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How Do I Know My Wedding Ring Size

A: How To Measure Ring Finger Size

How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home | The Knot

Step 1 – Get a non-stretchy string or paper about 6″ long and 1/4″ wide. Step 2 – Wrap around the base of your finger. It has to fit snug, but not too tight.Step 3 – Mark the point on the string/paper where it overlaps forming a circle.Step 4 – Measure the length of the string/paper from the starting point to the mark.Step 5 – To determine your ring size in all countries open our Ring Size Conversion Chart for MM or Inches.

Ring finger measuring tipsIf you are between sizes, order a larger size. Make sure your finger is at a normal body temperature — fingers can shrink or expand when cold or hot. If your knuckle is much larger than your fingers base, take two separate measurements and choose a size in between. You want a ring to fit over your knuckle, but not be too loose or it will shift around.

What Happens When My Ring Is Resized

When a ring is resized, the jeweler will cut through the back of the band and either remove or add metal to change the size of the ring. If your ring needs to be resized by two or more sizes the best course of action is to return the ring and repurchase the right size. An extreme resize can compromise the structure of the ring.

Can I Find Out My Partner’s Ring Size Without Them Knowing

Yes! If you can temporarily get your hands on a ring that already fits your partner, you can use the tips mentioned above to determine the size. If you’re in a pinch, you can always slip the ring on your own finger and see where it fits and then consult with a jeweler. Alternatively, ask your partner’s friends or family members if they know the correct size.

Read on to find out more specifics on how to measure your ring size.

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Using A Ring Size Chart

  • 1Print out a ring size chart from the Internet. These charts have many different circles that represent different ring sizes. Inside of each circle, the size is clearly marked. Search online jewelers to find one of these charts and print it out. When printing, make sure you follow any instructions the site might provide about scaling the page properly.XResearch source
  • You can find an example of a ring size chart here:
  • 2Place your ring over the different circles on the ring size chart. If your ring fits within a circle, that size would be too big for you. If a circle is clearly visible within your ring, that size would be too small.XResearch source
  • Only use a ring that fits the exact same finger you plan to wear your new ring on.
  • 3Stop when you find the circle that your ring fits over exactly. Youll know you have found your size when your ring sits on top of the circle. If the circle sits just inside the circumference of your ring, that could still be your size. Double check the ones next to it to make sure theyre clearly either too big or too small. If they are, then the one in the middle should be your size.XResearch source
  • 4Read the size of the circle to determine your size. The number inside the circle that matched your ring should be your correct ring size. Use that to order a new ring from any jeweler youd like.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • Place A Ring You Already Own On A Ring Size Chart

    How to find your ring size at home using this handy chart

    If you already have a ring that fits you perfectly, you can use that as a reference when measuring your ring size. You can use our true-to-size ring sizing chart to match your “old” ring to the picture on the chart.

    This chart features circles that match the measurement of each ring size.

    To find the right size, place your ring on one of the circles, making sure that the inside edge of your ring lines up with the drawing. You can double-check your measurement by placing the ring on the next larger size and observing whether the edges line up with your ring. If your ring falls between two sizes, go for the bigger size to be safe.

    Online shopping is more than just a convenience. These days, it’s a necessity. But not all purchases are easy to make such as jewelry. You can’t just ‘add to cart’ the pieces that caught your eye, especially if size is a factor. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome such challenges. When it comes to rings, you can either make your own ring sizer or download our ring size guide. In short, your partner has no excuse for gifting you with a ring in the wrong size. Even if he or she bought it online.

    Located in the Heart of New York Citysjewelry district, we take pride in offering top quality fine jewelry products.

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    Measure A Ring You Already Have

    If you have a ring that already fits your finger well, you can use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of this ring:

  • Take your ruler and measure straight across the inside of the ring from edge to edge.
  • Take the diameter measurement in millimeters, and then use our measurement-conversion chart to find your ring size.
  • How Tight Should You Size Your Ring

    ByCole Nemeth on Feb 13, 2017

    Fitting your wedding band is not always easy. Sometimes it will feel too tight, while other times it will feel too loose. Thats because there is no such thing as the perfect fit when it comes to any jewelry, especially rings. In reality, a good fit basically just means it feels comfortable most of the time.

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    How To Measure Ring Size At Home

    Measuring your average ring size at home has never been easier with our world-famous Ring Multisizer Sizing Gauge from our online store.

    This device works exactly like a belt. All you have to do is push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape. Then you can slip the multisizer on your finger and adjust it to provide a comfortable fit. When the best size is achieved, read the size indicated by the arrow to discover your ideal ring size. If the band on the ring is going to be wider than a standard 2mm, then you need to go up by half a size. Please refer to the chart above for an accurate half-size reading.

    Alternatively, you can use a thin measuring tape or a cord to match your size with the chart above. If using a cord, mark the ends and use a ruler to determine your ring size in mm. However, this is not advisable because it wont give you a highly accurate reading and if you are purchasing something like an engagement ring, you need accuracy!

    If you have a ring that is from another country, use the measurements in the chart above to determine your ring size conversion in Australia.

    Please note that some ring sizes can be resized at an additional cost, however, resized items are non-refundable.

    Ring Size Chart FAQs:What is the average ring size for women?

    The average ring size for women varies widely from person to person, however, typically most women fit somewhere in between three categories – small: I-M, medium: N-Q and large: R-U.

    Are ring sizes universal?

    Option One: Use String Or Floss To Measure Your Finger

    How to Determine Your Ring Size
  • Take a length of floss or string and wrap it around the base of your finger.
  • Stretch the length of string out along a ruler or measuring tape, and take down the length in millimeters.
  • Use the ring size chart below to compare your measurement to the standard ring sizes, which go up by 0.4 millimeters every half-size. For instance, a size 3 ring is 14 mm, a size 3.5 ring is 14.4 mm, and a size 4 is 14.8mm. The most common ring sizes for women are 6 , 6.5 , and 7 , while the most common men’s sizes are 10 , 10.5 , and 11 .
  • Pro Tip: String and floss can stretch, so try not to pull them too taut. If you do, your measured ring finger size may be larger than your finger actually is, and any rings you purchase may be too big.

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    Ring Size By Height And Weight

    If all the above ideas fail you, can you make a guess based on height and weight?

    How this works: There does not seem to be a correlation between height and finger size. Being taller doesn’t necessarily mean having larger fingers, and vice versa. But there could be a little correlation between weight and finger size.

    Women often find their ring size fluctuates with weight gain and loss. Assuming that weight is distributed evenly across the body, it’s reasonable to guess that a woman’s fingers also get a little thicker with more weight.

    While this is not case for everyone, you could use this as a guideline:

    8 – 9

    How Much Does It Cost To Resize A Ring

    Most jewelers will offer at least one complimentary ring resizing when you buy a ring from them. The fee to resize a ring again or a ring you purchased elsewhere varies by jeweler but is usually less than $100.

    Even online jewelers will happily resize a ring that you purchased from them for free. Of course, youll need to ship it back and forth.

    For example, here is Blue Niles official resizing policy.

    We provide complimentary resizing for Build Your Own Rings, and Diamond Bands when within the manufacturers recommended sizing range, during the first year. Simply contact a Diamond & Jewelry Consultant at 1-800-242-2728 to arrange for your free resize.

    Brilliant Earth will send you a free ring sizer but also offers a very useful printable ring size guide that you can use to quickly find a ring size if you dont want to wait for a sizer to arrive in the mail. Brilliant Earth also offers a free 60-day resize policy, too.

    James Allen also offers free ring resizing within one year of purchase with free shipping within the U.S. and Canada for the first resize. Additional resizes within the first year cost $25 for gold rings and $50 for platinum.

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    How To Measure A Ring Size

    Here, you will learn to size your ring with a string, ruler, and ring size chart to get the ideal piece of jewelrya gift for yourself or an engagement ring.

    Look at our three best ring size measurement techniques below:1. Ring Size Measurement Using Thread or Floss.

    You can measure the ring sizes with thread or floss. That’s your home’s most common thing. Take a measuring tool and wrap it over your finger base. Mark the first covering of the thread or floss with ink. This is the ruler line up, and its length varies in millimeters.

    Your Surprise Proposal May Be Foiled By A Tiny But Very Important Detail: You Don’t Know What Size To Make The Engagement Ring

    Ring Size Chart: How to Measure Ring Size

    We memorize our shoe size, our inseam length, even our hat size if were into that kind of thing but ring size is not a measurement many of us think about until we have to.

    And yet, its one of the most important details when buying an engagement ring. Depending on the type of ring you buy, having it re-sized can be troublesome. Re-sizing a plain gold band wont be a tough job for any professional jeweler, but as you get into harder metals, such as platinum or if you select a band with diamonds all the way around it, re-sizing can be very difficult, expensive or even impossible.

    Its very important you compare a ring that she already wears on the same finger and hand. Humans are imperfect, and our fingers can be different sizes on different hands.

    You also dont want to have to return the ring to the jeweler after you surprise your fiancée with it. The ring is in the spotlight after an engagement, and you and your fiancée will feel disappointed when you announce the big news and then have no ring to show for it.

    But finding her ring size secretly can be tricky. Heres a ring sizing guide that can help you size things up and still keep your secret.

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    How To Measure Ring Size For A Surprise Proposal

    Emma Bixenman

    So, you have found the one and are finally ready to pop the question! When planning the perfect surprise engagement, you are not alone in wondering how to find your partners engagement ring size without them knowing. Luckily, we have spoken to our jewelry experts and uncovered all the different ways to subtly measure your partners ring size!

    Wide Fingers Small Knuckles

    If your fingers taper from larger at the palm to smaller at the finger without a noticeable size difference at the knuckle, youll want to choose a size that fits nice and tight around your finger. This fit should be very snug so it stays in place, but not so tight that it squeezes or cuts off your circulation.

    I suggest trying on the ring or sizer for a few minutes to ensure that the snug size feels natural during a range of activities. Drop your arms to your sides and wiggle your fingers to make sure it does not slip. Raise your hands up and give them a good shake with the fingers outstretched to test if it will stay in place. Simulate the act of typing on your keyboard to make sure you have a comfortable range of motion. For your finger shape, this ring must be tight but not uncomfortable.

    Over time, your fingers will develop a natural indent from wearing your ring This niche will become the sweet spot where your band lives comfortably and doesnt feel constricting.

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    How To Measure Your Ring Size With Our Free Printable Guide

  • Alternatively, you can print our ring size guide at home to measure your ring size. Before you print the ring size guide make sure the page scaling is set to none on your print dialog box.
  • Cut out the ring sizer and then cut a slot on the dotted line. Wrap the ring sizer tightly around the widest part of the intended finger with the numbers showing toward you. Insert the arrow-end through the slot you cut. Your ring size is the number that lines up with the slot.
  • Ask Her For Her Ring Size Yourself

    SIZE MATTERS! All about your ring sizing, how to find my ring size, jewelry FAQ

    This is a similar concept to the one above. Most couples do talk about engagement at some point before it happens, so its completely appropriate to say youd like to know what their ring size and favorite style is.

    If youre at the stage where you know you want to marry your partner, chances are youve talked together about taking that next step, says Oded Edelman of James Allen. The ring you choose, the timing of the proposal and the way you propose can still be a complete secretno harm in asking directly for their ring size.

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