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How Much To Film A Wedding

What Is The Average Cost Of A Videographer In My State

How Much Should You Charge For A Wedding Video

Like any supplier, the average cost can go up or down a bit depending on which state youre based in and the suppliers available to you. Most of the time, youll be looking at budgeting somewhere between $2000 and $3500 for a popular videography package. But heres the average you can slip into your budget for your wedding video in each state.


Don’t Include: Guest Interviews

Guests tend to say the same exact things in video messages. How often do you go much beyond, “Congratulationsyou look beautiful and good luck,” when you get the mic at a party? Plus, it can be annoying for the guest who’s interrupted in the middle of eating her salad and encouraged to say a few words about the happy couple as the rest of the table looks on. Sure, watching Aunt Gina caught off guard when it’s her turn to talk can be funny, but down the road, it’s the personal messages that will resonate the mostand you’re probably not going to get many of those if your videographer has to put guests on the spot. If you still want to record guests’ personal messages and incorporate voice-overs in your video consider a video guest book. A video guest book is just like a photo booth, but instead of taking pictures, your guests will record short videos. To mix it up so they’re not just saying the same “Congrats!” message, set out a jar of questions for guests to pick from and answer.

Additional Wedding Videographer Rates And Charges

Wedding videographer rates depend on the following factors:

  • Number of videographers and assistants
  • Number of hours and locations
  • Videographer’s experience and reputation
  • Equipment, including extra cameras, wireless microphones, and lighting
  • Travel expenses for distances over 30 to 50 miles
  • Length of the final highlight film and documentary film
  • Extra videos, including a 1-minute teaser video, Instagram edit, or save-the-date video
  • Additional filming before the wedding day for couple interviews
  • Add-ons like drone footage, rehearsal dinner coverage, raw footage, or a photo montage
  • Turnaround time for final edited videos
  • Video delivery format, including online, USB, or DVD

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How To Find A Wedding Videographer

The best way to find a videographer is through your immediate network of friends and family. Your wedding planner or wedding venue may also have connections to the best professionals in your city and recommendations on who to hire.

Social media can also be a powerful tool for finding wedding videographers especially Instagram. This is where videographers often show off their latest project in their posts or stories.

Style Of Wedding Videography

Movie wedding: This is how much those weddings in your ...

Broadly speaking, there are two main types of wedding videography style. Namely, traditional and cinematic. Some might say a third style is a combination between the two which weve termed as tradimatic wedding video. We wont go into too much detail here because we have previously written about the differences between a traditional videographer and a wedding cinematographer.

One thing that the industry agrees on is that there is no exact definition to define traditional and cinematic wedding film.

Traditional style of wedding video

The way we think about this is that traditional video tends to be a simple. Its like a straight-forward approach to documenting the wedding day. Youll usually watch the events unfold in a similar order as they actually happened on the day.

Cinematic style of wedding videography

Wedding cinematography uses more of a story-telling approach and takes the traditional style to the next level, and beyond. This is achieved by way of creative camera movements, an arty look and non-linear editing. When watching a cinematic wedding film, the editing will often immerse you in a well-crafted story where the element of surprise will typically be used so the viewer can watch without being able to predict what will happen next.

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The Quick Answer To How Much Does A Wedding Videographer Cost

We always hate it when blogs take forever to get to the point so here is the quick answer.

$6,000-$10,000+ :· Experience: 5+ years or at least 75 weddings. · Coverage: All day coverage, rehearsal dinner, multi-day, destination, etc. · Deliverables: Longer highlight film , documentary films , teaser film, 4K , same day edits, guest interviews, raw footage, engagement film, social media extras, etc. · Quality: Exceptional.· Style: Unique, timeless, sought after style. Excellent storytellers.

$3,000-$6,000 :· Experience: 3+ years or at least 50 weddings.· Coverage: 8-10 hours on your wedding day.· Deliverables: Highlight film , documentary film , teaser film.· Quality: Good/Excellent.· Style: Unique style. Good storytellers.

$1,500-$3,000 :· Experience 0-2 years or 5-20 weddings filmed. · Coverage: 6-8 hours on your wedding day.· Deliverables: Typically include a shorter highlight film and maybe a teaser film or shorter documentary film. Probably not both. · Quality: Average/good· Style: Honing in on their style. They might only offer a music video style with little audio sound bites.

0-$1,500 :· Experience: 0-1 year, 0-5 weddings filmed. · Coverage: 6-8 hours on your wedding day.· Deliverables: Probably just a highlight film with a song overlaid. Very little if any spoken audio.· Quality: Below average

Photo Credit: Katie Shubert Photography

Why Is Wedding Videography Important

I think its best to pose that question to a couple who didnt have a videographer. The vast majority of these couples regret not having a wedding videographer according to TheKnot.

Dont be one of these couples who regret not having a wedding videographer. If you think wedding videography is still expensive, what about the cost of not having one?

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Wedding Video Cost For Raw Footage

Wedding video raw footage costs $150 to $550 as an add-on to a videography package. Raw footage is the unedited footage of your wedding day and contains hundreds of video clips in separate files, not one continuous video. Raw footage does not incorporate high-quality audio from external microphones.

Types Of Wedding Videos

How Much Should You Charge To Shoot A Wedding Film?

Ultimately, your wedding video will be determined by the style. There are multiple types of wedding videography. The most popular are:

  • Documentary
  • Short Film
  • Highlights

Documentary and cinematic styles are longer, anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, if not more. Documentary wedding videos may include short interviews with family members or other wedding guests, as well as other moments of you as a couple leading up to your celebration, such as the proposal or when you first met.

A cinematic style is known for aerial views of the wedding venue, slow-motion features, and narration or moments of dialogues like youd expect from a movie. Talk through options with your videographer to discuss what is most impactful, and then pick and choose from the effects of what you like best.

The short film and highlights videos are normally under 10 minutes, with many running three to five minutes. Each is special in their own right and captures the best moments from the wedding ceremony with the addition of filters, music, and other elements, such as voice-over narration or text. Not all videographers include all of these effects during the editing phase. If there are any that youre drawn to, make it known to the vendors that youre meeting with to confirm that theyre able to handle that detail.

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How Much Does A Wedding Cost In Toronto In 2022

Wedding Cost Guide Feat. Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events and Devoted To You Inc.

Your wedding is an exciting milestone of your life! But a successful wedding also requires good planning and accurate budgeting. For the unprepared, the price tag for a wedding in Toronto can come as a surprise. In fact, a poll conducted back in 2015 showed that couples believed that the average price of a wedding was only in the $9,000 range compared to the average cost of $40,000 or more. So how much should you be looking to budget for your wedding?

To help you out, we went to explore all about wedding planning from three of Torontos top wedding planners: Mallory Cheung, Wu La La Weddings, and Devoted To You.

Here is a summary of our discussion, so that you can learn more about wedding planning and how much wedding items cost on average in the Greater Toronto Area in 2022.

Questions You Should Ask A Wedding Videographer

  • How would you describe your rapport with your clients?
  • How would you describe your filming style?
  • Do you allow client input on the final edit?
  • How many rounds of edits are included in the cost?
  • Will we be able to choose our own music?
  • When should I expect to receive my final edit?
  • Have you shot at my venue before?
  • How many weddings have you filmed?
  • Are you open to customizing the packages you offer?
  • Do you bring additional videographers or an apprentice?
  • Which moments do you think are the most important to capture?

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Time Frame For Hiring A Wedding Videographer

Ray Roman recommends that you book your videographer around 8 months to a year before your wedding. If its a boutique wedding cinematography studio and they only accept a limited number of weddings per year, you might be disappointed if you decide to look too late and theyve already met their goals for the year. Another thing to consider is that there are popular dates each year that brides rush to book. For instance, February 1st, 2021 or Memorial Day Weekend . It may be helpful to start researching wedding videographer services about one year and a half before your wedding. If you have a wedding coming up in less than 8 months, dont worry. You can still try booking excellent wedding videographer services.

Should My Location And Local Competition Affect What I Charge For Wedding Videography


There are a few different ways of looking at this subject.

As an example, I live in Switzerland. The cost of living here is three times more expensive than in the UK, so when I moved here I did look into what photographers and videographers were charging. I also took into consideration my experience, expertise, outstanding services, and the quality of my work. I knew that my pricing had to be in line with other luxury wedding videographers in Switzerland.

But in most cases, just looking at local or regional competition might lead you astray. For instance, you might live in an area where local videographers are all extremely experienced and price their services at the higher end of the market. Or maybe you live in an area where there are very few or no experienced professionals.

I firmly believe that you need to base your prices on your level of knowledge, experience and expertiseNOT on what the competition is doing. Youll feel confident doing this once youve worked on the other areas of your business.

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Combining Your Videography And Photography Packages

If you want to cut costs, its often cheaper to find a videographer who can also offer photography, because theyre likely to be able to offer a discounted package price.

Leslie is a professional photographer as well as being a videographer. She said: We offer a £450 discount for our couples who book photography and videography together.

If you are looking for both, I highly recommend you choose a company that provides both for the best result possible. Having photographers and videographers working side by side on the wedding day that havent worked together before can get tricky.

Image: Moment Weddings

Tip : Remember To Charge For Travel Days

When charging for destination weddings you should either offer packages which include the travel days before and after the wedding day or stick to your regular pricing and add on the fee for the travel days and the cost of travel and accommodation.

On a quick side note, dont ever consider back-to-back weddings in different countriesthis can only lead to disaster. Always plan your trip to allow for a day in location before the actual wedding day.

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Whats Included In The Cost

The exact inclusions may be personalized to your needs, but certain services are part and parcel of any professional wedding videography package you may book. Expect eight to 10 hours of coverage, and know that additional time can cost as much as $200-$500 per half hour, which pays for the videographers and assistants time , time spent editing additional footage, and video cards, Thomen advises. But dont worry if your day is expected to be longer! This amount of time is usually sufficient to cover everything from wedding day preparation to the cake cutting ceremony.

However, all the key moments in between should be accounted for in your contract. That means working alongside the photographer as the couple gets ready, arriving at the ceremony site in their own vehicle to film it in its entirety, capturing candid moments while syncing up with the DJ during cocktail hour, the couples reception entrance, and dances and speeches. Use of your videographers gear should also be included, like lavalier microphones, which are discreetly clipped-on mini-mics wired to bodypack transmitters, as well as necessary enhancements like music beds. Licensing fees should not come into play, Thomen warns, as the end video is for personal use.

Costs To The Business

How Much Footage You Need for a Wedding Film – Wedding Videography Tips

Besides the average 6-12 hours filming your wedding, theres up to 40+ hours spent editing it. In addition to that are the numerous other costs associated with running a wedding videography business.

  • LEGAL: contract lawyer, corporate filing fee, drone license and registration, tax accountant, liability and equipment insurance
  • website, domain, email, hosting, cloud storage, paid directories, email list, graphic design, paid social ads
  • EQUIPMENT: cameras, lenses, audio recorders, mics, tripods, drone, gimbal, slider, lights, stands, batteries, computer, rentals, repairs
  • FINANCE: invoicing, credit card processing, scheduling software, tax software, mileage tracker

All these costs must be covered in order to run a viable business, so dont be fooled by the low prices of certain vendors. If theyre charging that little they are definitely cutting costs in places you dont want. Remember the adage, you get what what you pay for. You dont want to skimp on one of the most important events of your life.


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How Much Does Wedding Videography Cost

You need to know how much you can expect to pay for your wedding videography so that you can factor it into your budget plans.

Many different factors influence the cost of hiring a wedding videographer. These include your location, the package you choose and the number of videographers you opt for. Although there is no fixed rate for wedding videography, a breakdown of average costs based on local Canadian professionals is given below.

Average cost of a Wedding Videographer
Average cost

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