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How To Have A Wedding Under 5000

Say Yes To A Different Type Of Dress

Wedding Budget Planning Tips – HAVE AN AMAZING WEDDING UNDER $5000!!

A brand-new wedding gown at a bridal boutique can be thousands of dollars. You can save a bundle by thrifting your wedding dress via a second-hand shop such as OnceWed or StillWhite. Another option is to eschew the dress and black-tie altogether and opt for a themed wedding and clothing that are unique and comfortable for you.

Get Creative With Food And Beverages

Along with the venue, food and beverages can be the most expensive line items for any wedding. Here are a few tips for saving on catering and refreshments:

  • Opt for a venue that lets you choose your own catering or bring in your own food. Venues that require you use in-house catering dont provide you with a lot of wiggle room on budgeting.
  • Consider food truck catering options, especially if youre having an outdoor or casual event. Food truck catering typically costs much less than traditional wedding catering.
  • Skip the alcohol. You dont have to serve alcohol at your reception. Thats especially true if you have a daytime wedding.
  • Dont have an open bar. If you do want to serve adult beverages, limit the open bar. Offer each guest one free drink. If they want more, theyll have to pay for their own.

And With The $2000 You Have Left Over

It’s always nice to have a little money left over to play with. If you dont want to go the Spotify playlist route, you can drop some cash on a pro DJ, or at least a cool sound system, and perhaps splurge on a pro photographer. Many photographers allow couples to register for wedding albums, so youll pay for their time and friends and family can gift the actual album. Or you can spend all that extra cash on a sweet honeymoon.

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Planning A Wedding For Under $2000

I am getting married May 24, 2008 and we are on a very tight budget, but I want it to be very elegant. My budget is around $2,000, can anyone give me any help, please!


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I am getting married October 7, 2007 for the first time. I am 39 years old. While planning my wedding, I realized the wedding industry is such a scam! But if you know where to look & do the majority of the work yourself, you can save $. I expect all of my wedding expenses to come in under $2,000 – $2,500. My wedding will consist of 35 people .

Size of Wedding – If you hold a smaller wedding, your costs will be lower. Plus I want to be able to spend time with my guests, I know I couldn’t possibly devote time to all of my guests if I held a larger wedding. I only invited those family members & friends that I am really close with. Try to invite only the people that matter the most to you & don’t worry about offending anyone — this is your day, not theirs. Plus most people are relieved to not have to attend weddings for people they are not close with so they do not have to buy a gift.

Wedding Dresses – Look online but make sure you know your measurements before you order anything because wedding dresses are usually not returnable plus I believe you are supposed to order the dress 2 sizes larger than your street clothes. Most web sites post the measurements. I found my dress on Ebay. It was brand new with tags from a bridal shop. With shipping it cost $185!

Best Answer

Find A Great Checklist


As you progress through your wedding planning, you really don’t want any surprises, especially of a financial nature. An extended wedding checklist will help, such as here: The one I prefer is here

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Skip The Wedding Boutique

There is no reason why you HAVE to purchase your dress and bridesmaid dresses from a bridal shop. Instead you can borrow, rent, resell our purchase your outfits second hand. The average amount spent on these pieces that will only be worn once are outrageous! Check out online stores where you can sort dresses by colour, and narrow your search to white gowns which will give you tons of results. There are also tons of sites for purchasing previously worn dresses. Even though it wont directly impact your savings, suggesting that your bridal party rents their dresses too is a great way for everyone to save money! Shop rental bridesmaid dresses here.

Ceremony And Reception Venue

Having a wedding in Southern California is pricey! I will admit that the ceremony venue was my splurge item because I wanted a beautiful landscape for our wedding pictures. The ceremony took place at a vineyard in a valley surrounded by hills. The ceremony at the vineyard cost $800 for two hours of use.

Unfortunately, it would have been too expensive and restrictive to have the reception at the same venue so my husband and I decided to split the ceremony and reception into two locations. I researched reception venues that were within a 1 2 mile radius of the vineyard and almost settled on a park. Fortunately, we lucked out! Family friends offered their home to use for our party. The house was on top of one of the hills overlooking the vineyard! This was a generous gift by our family friends that my husband and I deeply appreciated!

Total: $800

Locations we also considered:

  • Rent a mansion we considered renting a private home with a huge backyard for 5 10 days. To find big homes you can start at or If you are considering this option, let the owner know your plans up front and make sure there is enough room for a ceremony and a reception to take place.
  • Parks If you go this route be sure to consider what the rental fee includes. Many parks in our area didnt include a liquor license which would have been an extra fee.

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How To Plan A Wedding For Less Than $5000

Working with an extra tight budget? Dont miss these tips for planning a wedding for less than $5,000!

According to The Knot Real Weddings Survey, the average cost of a wedding in the United States in 2019 was $28,000. Even in 2020, when COVID-19 forced most couples to downsize their nuptial plans, the average cost was still $19,000.

But you dont have to spend as much as it would take to buy a small car to enjoy an elegant weddingand working together to budget for your wedding might be the first step you and your spouse make toward a financially stable future. Find out how to plan a wedding for less than $5,000 using some of the tips below.

How To Have A Wedding Under $5000


A penny-wise couple can save tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding with the following tips and tricks. While some concessions must be made, you can still make your wedding day special, memorable, and beautiful. It just comes down to knowing where to cut and where to spend.

Wedding on a Budget

When planning how to have a wedding under $5,000, there are big ticket items you can trim down. Here are those main items that you can DIY or downsize to fit your budget. The following tips are useful for any wedding. Since we are a Maine wedding venue, weve included some extra tips for our region.

Keep It Small

A $5,000 budget is not going to cover a huge wedding with a guest list of 200. To ensure you have the perfect ceremony, be sure to keep it small. Every person you invite will have a domino effect on the budget, from the number of invitations, chairs, hors doeuvres, favors, and more.

Book in the Off Season

For a Maine Wedding, certain times of the year are not as popular for weddings. However, Maine wedding venues always have accommodations for different seasons as not to lose out on business. And if youre having a small wedding, you can easily take advantage of indoor spaces that can be used year-round. Booking in the off-season or even on a Sunday instead of Saturday is a great way to save.

Book A Single Venue

Skip the Bartender

Create DIY Invitations and Decorations

Avoid the Florist

Find Alternatives for Photography

Dont Be Afraid to Ask Family and Friends

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Diy Decor And Flowers

If youre looking for how to throw an elegant wedding on a budget, you may not want to dump the flowers and decor altogether. But you can put the creativity of yourself and your loved ones to work. Dollar stores offer plenty of vases, floral craft materials, candles, glassware, and other items that can be used to create fun table pieces and other decor. And you can get fresh-cut flowers and/or balloons in bulk and within budget to create your own decor.

Get Creative With Food Like Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Or Pizza Served Buffet

If a certain menu is not your chosen area, you can use any number of creative, fun choices to save money on the menu.

Aim for a simple yet delicious buffet or picnic-style set up that can feed your guests without breaking the bank. Choices such as a grilled cheese bar, build your own tacos, or a fancy hotdog station are perfect for guests to casually walk around, eat as much or little as they want and then mingle with other guests.

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Y Option #: Garden Brunch

Planner: Lisa Gorjestani, Los Angeles

Guests: 100 or fewer

“A brunch on a Sunday can keep your venue fee low. Another great thing is that you don’t have to offer a lot of alcohol,” Lisa says.

Menu: Stick to white wine or prosecco , sparkling water with slices of lemon or lime and juices. Consider a coffee or tea bar. Serve a selection of frittatas, salads and a variety of breads and pastries.

Cake: Go for mini fruit tarts or cupcakes stacked on tiers.

White linen table covers and butter-colored napkins with white grosgrain ties have a fresh, coordinated look. Have printed menu cards in a brighter yellow at each setting.

Flowers: Each round table should have a small galvanized-metal pot of pretty white daisies. With a garden backdrop, you don’t need pricey arrangements.

Favors: Delicious chocolates, in paper boxes tied with yellow grosgrain ribbon or yellow and white gingham.

Borrow Rent Or Resell Your Outfits


Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Poshmark, Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses, and many more resale sites are full of wedding day outfits that people one wore for, you guessed it, one day. Or never, in some cases. Currently, a brand new unaltered Vera Wang gown is going for $250 on Poshmark , along with countless other wedding dresses, accessories and undergarments. If you keep your outfit in good condition, chances are you can resell it to close to what you paid for it.Total cost: Maybe $1000 for the couple, including dry cleaning and alterations, but could be much, much less

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Why Weddings Under $5000 Are The Next Big Thing

If you target a wedding budget of $5000 or so you are not alone. There are many reasons why keeping a rein on the overall budget to that extent makes sense.

  • Your fiancé just proposed during your summer holidays, youre short on money but you want to get married as soon as possible.
  • You have kids and want to be careful with the your financial resources while still wanting a beautiful wedding.
  • You want the big event to be focused on the two of you and your love and less on pleasing all the relatives that you havent seen in years.
  • You are in love with authentic, traditional weddings – and are not interested in showing off.

Having your dream wedding on a budget shouldnt be an issue at all, if you dont expect to caviar and Moet champagne for the event. Planning a wedding under $5000 can be a difficult task, so to make your journey more enjoyable we have prepared a list with what you need to do, step-by-step.

$ Wedding: How To Plan A Wedding Under $5000

DivasLos Angeles

There are a few days in each of our lives that we keep planning for years. Wedding day is one of those big days. How to plan a wedding for under 5000 dollars? Many earn and save a good fortune to spend on their wedding. A big fat wedding is also a trend on every social media platform that can give anyone who has a tight budget for the wedding and celebrate it fully but has limited resources.

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What Tips Or Advice Would You Give Someone Who Wants To Have A Wedding Under $1000

Get as much help as you can! If anyone has talents, use them, because it can make a huge difference. Just dont forget to return the favor.

For example, I got free pictures but still gave a tip and told the photographer that she could use our photos for her portfolio.

Same thing with my sister and law. She baked my cake but I paid for supplies and sent her another bride to be looking for someone to make her cake.

Also, dont try to please everyone. The day is about YOU, not them. It hasnt even been an entire year for us and we dont remember the entire day. were glad we didnt spend a small fortune and stressed over something that we really wont remember down the road.

My Do It Yourself Wedding And Reception List


My current plan is to do the following myself:

  • Flowers/bouquets/boutonnieres

Things I am skipping and not including in the wedding:

  • Guestbook
  • Possibly favors, if I do favors they will be edible
  • Flower girl, ring bearer
  • Bridesmaids, groomsmen
  • Gifts for groomsmen, bridesmaids, parents, bride and groom
  • Bachelor/bachelorette parties

In my opinion, and Jon shares this, a wedding is about celebrating your love and your desire to make a lifetime commitment to each other, with the people you love most. It should be fun for everyone, the bride and groom included. It should not include people you havent seen in years or dont really know It should have food that is good that people actually want to eat cake included. The average American wedding costs between $19,182 and $31,970 and thats just crazy in my opinion. Ive been to those big expensive weddings and its usually rubbery chicken, lukewarm lasagna at $40 a head, everyone is stressed out, something always goes wrong and ruins the day, the cake has a thick layer of fondant you can barely choke down, all in all if you want a truly magical day it takes Kardashian level money to pull off. Everyone else pays tens of thousands of dollars to fall very short of magical. Im not looking for a perfect day, I want to have a fun day with people I love, to celebrate my love. Ill be posting more details about all the above things Im doing and not doing, as they unfold.

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