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What To Engrave On Wedding Band

Disney Inspired Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

Hand Engraving a Wedding Band Pt1

For many, Disney has become more than just a movie company and a theme park. Disney is a way of life! People have Disney-themed weddings all the time, and this includes the messages they have engraved on their wedding bands. You might find that one of these is a bare necessity to have on your ring.

  • To infinity and beyond!
  • So this is love.
  • Happily ever after.
  • Be true to your heart.
  • Youre worth melting for.
  • Once upon a dream.

Sentimental Ideas For Engravement

Are you and your partner head over heels in love? Well, more than the usual newlyweds? Do you have a song or quote that means a lot to you? A sentimental engravement might be the way to go.

Love QuoteDo you all have a love quote that means a lot to you? Why not get it engraved? Some examples of these may be: Yours Forever, My Whole Heart, or My Forever.

There are endless options of love quotes that are short enough to get engraved on a ring. All you have to do is find one that fits how you feel or one that you already say to him frequently.

Quote of a SongDo you all have a particularly special song? You could also choose a lyric from your first dance song that you have selected.

Some examples would be: Thank God Im Yours, From the Ground Up, All of Me.

Poem InspiredPoems are forever a romantic way to show your love. You could go with a classic, like Shakespeare, or someone a bit more modern. The options are endless!

VowsPick your favorite snippet from your vows for your engravement. You can choose this if you are writing your own or using traditional vows. Its a great way to remind each other of the love and commitment you have.

Wedding Band Engraving Ideas In Other Languages

  • Amor Vincit Omnia
  • Da Mi Basia Mille
  • Deus Nos iunxit
  • Ex Amore Vita
  • In Perpetuum et Unum Diem
  • Pari Passu
  • Quos Amor Verus Tenuit Tenebit
  • Semper Amemus
  • Semper Fidelis
  • Amore Mio
  • Il Mio Cuore E Il Tuo Per Sempre
  • Ani Ldodi Vdodi Li
  • Mizpah
  • Je Taime
  • Mon Amour
  • Mon Coeur Est A Vous
  • Pour Tous Jours
  • Joie Sans Fin
  • Toujours et Un Jour (French: Always and a Day
  • Vous et Non Autre
  • Myn Genyst
  • God for Me Provided Thee
  • In Thy Breast My Heart Doth Rest

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Popular Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas For The Modern Couple

Looking for engraving ideas for your wedding bands? Weve got 10 for you!

Engraving your wedding bands is a great way to personalise an already unique piece of jewellery that symbolise a promise to love and commit. Whether you decide to stick to traditional love verses or a phrase that only you and your love knows, ring engraving is a romantic way of reminding you and your beloved of the promises, love and commitment youve made to each other.

Since your wedding band is a piece of jewellery that youll be wearing for a long time, you definitely dont want to choose the wrong inscription to engrave on your ring and have to live with it forever. But, you dont have to stress too much over it either. With the guidance of experienced jewellers, choosing the perfect inscription to engrave on your wedding bands will be a breeze.

Born and raised in a family of jewellers, there is no better person to ask about ring engraving ideas than Amanda Koo, founder and graduate gemologist of eClarity, one of Singapores largest online diamond jewellers. With 17 years of experience in designing over 20,000 beautiful rings, Amanda shares some of the more popular wedding ring engraving ideas modern couples can consider for their once-in-a-lifetime.

1. Classic and Romantic Sentiments

Image by eClarity

For an extra special touch, engrave the words I love you in another language such as French or Latin, or even, in your mother tongue.

2. Names/Initials

Image by SingaporeBridesImage by eClarity

What Should I Engrave On My Husbands Band

How to Engrave Your Wedding Rings

When it comes to wedding bands, there are a lot of options to choose from. But one of the most popular decisions is what to engrave on the band. Whether you are looking for something sentimental or funny, there is a lot to consider when choosing what to put on your husbands ring.

If you are struggling to come up with an idea, here are a few things to get you started:

1. His initials

3. The date of your wedding

4. A phrase that represents your relationship

5. His favorite song or quote

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General Wedding Band Engraving Ideas

Maybe the two of you are a no-frills sort of couple who just want something short and sweet on your wedding bands. Thats no problem! Below are a few things you could have engraved on your rings that will capture your love.

  • The date of your wedding.
  • A line from your vows.
  • Your initials.
  • The coordinates of where you first met.
  • Another special date.
  • A lyric from your song.

Every couple has a song they relate to. Many use this song as their first dance choice at their weddings! Whatever yours is, pick a line from it and have it engraved on your bands.

How Much Does It Cost To Engrave A Wedding Ring

Wedding ring engraving usually starts at $25, but various factors affect the total costs. It can even be as much as $75 to $100 to engrave a wedding band.

The number of characters will affect the price of getting the wedding band engraved, where 15 to 30 characters can cost $50 and up. Hand-engraving is also pricier at $75 than machine-engraving, with twice the number of characters for under $50.

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Why You Should Engrave Your Wedding Rings: And What To Engrave

Why Should You Engrave an Inscription in Your Wedding Rings? Before answering: what to engrave on a ring, it might be a good idea to first answer the question: why? Its not required, right? The chaplains not going to inspect the rings before theyre exchanged, right?

Ive never seen a pastor call a stop to the ceremony and make you engrave your wedding rings first. Many people havent thought to have their rings engraved, so why should you?

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

How To Resized An Engraved Platinum Wedding Band

The Spruce / Alison Czinkota

Are you looking for a way to personalize your wedding rings? Engrave your bands with something romantic, personal, and meaningful to you, whether simple, humorous, intimate, or religious. Because the engraving goes on the inside of the band, it can be privatea secret for only the two of you to know.

Before you engrave your wedding bands, make sure the length of whatever you choose will fit on your rings and that your jeweler has the skill to do it.

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The 17 Best Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas For Husband

This section features several affiliate links, meaning well earn a small commission if you purchase through these links.

As you and your love get ready to tie the knot, your wedding bands become a primary focus as they represent your lifelong union. These symbolic rings are a constant reminder of the promises youve made to each other and the devotion you dedicate to your marriage.

Many couples choose to add to their rings romance and unique nature by adding an engraved message. Keep reading to find some creative ideas, romantic engravings, and special ways to say I love you on your husbands wedding band.

Unique Ideas For Engravement

Do you all want to do something a little different? Here are some ideas for unique wedding engravements:

NicknamesDo you have nicknames for each other? If you call him Studmuffin or Honey, you could get that engraved. If you have something around his name that you call him and no one else does, it would be a great idea.

Inside JokeIf you all have a lot of inside jokes, why not use one on your engravement? As long as it fits within the character limit, its fair game.

Funny EngravementThere are lots of funny engravements you can use. You can take inspiration from your favorite movie. For example, use As you wish from Princess Bride.

Some other fun ideas would be something that will make him laugh. You could use something like Why is this off? or Put Me Back On! to put a smile on his face.

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Wedding Ring Engravings: Written In The Stars

But out of everything you could say, whats the right inscription for you? Take a look below at our customers words for some amazing wedding ring engraving ideas!

Why engrave your wedding ring?

  • Its free
  • You can match it to your partners
  • Suits the ceremony
    • Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
    • With You Always
    • TO MY WIFE

    Humorous Engravements For Her

    15 Best Ideas Engraved Wedding Bands

    A different way to go for engravements is the funny route. If you all love to laugh and crack jokes back and forth, this may be the way you want to go.

    Funny Movie QuoteIs she a lover of movies? Find an iconic saying from her favorite that is also romantic. That would be perfect for a wedding ring engravement.

    Quippy QuoteDoes she love you for your sense of humor? Find a joke short enough and put it on your ring. Dibs! is always a good one, but you can get creative.

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    How To Engrave Your Rings

    Fraser says that at Gemist, they laser engrave rings, which is really how most jewelers will do it as well. Its a very precise and fast process using a pencil-sized laser beam, she explains. The strength of the laser changes based on the type of metal. In other words? This is a straight-forward, quick process.

    Once you know that you want something engraved on your ring, you need to decide on the perfect inscription. This is harder than it soundsfor something that can only be up to maybe 30 characters, there are a surprising amount of options.

    Engrave The Stone Instead Of The Band

    This is another excellent way to conceal your words as it uses the same microscopic laser technology mentioned above. However, this is different as it allows you to engrave in or around the rings stone. If your husbands band is slightly more ornate than the usual stainless steel ring and includes a few stones, this can work wonders for his wedding band.

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    What If Im Buying My Ring Online

    If youre buying your ring online, you can still get it engraved! Buying an engagement ring online is all the rage now. This is a pretty common occurrence that most jewelers will accommodate.

    Typically, you can look for an engravement option when checking out of most online jeweler websites. There will be a character limit on all sites. Some come with additional cost.

    Sometimes, online jewelers or shops will not offer engravement services. If this is the case, you can find a local engraver. There are also engravers online who will offer these services.

    Our Favorite Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas & Sayings

    Hand Engraved Gold Oak Leaf Wedding Ring


    Now, you know just about everything about the wedding ring engraving processbut what should you put on your jewelry? If you don’t already have a few wedding band engraving ideas, or you can’t think of anything short enough, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few great engagement ring and wedding band engraving ideas, from romantic quotes to funny phrases and numeric combinations.

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    Dates And Duke The Honeypot

    Now that Ive convinced you your marriage is doomed to failure unless you engrave your wedding rings, what should you engrave? You and your betrothed names? The date you were married? A Biblical passage? Something prayerful? Something romantic? A message of undying love? Personal nicknames? The first five amendments of the Constitution?

    What If I Need To Resize My Ring After Engraving It

    Resizing a ring is essentially adding or removing metal. Most of the time, when you resize a ring, you will have to get the engravement redone. There are some cases in which the engravement can remain intact.

    There are also some cases that only slightly impact the engraving. However, if you need to get a ring resized, most likely you will need to redo the engraving.

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    Wedding Band Engravings Ideas In Different Languages

    Whether you speak another language or simply appreciate the beauty of other languages, engraving your wedding ring with a message in a different language is a uniquely romantic choice.

    • French: Je Tadore
    • French: Je Taime
    • French: Mon Coeur Est A Vous
    • French: Pour Tous Jours
    • French: Toujours et Un Jour
    • French: Vous et Non Autre
    • German: Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz
    • Italian: Amore Mio
    • Italian: Baciami
    • Italian: Il Mio Unico Vero Amore
    • Italian: Siamo Fatti LUno Allaltra
    • Italian: Tesoro Mio
    • Latin: Deus Nos Iunxit
    • Latin: Amor Vincit Omnia
    • Latin: Da Mi Basia Mille
    • Latin: In Perpetuum et Unum Diem
    • Latin: Pari Passu
    • Latin: Semper Amemus
    • Latin: Semper Fidelis
    • Old German: Myn Genyst
    • Portuguese: Amo-Te Mais Todos Os Dias
    • Portuguese: Amo-Te
    • Portuguese: Eu Adoro-Te
    • Portuguese: O Amor Tudo Vence

    How Do I Get My Ring Engraved At Jamesallencom

    Engraved Wedding Bands offers free engraving and its easy too! Just add the ring you chose to the cart. When you click checkout, you will be taken to your shopping cart. There, you will see a hyperlink: Add Inscription .

    When you click on that, youll simply have to enter the inscription. The inscription should be 20 characters or less. After that, you can choose your font.

    When you finish your inscription and font selection, a preview will generate. Youll be able to see how it looks and make any changes you want.

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    Process Of Engraving A Wedding Band

    Always make sure you have your wedding ring engraved by an experienced jeweler. You definitely dont want to hand it over to just anyone, because it could end up being a very expensive mistake. Remember that your wedding ring is both a fiscal and emotional investment and should be treated as such. You definitely dont want the band or diamond for that matter to be damaged in some way by ineptitude.

    Keep in mind that sometimes you can have your ring engraved the same day, while at other times you may have to wait. Make sure you check beforehand with your jeweler, to ensure youll have the ring ready to go when your big day rolls around.

    When Do I Engrave My Wedding Ring

    This one is up for personal preference, but we will give you the options. You will need to have your rings picked out and ready to purchase. After that, you can get them engraved when you are ready.

    Some people get their rings engraved before the wedding. This is a good option as long as you talk to your jeweler in advance and make sure it can be done on your timeline. Engravements can take a couple of hours to a couple of weeks, depending on the options you choose.

    Another option is to wait until after the wedding. Some people will complete engravements as anniversary presents. Others wait just to be sure what they are engraving still means something to them through the years.

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    When Should You Get Wedding Ring Engraving Done

    If you want your wedding ring engraving ready by the time you swap vows at the altar, we recommend starting the process at least two months in advance. If you’ll be engraving your engagement ring after the proposal but before the wedding, reference your prewedding events schedule to find a few free weeks where you won’t need it.

    Of course, that’s not to say you can’t engrave your ring after the big day. If you change your mind a few months down the line, you can begin this personalization process at any time.

    Think About The Ring Size

    Birthdays & Wedding Ring Engraving!

    One way to narrow down your ideas is by thinking about ring size. If you have large size finger and have chosen a large size band then you will be able to choose a longer phrase. If your ring is for a small finger size then it might be better to opt a shorter phrase, such as, a couple of words or just a date.

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    Here Are 130 Wedding Band And Promise Rings Engraving Ideas You’re Gonna Love

  • Your Wedding Date or Anniversary Date
  • This is special to the two of you because it signifies the day you became one.

  • Initials
  • You can’t sell the ring after this, but it is a great way to personalize it.

  • Nicknames
  • Does he call you his boo? Engrave it so that it can be remembered forever.

  • “I love you”
  • The day he/she first said ‘I love you’ is one you will never forget.

  • A phrase from your ‘first dance’
  • If the first dance song is meaningful to you, this can be a fun and creative line for your wedding band.

  • “Forever and Always” OR “Til death do us part”
  • These are common phrases found in a ring and they are very sweet words.

  • “Non-refundable”
  • This one is hilarious!

  • “Put it back on”
  • Although humorous at first, there may be a time where you want to take your ring off. This could be a friendly reminder to stay faithful even when life is tough.

  • “Property of __”
  • Claim your territory before it is taken from you!

  • “DIBS”
  • I love this one. You were the lucky one who snatched your spouse first, might as well brag about it.

  • “You are my heart”
  • This is a very nice phrase that can signify how much he means to you.

  • “Together forever in Paris”
  • From the iconic, Anastasia, and also another common phrase used to tie two individuals together.

  • The infinity sign
  • You do not have to engrave your wedding band with a phrase. It can be a simple infinity sign.

  • “Love, ______”
  • Just like a love letter, your relationship begins and ends with gratifying love.

  • Inside Joke
  • “Never doubt I love”
  • “Joined by God”
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