hotel Blocks

If youre going to book more than one block, its a good idea to be considerate of all budgets. While some attendees might be excited to splurge on a 5-star boutique property, others might need something more economical. When choosing your blocks, youll want at least a $40 to $50 difference in rates, especially if your more expensive hotel runs over $200 per night.

Can We Negotiate For Added Perks

Booking Hotel Blocks 101

Some hotels will be able to offer complimentary nights, room upgrades, parking, wifi, and more based on the type of block you have and how many rooms youre able to fill.

When securing a block, you can ask if there are any special concessions based on the pickup. Most will know what this means, but dont automatically expect something in return.

Again as with all of your vendors, make sure you read and understand your contracts when agreeing to anything.

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Celebrate Your Day Your Way

Host up to 80 wedding guests in elegance, style, and grace at the ClubHouse Hotel & Suites in Sioux Falls. Our beautiful property features a terrace, gazebo, river, and overlooks two private golf courses, which will lend the perfect atmosphere to your special day.

Best of all, when you reserve a block of guest rooms for your wedding, you are entitled to all hotel amenities, as well as several perks:

Reserve and occupy a block of 10 rooms to receive:

  • A complimentary upgrade to a Two-Room King Suite for the price of a standard room

  • Complimentary champagne awaiting you in your room

Reserve and occupy a block of 20 rooms to receive:

  • 40% off of one of our unforgettable Presidential Suites

  • Complimentary champagne awaiting you in your room

  • Chocolates awaiting you in your room

Gathering For A Wedding

In a past not so long ago, it was normal for a person to grow up within a few blocks of grandparents, aunts, uncles and assorted cousins. One could attend local schools, seek work in the area, and perhaps settle down with a hometown sweetheart. In this world of the past, weddings could take place nearby and the reception might be held at a favorite family restaurant within a short commute of friends and family.

This situation still exists today. However, it is more likely that your friends and family will be coming from long distances. While you plan every aspect of your wedding experience, take a moment to recognize the special effort made by those guests who will be arriving from far off places. They will come by planes, trains, and automobiles. And they will come with heavy bags, gifts and individual needs. With that in mind, you will want to plan the perfect ‘thank-you. But without breaking your budget. Need custom suits or tuxedos?

First, you want to reserve rooms at a nearby hotel for your out-of-town guests. What you do not want is for your guests to call around town looking for a hotel room a few months before your wedding only to discover that all the rooms in town are $500 per night. And you certainly do not want for your guests to find that all the rooms in town have been taken by a large convention, concert, and/or sporting event.

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How Does A Typical Hotel Room Block Contract Work

There are two different types of contracts that are typically used a standard group contract and a courtesy agreement.

The courtesy agreement does not require any financial obligation or guarantee however, courtesy agreements are more limited in terms of number of rooms, room types, availability of rooms without substantial utilization of the rooms, explains Tim Hammer, the director of sales and marketing at Kimpton Hotel Monaco Portland and Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel, both in Portland, Oregon.

A standard group contract allows parties to guarantee room types, block an increased number of rooms, and have access to more perks such as food and beverage credits, access to our local partners and discounts, and a dedicated Conference Services Manager to help coordinate any special group requests, amenities, room drops, etc., said Hammer.

Keep Close To The Venue

Wedding HOTEL BLOCKS // Why You Need Them + How To Book

These reservations are meant to be a convenience. You donât want guests to have to travel far, so make sure the hotel is within a 20-minute drive from the church or reception area.

If youâre booking an event in the Carlsbad, NM, area, Stevens Inn offers relaxing, high-quality accommodations. Guests enjoy a number of amenities, including complimentary breakfast, a fitness center, and indoor and outdoor pools. They also provide a number of rooms and suite options that you can begin exploring on their website. Call 887-2851 to book a reservation.

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How Many Rooms Do We Really Need To Block For Our Wedding Guests

And other hotel basics.

Feeling confused about hotel room blocks for your wedding guests? You’re not alone. There are a number of questions we’re frequently asked about hotel bookings for a wedding. The one we hear most often: How many rooms do we really need to reserve for guests? Here, find the answer to this query and more.


How Does A Hotel Room Block Work

Most hotels have a policy where you have to set aside at least 10 rooms to qualify for a room block at a discounted rate. But many hotels book out pretty far in advance, which means youll want to start booking or reserving your room blocks at least six months ahead of your big day, and ideally as early as possible. Additionally, youll want to consider whether or not theres a major event going on around the area of your hotels during that same weekend. Most cities are known for booking large sports groups and conferences, which is great for the city, but not so great on your wedding weekend, explains Hogge, who also notes that, when a hotel is in high demand, it is harder for them to be flexible with room rates.

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What Number Of Rooms Is Needed In Hotel Blocks For Weddings

For this step, it is ideal to have as close to a final RSVP list as possible. The more information you have on how many of your wedding guests will need a room, the better luck youll have in booking the appropriate number of rooms. To get an approximate number of rooms youll need to book in your wedding room block, use this simple math: count all invited out-of-town guests and divide by two. The resulting number will be on the high side of number of hotel rooms needed, but expect to need fewer rooms. Some guests may end up not RSVPing, not staying overnight, or may make their own arrangements elsewhere. For weddings, there are two main types of blocks to take into consideration when booking rooms:

  • Closed Blocks: Also known as guaranteed blocks, these blocks of rooms require a deposit along with the financial responsibility of paying for unsold rooms. The price, or attrition rate, you pay can either be a hard number or a percentage of the unsold rooms cost. Though closed blocks present more risk financially, these hotel room blocks are a great option if you are certain of the number of rooms you will need. Additionally, guaranteed blocks allow you to reserve several rooms with peace of mind if you know your hotel will sell out otherwise.
  • When Should We Block Hotel Rooms For The Wedding

    How to Book a Hotel Room Block That Your Wedding Guests ...

    If your wedding date falls within peak travel season for your destination, the earlier you book blocks the better. We’d say give it about six to nine months in advance of your wedding. You can book group blocks closer to the wedding date if you need to add more rooms later on, but it’s best to sort this out early so your guests can start making travel arrangements.

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    What Is A Hotel Block

    A hotel room block or a hotel block is the reservation of ten or more hotel rooms to serve as accommodation for important guests for your wedding. While it is not entirely necessary, securing a hotel block is more common for out-of-town wedding ceremonies where the events location is relatively far for most guests, thus making it ideal to rent a room for the big day.

    Hotel Room Blocks For Weddings Explained

    Are we speaking a foreign language when we say hotel room blocks? Yeah, I had no clue what these were until I started planning a wedding myself. A room block is a reservation for 10+ rooms, typically created to ensure out-of-town-guests have a place to stay for the duration of a wedding or a no-brainer if youre having a destination wedding and everyone needs a place to stay close by. Youre essentially saving yourself a headache and a half by simplifying the planning process. After all, not knowing where your guests are staying would be a logistical nightmare as far as transportation was concerned. I learned the more I could direct my guests in advance, the less text messages Id receive with questions about the weekend. PRAISE!

    Why book a room block?

    Not only will do guests love the opportunity to mingle with one another, but they especially love the perk of a room rate discount typically provided with room blocks. Group rates can be anywhere from 15-40% lower, which lets be honest, can be a real cherry on top for anyone traveling for a wedding. Need we bring up the simplified transportation again too?

    How and when to reserve a room block

    Negotiating your room block contract

    Photo by Stacie Flinner at The Greenbrier

    1. Not learning how to speak the language

    So lets get down to business! Here are a few of the biggest terms you should know:

    Deposit Amount: Hotels will typically have a set deposit amount that needs to be paid at the time the contract is signed

    Photo by

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    Where Would Be Best To Book Hotel Blocks For Weddings

    The first factor to consider is proximity to the wedding venue. If the wedding ceremony is being held within a hotels venue, having your guests stay in that hotel would be the optimal option availability and price permitting. You want to make travel time to and from your wedding ceremony as easy as possible for your guests. For example, if your wedding ceremony is being held ARIA Resort & Casino, try to keep guests in nearby central Strip hotels, such as Vdara, MGM Grand, Park MGM, or Bellagio. If your venue is more south, perhaps at Mandalay Bay, consider the nearby, family-friendlier hotels Excalibur, Luxor, and the New York New York. While walking around Las Vegas in heels and suits isnt out of the norm, your guests will appreciate the convenience of less travel time.

    The Best Hacks To Cut The Hassle

    Wedding Room Blocks 101

    While booking hotel blocks for weddings and coordinating transportation should be relatively painless, Dunn has a few tricks to help cut the hassle overall. Her secret? Work with a travel planner.

    âThe travel agent doesnât charge they get paid the hotel, so itâs a super easy task to outsource,â Dunn said. âThey are usually able to get you bonus perks or upgrades due to their relationship with the hotel and transportation companies.â

    Itâs also a good idea to ask if the hotel has a partnership with a transportation company. This is Dunnâs preferred way to cut added stress as this company would have some familiarity with the travel, timing, and people working, which she calls an âadded bonus.â


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    How Do You Negotiate Contract Terms For A Hotel Block

    Prefer to do it yourself? Once you’ve found a room block option that works for your wedding, you’ll most likely need to sign a contract to finalize the booking. There are certain key words you’ll need to understand when reviewing the contract terms for a hotel block. Read the contract carefully before signing and be on the lookout for these clauses:

    • Allowable Shrinkage Clause

    What this means: This number refers to the percentage of rooms that are allowed to go unbooked.

    Target Percentage: Between 1020 percent. Meaning, if you booked 20 rooms but 24 go unbooked, you will not be penalized with a fee.

    • Attrition Rate or Minimum Commitment

    What this means: This number refers to the percentage of rooms that must be filled in order to avoid paying a penalty fee.

    Target Percentage: Between 8090 percent. Example: If the entire hotel room block is not used, you’ll owe the hotel damages for all unused rooms based on a minimum commitment of 80 percent. This means that if you don’t book the minimum amount of rooms agreed to, you’ll owe for up to 80 percent of the room block.

    • Mitigation Clause or Resell Clause

    What this means: The hotel must try to book unused rooms in your block so you’re no longer responsible for them if they’re later sold to other customers. In short: You shouldn’t be paying for rooms other guests are paying for.

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