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How Much Should A Wedding Band Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Cellist

How Much Should An Engagement Ring Cost? | James Allen

The average cost of booking a cellist is £240.

Prices for cellists typically begin at £180 with the high-end prices for solo cello performers being around £380.

Cellists are exceptionally talented musicians and a perfect for adding a classical twist for your event.

Classical wedding performers are perfect for an aisle walk at a wedding. You dont want anything too overpowering here, just something that augments the already romantic atmosphere.

Of course, you might be thinking that you can always pop on a CD and walk down the aisle to a pre-recorded track. If you have the opportunity to have your song played live by a musician like a cellist, you absolutely should. It creates such incredible memories and will be unique to you.

Your chosen artist will be able to learn your track on their instrument, or even suggest tracks for you to walk down the aisle to.

Browse the best cellists for hire in the UK and get further prices by heading over to our classical musicians page.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A 50s & 60s Rock N Roll Band

The average cost of booking a 50s & 60s band is £1400.

Prices for Rock n Roll bands typically begin at £880 with the high-end prices for 50s & 60s bands being around £3800.

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and nothing captures this better than a rip roaring 50s & 60s Rock n Roll covers band.

Go back in time to the one of the best eras of music and relive this special time with a Rock n Roll band.

Prices for 50s bands can vary but they are usually a higher cost as it is a more unique performance and style of music.

How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring: Average Cost

The average engagement ring costs over $5,000 and the average wedding ring costs close to $1,000.

The average engagement ring costs over $5,000 â more than most Americans have in their savings accounts. And thatâs not the end of ring expenses: The average wedding ring costs close to $1,000.

Why so much for an engagement ring? Itâs hard to say no to a beautiful ring, so a stunning piece of jewelry might sooth pre-proposal jitters.

If youâre buying an engagement ring, remember: This is a two-person project. Donât start shopping until you have an idea of what your soon-to-be fiance wants. No matter how much you spend on an engagement ring, youâll get more out of the whole experience if you do your homework.

Then, start thinking about your budget.

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Tips And Tricks For Saving Money On A Wedding Ring

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Draining your bank account to afford your fiances wedding ring isnt a newly-engaged couples inevitable doom. After all, this is your big day, meaning youre in the drivers seat. Every soon-to-be bride and groom will prioritize their engagement and wedding rings differently. For some, a wedding ring is a precious symbol of the couples lifelong commitment and dedication to one another. For other newlyweds, a wedding ring is comparable to other big-day traditions like tossing the bouquet or cutting the cake.

Depending on your budget and how much you value a show-stopping engagement ring that exudes glitz and glamour, the importance of savings will vary from couple-to-couple. If youre hoping for a reasonably-priced wedding ring, youll need to strategize accordingly.

For starters, avoid walking into a ring retailer or browsing online before setting a maximum budget. Unfortunately, the just-looking approach fails more than it succeeds. If youre notorious for falling into the traps set by sales representatives, opt for a browse-before-you-buy strategy. That way, you can peruse a jewelry store with confidence and handpick a ring thats equal parts affordable and breathtaking.

How Much Do Diamond Wedding Rings Cost

How Much Should A Wedding Ring Cost Traditionally

Diamonds are amongst natures most sought after products exquisitely created over millennia of Earths natural processes, its no wonder that adding diamonds to your wedding ring will make it more costly. The bigger each diamond, and the more of them used on the wedding ring the more expensive your wedding ring will cost.

Youll be able to choose between a 100% set diamond eternity ring, meaning the diamonds are set all the way around the band, or a couple of alternative options that can help reduce costs. 60%, 50% or 40% diamond wedding bands feature fewer diamonds, and are therefore a more economical choice. The percentage refers to the amount of the band that will feature diamond coverage. When viewed from above, a 40-60% diamond set wedding ring will appear just like a traditional eternity ring, but will be plain on the underside.

So how much do diamond wedding rings start from? Based on the average womans wedding ring size, M, a 60% diamond set, 1.6mm ring would cost around £1,120. A smaller size, such as I, would be closer to £1,000, and slightly bigger, say, P £1,200.

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More Top Tips For Finding Your Perfect Wedding Band

1. Choose your style before you start your search.

The function band industry has come a long way in the last few years. You dont have to settle for a dodgy band in dodgy matching suits playing the same old tired tunes any more.

Theres incredible wedding bands out there that will match up with exactly the kind of music you love. But it really helps to hone that in a bit, first.

Think about the kind of music that gets you and your mates dancing at a party. Is it classic Motown? Try a like . How about indie bangers? have got you covered. 90s classics? Give a listen. We even have club anthem bands that turn your big night into an Ibiza nightclub. Whatever youre into, theres a band out there for you.

Once youve narrowed that part down to one or two possible styles. You can move on to phase two

2. Be realistic with your budget.

For some people, the choosing the perfect wedding entertainment is one of the most important parts of their wedding day. For others, its a nice addition to your reception.

Whichever side you sit on, set yourself a suitable guide price and use that as a yard stick for any band you check out. But remember if you think the bands price point sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Spending that little bit extra may mean you get better value for money. Trust us, you wont regret it!

3. See what other couples have said.

You could start by , where you can view our regular testimonial of the week feature. Heres last week’s from The Fix

What Is The Average Cost For An Engagement Ring

Based on poll, the average spend for an engagement ring in 2015 was approximately $5,800. The price has probably gone up in 2017 and we estimate that the average is about $6,800.

Your financial means should determine your budget rather than a worldwide average. No one should go into debt in order to pay off their engagement ring.

Pros: Extremely simple system. You both feel that you paid a fair or average amount.

Cons: Most people fall far below or far above the average. There are couples who cant afford to spend $4,000, and there are couples who want to spend $100,000s. Limiting the budget to a national average is a really bad idea.

For a better understanding of the 4cs and how they effect the price, click here.

We strongly recommend picking a budget that is tailored to your personal requirements. Using a number generated based on the entire country is not suggested.

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How Many Musicians Are In A Wedding Band

An average wedding band has about six musicians, but there are bands of all sizes availableanywhere from a trio of musicians to a full orchestra of nearly 20! A standard wedding band often consists of a keyboard or piano, bass, guitar, drums, one or more horns like a saxophone or trumpet, and vocalistsbut again this does vary. Note that the bigger the wedding band, the fuller and more lively the sound will be.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Live Wedding Band

How much does a wedding band cost? – The Wedding Band Show

Live music takes a wedding celebration from simply beautiful to spectacular. It can capture the crowd’s emotions from the first notes played at the ceremony and fill a reception room with energy. Music played live is warmer and more personal than a recording, says musician John Ross. It’s a great option for couples considering music for their wedding ceremony and reception.

Meet the Expert

John Ross is the owner of John Ross Music and Production based in Portland, OR. Since 2008, his award-winning company has pioneered a simplified approach to wedding music by offering packages that include a combination of live music and DJ service at an affordable price.

Ahead, we’re breaking down the cost of hiring a live wedding band, the differences between having live wedding music and a DJ, and tips for hiring a wedding band.

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How Can You Save Money On Your Live Wedding Band

Wedding bands are typically thought of as expensive, but there are several ways to save money on your wedding band. Here are a few:

  • Be conscious of time: Try to keep the number of hours your band will be performing to a minimum. A four-hour package is usually sufficient for most weddings.
  • Fewer pieces: A huge band with lots of instruments will cost more. Work with your music agency or bandleader to figure out a number of instruments that will provide the sound you desire, but also fall within your budget.

What If I Cant Afford To Buy A Ring

The answer is really simple. If you cant afford to buy a ring, dont buy it. Its that simple. The engagement ring may be a monumental item, but its not a good reason to go into debt.

If you cant afford it, wait.

The rule of thumb: Buy a more affordable ring, if you cant afford an expensive ring.

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What Impacts The Average Price For A Wedding Band

The average wedding band cost is a total of many factors which we will list below.

  • The team: The more people there are on the team, the more it will cost you.
  • Experience and expertise: A band with more experience and pedigree will charge you more than what an upstart will. Before you commit to payment, check out their repertoire by looking up their social media and SoundCloud.
  • Songs: If youve got a specific wedding playlist or a song you want the band to learn, youll pay more. The cost depends on the band youre hiring, so be sure to find out.
  • Time: The average cost for a wedding band largely depends on the time they play for. The number of hours, and where they play. Apart from the reception, do you want them to play for the cocktail hour and after-party? Do you want them to also play at your rehearsal dinner? All these things count.
  • Additional Equipment: If your band is providing the lighting, projectors, speakers and all, it will attract additional fees.
  • Distance: Bands who are billed to travel to your wedding will charge you extra to cover gas, accommodation, mileage, etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Irish & Ceilidh Band

View How Much Should A Wedding Band Cost Pics

The average cost of booking an Irish band is £900.

Prices for Ceilidh bands and Irish singers typically begin at £490 with the high-end prices for Irish acts being around £1200.

Whether you are celebrating St Patricks Day or just looking to have a lively and raucous party, booking an Irish band is one way to guarantee an amazing night.

Irish cover bands will perform lively covers of traditional Irish songs, as well as popular covers in their own style.

Ceilidh bands are slightly different in the way that they encourage crowd participation and dancing. Many Ceilidh bands are also Scottish and Welsh, not just Irish!

Find your very own Irish band and Ceilidh act now by heading to our Irish bands and Ceilidh page.

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The Problem With That

For starters: Back in your grandfathers day, you could work a part-time job and still afford to pay rent on a one-bedroom New York City apartment college tuition cost 75 percent to 90 percent less than it does now at the best universities health-care costs were a fraction of what they are now and the biggest experiences you planned for as a couple were the reception and kids.

In other words, the men who adopted and popularized the two-month-salary rule had fewer expenses and different priorities.

And did you know who started the whole thing? The advertising agency of the company who sold the most diamonds in the 1930s. To reboot its business during the Great Depression, the British diamond company De Beers popularized a one-month rule in an ad campaign. It was highly effective: Before the 1930s, only 10 percent of engagement rings contained diamonds by the end of the century, 80 percent did, and the one-month rule had grown to two or three. It was one of the most successful bits of marketing ever undertaken, T.C. Melewar, professor of marketing and strategy at Middlesex University, told the BBC.

Whoah Thats Expensive Is It Worth It Why Not Just Get A Dj

Actually, when you consider that the average wedding now costs £18,000, the cost of a live wedding band for your evening reception is actually a very small fraction of your total spend, and in exchange youll get a spectacular show and some priceless memories not just for yourself, but for all your guests.

And youre not just hiring a wedding band: many bands can keep your guests entertained throughout the entire day, for example by providing a DJ service after their sets, as well as soloists or duos for background music earlier on in the day, during your drinks reception or meal.

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How Do You Calculate The Price Of Musician Hire

Data to calculate average prices is taken from Warble Entertainment, the UKs most trusted entertainment supplier for weddings, parties and events.

The cost of a singer or band can vary depending on several key factors. Before we reveal the average costs of hiring professional musicians, here are a few things to look out for.

So What Did We Actually Do Thats So Ground

How Much Should An Engagement Ring Cost Featuring Stacy Stahl | Presented by

Now, we know you may not just want to take our word or some other blogs word on how much wedding bands cost so to remedy this, we went out and did some serious stat-based heavy lifting for you. We looked at all the major UK based wedding entertainment websites, we looked at their most popular 3, 4, 5, and 6 piece wedding bands and checked how much each of those bands would cost in every county, major area or city in England. As mentioned, weve lowered our prices by 15% but we havent seen anything similar on other wedding entertainment websites so far so havent edited our findings below. We thought it was pretty relevant to mention in a guide like this!

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