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What To Put On Wedding Ring Engraving

How Much Does It Cost

ENGRAVING STONE RINGS on Wedding Ring Designs

You can have the message of your choice engraved as long as it fits on the item you’ve selected. The cost of engraving and a maximum character limit are shown below the product description on the product page. Therefore you can check the piece and message length without any commitment. Here is a guide to our prices:

  • £21 for engraving the inside of a ring and for all other engravable products including watch backs or clasps and gift items such as tankards.
  • Unfortunately we are unable to offer the engraving service on lockets.

Please make sure that you enter your message correctly as engraved items cannot be refunded.

A Cute Phrase Or Joke

Is there a lyric that epitomizes your special relationship? A ring engraving for your husband might include a favorite verse from the first song you danced to. For her, you might choose a phrase that reminds you of your first kiss. Beautiful memories like these are excellent additions to your wedding ring.

Religious Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Choosing to engrave a message thats tied to your faith can add deep meaning to your wedding ring.

  • A Meaningful Bible Verse, Such As
  • 1 Peter 4:8
  • Matthew 19:6
  • Ani Ldodi Vdodi Li
  • Blessed
  • Do Everything In Love
  • Faith, Hope, Love
  • Let Not Man Separate
  • Love Each Other
  • Love is Patient, Love is Kind
  • Mizpah
  • Thy Love is Better Than Wine
  • Where You Go I Will Go
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    Wedding Ring Engraving Guide

    • To the moon and back
    • Love endures all things
    • My foreverOne and only
    • I canât wait to spend eternity with you
    • Youâre the answer to my everything
    • You are everything I never knew I wanted
    • What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder
    • You jump, I jump
    • Two hearts in love need no words
    • I want to hold your hand
    • Truly, madly, deeply
    • Donât wanna miss a thing
    • Love is wind for the soul
    • Youâre my lobster
    • Youâre the one that I want
    • Letâs start with forever
    • God gave me you

    Wedding Band & Promise Ring Engraving Ideas For Every Couple

    Engraving Ideas for Wedding Rings

    The average length of a marriage is 40 years.

    That means you are most likely going to wear a wedding ring on your finger for 40 years. Be sure to pick a ring that won’t go out of style!

    Wedding bands and promise rings have such a tender meaning behind them. They are tokens of your infinite love for one another.

    It is important to have a ring symbolize the two of you and share a message that can make the hard times not so hard. Many couples engrave their rings for an added touch. More often then not, this is free!

    If you engrave your ring, what would you write? What is a key phrase you and your significant other say to each other or really admire?

    Want to get a guide for promise rings? Try this article.

    So what do you engrave on a promise ring?

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    Engraving Fonts Are Now More Personal

    In addition to personal handwriting, there are many more possibilities for individual engravings at acredo. And for this you dont even have to put your love into words. With a fingerprint, a self-painted picture or sign, your piece of jewelry is 100% special. An engraving that has been designed by you or your own poem or a memory of your first date are all ways to make your jewelry one-of-a-kind. Engravings by acredo are an individual declaration of love – whether with words or pictures, on the inside or on the outside of the ring, classical or modern!

    • Events

    In Memory Of A Loved One/souvenir

    I carry your heart with me. ~ E.E Cummings My North, my South, my East and West. ~ W.H Auden My working week and my Sunday rest. ~ W.H Auden My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song. ~ W.H Auden In each farewell dwells a new beginning. ~ Herman Hesse Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours. ~ Ludwig van Beethoven I wished I had done everything on earth with you. ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it. ~ L.M Montgomery

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    Two In One Inscriptions

    Some things only make sense when enjoyed with the person we love, thinking about it we could create many original ideas that would represent in a way as unique as your love everything you feel for each other.

    However, there are also some very popular engravings that complement or understand each other when the two wedding rings are together. Phrases that start on one ring and end on the other, questions that are answered with the other wedding band and so on, are favorites.

    < < After all this time? Always> > >

    A beautiful reference to an impossible love Harry Potter.

    Bible Verses For Ring Engraving

    Hand Engraving a Wedding Band Pt1
    • Do everything in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14
    • Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. Ephesians 5:25
    • I thank my God every time I think of you. Philippians 1:3
    • Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. Mark 10:9
    • Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10
    • I am my beloveds, and my beloved is mine. Song of Solomon 2:16
    • Many waters cannot quench love rivers cannot wash it away. Song of Solomon 8:7
    • I have found the one whom my soul loves. Song of Solomon 3:4
    • God has poured out his love into our hearts. Romans 5:5
    • Love yesterday, today and forever. Jeremiah 31:3
    • I hold you in my heart, for we have shared together Gods blessings. Philippians 1:7
    • Above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another. Romans 12:10
    • So she became his wife, and he loved her. Genesis 24:64
    • Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created. Esther 4:14
    • A cord of three strands is not easily broken. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

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    Fonts For The Engraving

    At acredo we offer you a selection of 10 different straight and curved fonts for your engraving. Simply enter your text for the engraving in the personal data section of the designer. The text is displayed accordingly as soon as you have selected one of the font types.If you are looking for an even more personal alternative, we are also happy to make an engraving in your own handwriting.

    When To Get Your Wedding Band Engraved

    It is best to be certain about the correct size of your and your partners fingers before getting your wedding bands engraved. Inform your jeweler or manufacturer that you want to have your wedding band engraved while it is being made or before the size of the band is finalized.

    If you need to resize your or your partners ring after it has been engraved, the engraving itself would have to be removed. You can get it engraved again however, this means that you have to pay for the process a second time. Additionally, the structural integrity of your ring may be lessened due to having to remove the first engraving.

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    Rings Signed With Love

    A popular, even more personal twist on having names on your rings is to engrave your names in your own handwriting! Modern technology has made it much easier for jewelers to create custom designs, from entirely custom-made rings to signature engravings in your own handwriting. Whether this works for you may depend on your partners handwriting, however. Flourishing signatures can make for a beautiful inscription, but a small, particularly messy signature could look like scratches on your bandwhich may ruin the overall romance of this choice.

    How Does Engraving Work


    Ring engraving is a specialized process completed by skilled jewelers and companies. While trusting someone to carve into your precious ring may seem nerve-wracking, engravers take special care to keep your ring just as beautiful as the day it was purchased.

    Still, you should always do your research and make sure your engraver or jeweler has both the experience and tools necessary.

    Not all jewelry shops are skilled in engraving, you may want to use an outside company. Sometimes, your engraving can be done on the spot, but typically a ring must be sent away for engraving and that can take a few days to weeks. At most, it may take a month.

    If you are hoping to have your wedding bands engraved prior to the big day, start looking for an engraver early.

    You will want to make sure the engraving process matches up with your wedding timeline. However, often settling on a quote can take much longer than the actual engraving process.

    In a nutshell, this is what basic engraving entails.

  • You and your partner decide on a quote to engrave
  • Select font as well, most people overlook this important detail
  • Write down your text and take it to an engraver or jeweler
  • The specialist will engrave your ring
  • You will receive your item back, make sure you check it for accuracy.
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    Engraving Examples And Episodes

    Episode1.This rice ball mark has the meaning of peacefully and happily sharing both good things and bad things. The clients chose this mark because they loved to eat.

    Episode2.The clients bounced some ideas off each other and came up with this mark. They wanted the mark which had the image of the two rings linking. The initial letters of their names and the inside stones became good spices with the mark and made a beautiful decoration that only they can secretly enjoy.

    Episode3.The mark represents the 108 roses that the client gave his wife when he proposed her. The mark was designed as close to the actual rose he gave her as possible.

    Episode4.The family crest of the husband was engraved into the rings. When two rings are together, the mark is completed. The design must deepen the relationship between two of the customers.

    Episode5. Both of the customers were born in April. That is the reason they chose cherry blossom marks. It is wonderful when two marks get together, they look like heart shapes .

    Episode6.Both initials of the customers names are R and they feel destiny because not many people have R for their initials. That is why they chose this engraving for their wedding bands. Also, they made it a paired mark to feel stronger bond between them.

    Episode9. The couple has the same hobby, so they expressed the image of their hobby on the mark. They focused on the letter font and so on and the engravings are stylishly completed.

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    Sentimental Ideas For Engravement

    Are you and your partner head over heels in love? Well, more than the usual newlyweds? Do you have a song or quote that means a lot to you? A sentimental engravement might be the way to go.

    Love QuoteDo you all have a love quote that means a lot to you? Why not get it engraved? Some examples of these may be: Yours Forever, My Whole Heart, or My Forever.

    There are endless options of love quotes that are short enough to get engraved on a ring. All you have to do is find one that fits how you feel or one that you already say to him frequently.

    Quote of a SongDo you all have a particularly special song? You could also choose a lyric from your first dance song that you have selected.

    Some examples would be: Thank God Im Yours, From the Ground Up, All of Me.

    Poem InspiredPoems are forever a romantic way to show your love. You could go with a classic, like Shakespeare, or someone a bit more modern. The options are endless!

    VowsPick your favorite snippet from your vows for your engravement. You can choose this if you are writing your own or using traditional vows. Its a great way to remind each other of the love and commitment you have.

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    Engagement Ring Engraving Ideas

    Engraving is an excellent way to personalize your engagement ring. Carving your emotions through the ring makes it more special. An engagement ring already has this big symbolism of love and commitment, so how much more when you add your personal touch that has a special meaning for you as a couple.

    Wondering what you can engrave on your engagement ring? Here are some ideas and tips on how you can make your engagement ring an exceptional one.

    What Are The Delivery Options

    How To Resized An Engraved Platinum Wedding Band

    Engraving orders can take between 3 to 8 working days to be processed and despatched dependant upon your chosen delivery method, therefore customers should allow for this addional time on top of our usual delivery times.

    Expected delivery times are not shown in the delivery options page during checkout for engraving orders.

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    Unique Ideas Ring Engraving Ideas

    If you can’t edit your sentiment down to a mere few words or want to use a stanza from a poem or song, consider engraving your message around the rim of the stone itself. The GIA can laser-inscribe a microscopic message or even a graphic. The inscription is invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen with a magnifying glass, so it can be a romantic secret between the two of you. Inscribing a message on your diamond also serves as a foolproof “birthmark” should the stone ever be lost or stolen.

    Wedding Band Features Why They Matter

    The process of engraving a wedding band is carried out towards the end of manufacturing. The engraving itself is a quick procedure using a pencil-sized laser beam, and the strength of the laser used varies depending on the metal the band is made of.

    Some jewelers may be able to add an engraving on your wedding band on the spot however, some may require more time to finish.

    While some jewelers engrave wedding rings by hand, machines are also available. Hand engraving is typically more expensive because it is slower compared to doing it with a machine. Hand-graving is the preferred method for exquisite lettering and complex symbols. However, some engravings can only be achieved with the help of machines. The result may vary in appearance as well.

    Ultimately, the decision on which methodology to use will be based on your preference. Communicate with your jeweler and engraver about your vision to ascertain if it is feasible.

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    Traditional Ideas For Engravement

    Traditional is never dull! It is sentimental and using ideas that have been proven throughout time.

    Initials or NameA classic engravement idea is to use your initials or names together. For example, JD + KD or John and Jane.

    Important LocationYou can use coordinates or a city name that holds significance to you both. As long as it means something to both of you, it can be engraved on your ring.

    Wedding DateA classic engravement choice. A date neither of you will ever forget. Plus, he has no excuse for forgetting the anniversary!

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