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How Much Does Average Wedding Photographer Cost

How To Reduce The Cost Of Photography For Your Wedding Ceremony

The Average Cost of Wedding Photography in Vancouver

A wedding comes with a series of expenses photography happens to be one of them. To cater for other expenses, you need to ensure you get the best deal from your photographer. This does not mean going for low-quality services just because they are cheap. So one of the things you can do to save money is:

  • Work with a local photographer Getting a local company saves you the cost of additional traveling and accommodation expenses. If your ceremony is in London, Ontario, Oscar Laverde will make your big day memorable.

Wedding Photography Prices For Maryland Washington Dc And Virginia

Are you searching for an affordable wedding photographer? The average cost of hiring a wedding photographer varies from region to region. According to the, which surveys brides and grooms every year, wedding costs are on the rise. The national average for wedding expenses is $35,329, an all-time high.

The average cost of a wedding photographer is the Washington DC area is $3200 and approximately $2850 in the Baltimore area. For most couples about 8-10 % of their wedding budget is devoted to wedding photography. For couples on a budget is not always easy to find an affordable wedding photographer but there are options out there if you know what to look for.

Most wedding photographers will include the digital files so couples can print their own prints. Its very important to have the images captured in RAW format as it will produce the best quality prints. Its also important the studio does post processing of your wedding photography images. Some studios include an album as part of the package but for most studios, its an a la carte add on. Although an album may be important to a couple its best to hire the best wedding photographer you can and add the album at a later date if there are budget restrictions. An album can always be added but you can make the photos better after the wedding.

Cost Implications Of Being A Wedding Photographer

Before you get too excited about 39.1% of people spending under $1200 on a wedding photographer consider things from the perspective of a wedding photographer and consider how many weddings you would need to shoot to make a living. According to the U.S. Census Bureau the average Denver income was $66,870 in 2014. That means to be a true professional you would need to shoot about 55 weddings to make $30,178 after taxes. This assumes you have no overhead business expenses which is not possible so the number is likely more like 80 weddings per year. That means to be a professional at that level you really would need to put less time into the photography to keep up with the workload. You would also need to cut corners in expenses by download images online and only offering prints online to save your time and cost. The equipment used by those in this category are likely older and rather used which increases the likelihood of failure. We shoot with $6,000-$8,000 in our hands at any given moment. Using over $60k in photography equipment and having the overhead of liability insurance, marketing, and travel makes it nearly impossible to operate under a certain price. This is likely why 42% of wedding photography businesses under $1200 have gone under the past year in Denver. So what does this mean for you? Cost savings increases your risk of not having the kind of photography you would want.

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Average Photography Cost In Major Cities

  • San Francisco Wedding Photography can get pricey in San Francisco, where the average cost for 8 hours of coverage is $5,000.
  • Los Angeles If you want to wed in or near Los Angeles, a professional photographer could run $3,500 $5,000, with many couples splurging and spending even more for a high-end expert.
  • Chicago The average cost of a wedding photographer in Chicago is about $3,500.
  • Houston Houston wedding photographers will cost an average of $4,200.
  • Dallas Couples spend an average of $3,500 for a photographer in Dallas.
  • Denver Denver sees an average cost of $3,900 for a wedding photographer.
  • JacksonvillePhotographers in Jacksonville charge an average of $2,200 for wedding coverage, with a range of $1,000 $4,000 depending on skill level and hours included.
  • Philadelphia The average cost for a Philadelphia wedding photographer is about $3800 for an eight-hour day.
  • Pittsburgh Most wedding photographers in Pittsburg charge around $2,000 $3,000, though some run over $4,000 for luxe packages.

Pricing Digital Image Files

Average Wedding Cost Hits National All

When selling web-licensing rights, prices can ranges from $200 to $1,500 per image for a one-time print as well as Internet use depending on the amount of traffic that the website currently receives. Pricing digital image files gets more expensive when a small business requests unlimited usage with full copyright ownership.

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Why Do Wedding Photographers Cost So Much

Honestly you get what you pay for. When a photographer is especially talented, the demand goes up for them, which raises their price is because it is entirely impossible for them to be everyones wedding photographer. At a certain point they have to raise the prices or dilute the experience they offer, and if they dilute the experience they are no longer offering the same service. Lets take a look at the determining factors to break this down a little more:

Do I Have To Pay For My Photographers Meals Additionally

Yes, you expect to provide hot meals to people who will be working during your wedding. While it might seem too expensive, keep in mind that they will be performing the whole day and its essential to keep them happy.

While most wedding caterers know that you will need to provide a photographer with meals, its essential to discuss it with them beforehand to avoid possible misunderstandings.

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When Should You Take Your Engagement Photos

Couples usually take engagement photos about three months before their wedding date. You should work with your photographer to determine the best time for your needs. Some couples will adjust their timing to have a warm-weather engagement shoot, but dont shy away from a winter photo session. We find winter engagement shoots to be among the most intimate, cozy and romantic!

Will You Need A Second Shooter Or Assistant

How Much Should You Charge as a Wedding Photographer?

Unless your wedding is going to be on the smaller side , youll probably want a second shooter-slash-assistant on hand to help the main photographer and ensure they get all the important angles during important events of the night, like the first dance and the ceremony. The price will jump by as much as 50 percent, but its usually worth it. Youll even want to consider it if you do have a smaller wedding, and some photographers simply wont shoot weddings without a helper. The photographer will hire her assistant its not something for you to arrange.

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Tipping Your Wedding Photographer Adds To The Costs

Tipping is an additional photography cost you may want to plan for. But when are you supposed to tip wedding photographers?

If your photographer is the companys owner, tipping isnt customary but is appreciated if you feel like they go above and beyond. You could also leave shining reviews and order prints through the photographer as an alternative way of supporting them.

If the photography company sent an employee or staff shooter, then it is a good idea to tip them $50 $100 or more, depending on the general price and package you booked.

What Do You Really Want From A Wedding Photographer

In doing research for this article, we found another great post by Peyton Helm Productions that outlined what you should expect to pay based on the experience level of your photographer. We highly agree with their suggested price points and expectations, and wanted to share these brackets with you and our own thoughts. You can read the original post here.

Brand New: $0 $500

Beginner: $500 $1,200

Amateur: $1,200 $2,000

Growing Amateur: $2,000 $3,000

  • Most photographers will fall into this range, and it is likely the range best represented by the average cost of a wedding photographer being $2,500. Photographers in this range start to charge more money as they get more experience and start to have more demand, and start to invest in updated camera equipment and their brand/marketing.
  • For couples on a tighter budget that still want good images, photographers in this range can be a good choice.

Professional: $4,000 $6,000

  • These photographers are able to create consistent work regardless of the environment, and focus more on creating a better client experience from start-to-finish that you will not find in more affordable photographers.

Luxury/Destination: $6,000+

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Setting A Budget For Your Photography

The type of photography required is usually the primary determinant of the cost of the job. There are many different service types, and usually, a photographer will specialise in one.

Planning your dream wedding and dont want to miss out on the special moments on your big day? Worry no more, Wild Romantic Photography has you covered.

How Do You Price Wedding Photographers

Average Wedding Costs

Were guessing you have followed several wedding photographers Instagram. Brides are always expected to hire the best wedding photographer for those WOW wedding photos.

But hold one minute, lets come down to Earth.

Do you want to do some research on wedding photography package prices? Were sure you dont want to pay an unnecessarily high price on wedding photography which sacrifices your budget on other wedding services, like your florist, venue décor and, of course, your dream wedding dress. Also, you dont want to see your loved ones scared face when he sees the quotation, which is well over your wedding budget. If you need advice on your wedding photography, check out our photography packages and services at Wild Romantic Photography.

In this ultimate wedding photography price guide, Well unfold the secret to finding the best affordable wedding photography package by making an average price comparison of wedding photography packages offered by different wedding photographers.

So lets waste no time and get started.

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How Much Do You Tip A Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers who are individual contractors or photography business owners are tipped less frequently than employees of a larger photography company or a photographer’s assistant hired for the event.

Of course, if you feel the person went above and beyond, coaxing a smile out of your cranky uncle and putting your camera-shy nieces at ease, a gratuity is a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

Another helpful way to show appreciation is by writing your wedding photographer a positive review. You probably counted on customer reviews to help guide you in the selection process. By sharing your experience, you can pay forward the favor and help your photographer build an even larger clientele.

We Charge What We Need To So We Can Actually Stay In Business

With each and every booking we get, we are very grateful and passionate about serving our customers right. Most photographers that actually depend on that money and are in it for the long haul will give you an out-of-this-world service and amazing value. Thats simply what it takes to compete in this saturated market.

Cheap photographers out there do they disprove everything I just said? No! And you can find out exactly why here:

Are we raking it in? No. Do we do what we do because were absolutely obsessed with capturing the stories of those wonderful, special couples who trust us enough to document their special day? Do we LOVE photography? YES! Thats why we do it

For many of us, this will never be a route to riches. But this career makes us happy. Being a business owner makes us happy. Not having a boss and being able to work in our pajamas and get wedding cake and steak dinners every Saturday, makes us happy.

Sure, maybe some wedding photographers will tell me I have this completely wrong and they are hundred-thousandaires at least once over, but I doubt it. We could have been richer working in a cubicle getting paid sick leave, great benefits and free granola. This is just a funner ride. I dont even like granola.

Youll be able to check out articles on subjects that you didnt know about before and get a head start on optimizing your wedding photography experience and investment : )

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Joe And Robin Case Study

The chart shows the historical mapping of where every dollar has gone from our business over the years. While no businesses are built alike the general principle will still apply that if you cut the price in half taxes would be a little lower but that would eat up all the profit to run the business at the same level. As much as the passionate photographer may want to work for free or functionally lose money we believe that really is not the reality of a professional photographer. The other way to cut costs is to use less expensive equipment or rarely update it with the best stuff out there. One take away is to consider when asking for a lower price to consider the implications of what that means.

What Taxes do to a Photography Business

Does the Amount a Photographer Charges Mean they are Professional?

What Are The Things Influencing The Price

Wedding Photography Pricing Explained What to Budget for Photos

Several factors are influencing the prices quoted by NYC photographers. Here are the important ones:

  • Time The average hours included in wedding packages is 8-10. But thats not just that! Its essential to keep in mind that a photographer spends a great deal of time planning with you before the wedding, and even more time after the wedding itself, doing post-production stuff.
  • The number of photographers Some packages includes a second shooter, and having an extra shooter might be a good idea if your guest list is huge and you want everything to be covered.
  • Products & Services Included Some photographers have complimentary engagement sessions, high-resolution digital images, photo albums, , etc., but some do not. You see, not all price lists are the same. So its best to check all inclusions of a package when youre comparing price lists.
  • Experience Most photographers charge based on their experience. You can expect that a NYC wedding photographer who spent many years honing their craft can work with you seamlessly. They know precisely the right moments to document photos of you, your family, and friends and have perfected his/her wedding photography style. And mostly, the more experienced, the higher the price. Really, the cost to hire a NYC wedding photographer lies heavily on this factor.

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