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How To Find A Wedding Videographer

Narrow Down Your List

How to Find the Best Wedding Photographer and Videographer | Questions to Ask and What to Look For

Once youve watched your top 10 list, cut that list in half. As a busy bride, you dont have a lot of time to meet with all your chosen videographers, so focus on the ones that really wow you. Maybe theres something about a wedding they captured that resonates with how youd like yours to be, or something about their personality that appeals to you. Contact your list and check their availability to know whether or not theyre willing to travel to your wedding destination, near or far. Then, ask for their rates. From there, keep decreasing your list until you get to your top two or three candidates. Then arrange an in-person consultation.

Develop Your Communication Skills

Communication is a crucial skill when it comes to working anywhere near the wedding industry. Learn this early and learn it well.

Be respectful, open, and strive to always make your clients feel comfortable. It’s easier to book a gig when you click in your initial meeting, so work on being easy to get along with. Joke and laugh with your potential clientele, and be a good listener.

How Much Is Videography For A Wedding

Wedding videography is one thing many couples regret not paying for. It may seem like just another expense during wedding planning, but its really special to have a moving memory of your big day. The national average cost for wedding videography is $990-$1,260. Pricing can vary depending on wedding length, special film features, the amount of editing required, and how many videographers are needed to cover the event. Many videographers offer packages that provide different levels of service. A very simple wedding documentary could be $600 or more, while a full-scale cinematic experience involving multiple videographers could be $2,500 or more. Heres an example of average package pricing:

  • Package 1: $1,400
    • Footage during and after the ceremony, including highlights requested by the couple.
    • Two cameras with audio equipment.
    • DVD including a 3- or 4-minute edit to a song of the couples choice and a 45- to 50-minute raw edit covering the entire event.
    • Recordings of guests good wishes to the couple.
  • Package 2: $1,800

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What To Deliver As A Final Product

It depends on what wedding videography package the client selected. If the client requested the full coverage and the highlight video, then you will likely need to put the videos in a DVD and send it off to the client.

For clients who opt for the basic wedding package, putting a video online with a password will be fine. The ones we use at 2Bridges are the following:



Obviously, password protect the video if youre going to put it up online. Another alternative solution is to find a cloud solution to upload your video. This might cost extra but its actually worth it. When you have other videography jobs , you might need to share files with your customers. Its handy to have a trusty cloud service to share sensitive videos and documents.

How Much Does A Wedding Videographer Cost In 2021

How to Choose a Good Wedding Videographer Within a Budget ...

With months of preparation and excitement leading up to your wedding, youre ultimately only able to live it once. Thankfully, you can hire a photographer and videographer to capture almost every moment, large or small, of your wedding. These professionals can also package it neatly so you can look back on the footage and enjoy it for years to come.

Hiring a photographer for your wedding day is likely a given, but you might be wondering about the cost to hire a videographer and if its worth the extra expense.

To find out the specifics of videography costs, we turned to Lauren Grech, the CEO & co-founder of LLG Events, a New York City-based international event management and design firm, and an adjunct professor for New York Universitys event management program.

Read on to discover what you can expect to pay for a videographer to film your big day and the kinds of services that are included in a basic videography package.

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Beautiful Wedding Videography In Nottingham And Nottinghamshire

I love filming all over Nottingham!

Nottingham falls within the county of Nottinghamshire and is home to some absolutely gorgeous places to get married. As a Nottingham wedding videographer Ive shot at so many lovely locations across Nottinghamshire. Theres still so many venues to visit and explore, which is why I take great pleasure in getting wedding videography enquiries from couples tying the knot in new places. There are some stunning towns and villages across Nottinghamshire including Newark, Southwell, Papplewick, Mansfield, Trowell, Budby, Arnold and Beeston. I film Weddings at all these lovely places, head over to my to view my latest work.

I film Weddings at gorgeous wedding venues such as Stubton Hall, Hazel Gap Barn, Swancar Farm, Goosedale, Langar Hall, and Cockliffe Country House Hotel. In addition I also have the honour of having my Wedding videography being featured on a couple of these venue websites, why not take a look?

Featured Venue Hazel Gap Barn

Having filmed at Hazel Gap before it gives me great insider knowledge on how to tailor my filming to the venue and get the best out your wedding videography.

Looking for a Nottingham Wedding Videographer? Head on over to my contact page to get in touch and check your date.

How To Build A Clear Picture Of A Wedding Videographers Style

Instagram is one of the best social platforms for viewing wedding videographer profiles and work. As a visual-based platform its very easy to get a sense of a videographers style and make comparisons from their wall.

Dont stop at socials though, head on over to the videographers websites and look through their portfolios, read through the information theyve put on their website and check through their blog to get a historical overview of their work and experience. Youll also get to see their level of professionalism, what their services include, the types of packages they offer and more.

You can also check reviews from places like Google Reviews and Instagram where couples often leave feedback in the comments of the wedding videographer they hired. Check our Google Reviews Here.

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How To Become A Videographer

Turn your passion for video into a long-term career in videography with these industry insights.

A career in videography can be rewarding, creative, and lucrative. You get to work on television sets, capture special wedding moments, or even shoot movies with a film crew.

The possibilities can be endless. Actually, learning how to become a videographer might be a little easier than you think. Take a look at the tips below to get a head start.

Five Important Questions For Wedding Videography

How Find Your Ideal Wedding Videographer

Here are five important questions to ask yourself when choosing a wedding videographer: What vibe do I want my video to portray? How much footage do I need? Am I looking for someone who can handle all phases of wedding preparation or just the day of? Do I need extra wedding videography services, like drone videography or wedding photography? Consider these questions as you read through this blog.

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Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Videographer

Today we are very excited to share a blog written by one of Forever Brides new VIB vendors, Joe Pollock of Joe Pollock Films. Joe is a talented, Minneapolis based photographer and filmmaker. His style is candid and cinematic. He likes to capture the little moments in life that brings a smile to your face and tears to your eyes. We are thrilled to have him as one of our own Forever Bride vendors!

Today we are sharing with you Joes personal tips for choosing the right videographer for you and your wedding day! His blog offers important things to consider when choosing a videographer for your big day!

Somewhere, at any given time, a recently engaged woman and her girlfriends are drinking a bottle of red wine and watching wedding videos online. You know its true. And like so many before her, the combination of wine and cinematic romance is too much. Its decided. She must have her own wedding video. And besides her father, who will be footing the bill, who could blame her? So the decision to make a wedding film has been made. But now what?

If youre like Bri- excited about the idea of a wedding video but wondering where to start, this list is for you. Its a list that comes from four years of experience filming weddings, lots of mistakes, a few bigs wins, and about 500 hours of testing what the recipe is for a great film.

If youre comfortable around each other, then your videographer will know the little nuances about you that will make your film uniquely yours.

Book Early But Not Too Early

As one of the best candid wedding photographers in Hyderabad, I would recommend you book your candid wedding photographer prior to booking the videographer. Some photography studios offer stellar photography and videography , so that might be a hassle-free way to hire both services. You will also need to freeze the venue and date before booking anyone!

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Im Convinced How Do I Start A Wedding Film Company

Becoming a wedding videographer is no simple task.

If youre in a small town in the Midwest, its easy to get started as you wont have as much competition. However, if youre a wedding cinematographer in NYC, like us, then youd better have the right film equipment to compete.

Create a portfolio of wedding video samples filled with only the sweetest, cinematic videos. Understand your local market and competition.

Find you niche whether its vintage wedding videos, montage music videos or artistic wedding films. Stand out from your competition.

Its tough. Its brutal. But with the right film tools, anyone can make it as a wedding videographer.

A unique wedding video is the best gift a newly married couple can ever get. The perfect wedding video, after all, is not just about capturing the precious moments.

It is about freezing, for eternity, a beautiful fleeting moment in all its glory, and to deliver an enchanting, emotional film that is more a piece of art in itself than just a mere wedding video.

A cinematic wedding video is thus the order of the day and if you are a wedding videography professional, this is an art that you must most definitely master.

Its useful to understand the subtle arts of being a good filmmaker. Filmmakers are adept at storytelling, and wedding videos involve telling stories about love.

How Do I Find Wedding Videographers Near Me

Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Wedding videography has become an increasingly popular wedding day activity, so wedding videography has become more competitive. Make wedding videography easy on yourself by searching wedding videographers online to find wedding videography companies in your area. This will also help you find wedding videography prices for your wedding video because many wedding videographers provide prices and packages on their websites for couples looking to hire wedding videographers. Once you find wedding videographers that fit your wedding aesthetic, ask wedding videography companies for wedding videographer portfolio-wedding videos to see their style before signing a wedding videography contract. The right wedding videographer is out there, but all it takes is some research to find them!

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Cost Of A Wedding Videographer

Wedding videography packages usually range from $1K to more than $15K. Most wedding videographers charge a rate based on the amount of time they render their professional services. Others out there offer a preset package which also includes other pieces such as an extra shooter or a same-day edit. Even if you are just planning to buy a standard package, it is very important that you run through the other offers and whats included. Some wedding videographers will also base their pricing on the number of guests and venue of the place.

The following are some common wedding videography packages:

  • Full wedding Package this is a complete video coverage package of the special event from the start of the preparations until the end of the wedding reception. Here, everything will be filmed: from the essentials to the unseen down to the overlooked details. You can definitely relive very stunning detail of your wedding because it is HD or high definition and usually comes in three Blueray copies plus a hard disk for the data files and raw footage.

When choosing a wedding videographer, you have to ask yourself this question: do I want a cinematic 1 hour movie with a trailer, or just a trailer with fancy music? The more features you want the more expensive it gets. Once youve locked onto a budget, then its time to think of the next important subject

How To Find A Wedding Videographer Within Your Budget

Get a high-definition look into whether paying for a professional videographer on your wedding day is worth the money.

Watching yourself on film can be a strange sensation, especially when what youre viewing is a moment or event that you have a strong emotional connection to. When it comes to your wedding video, re-watching the most important moment of your life together as a couple is not strange in the least. On the contrary, its a beautiful reminder of the love and commitment you share with your partner. Like some sort of emotional time capsule, your wedding video will not only allow you to relive your past, but it will remind you about the hope you both share for the future.

Before you can ever watch your wedding video and relive those moments, you must first record the special day. To ensure that you capture the unfathomable joy of your wedding day in its entirety, Zola recommends hiring a wedding videographer.

While budget may be a concern, its not a reason to dismiss the need for a professional videographer. On the contrary, we recommend that part of your budget be dedicated to hiring someone who can oversee and execute this extremely important task of capturing your love story. Fortunately for you, Zola knows a couple of tricks to find an affordable videographer that fits your budget and creates amazing work.

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Are You Available For Our Wedding Date

As important questions go, this is a pretty major one to ask your wedding videographer, right? But so many couples get too excited during the vetting process and overlook it, only to find their dream team is booked up for months. Many of the best videographers fill their months in advance, so always check first to avoid disappointment.

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