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What To Put In Mason Jars For Wedding Favors

How To Use Mason Jars At Your Wedding

How to Make Mini Mason Jar Wedding Favors

Mason jars are perfect for wedding decor because theyre cheap to buy, extremely versatile, and most importantly, easy to customize!

Meaning you can DIY them to match perfectly with your wedding decor and style!

Weve got all the wedding mason jar inspiration youll need below, but first, heres how you can incorporate mason jars into your wedding

Mason Jar Night Lamps

Solar Powered Night Lamp Mason Jars by Uonlytech. See it HERE.

Looking for something unique and uncommon to give out as wedding favors? These mason jar night lamps fit the bill perfectly. Your guests will be impressed and charmed by these simple night lamps and it will surely be a talking point. This is a great gift since your guests can use them to decorate their homes. In addition to this, it will come in useful when the lights go out! The small LED light inside is powered by solar energy and the lamp itself is sturdy and durable so it can be used for ages.

Diy Wedding Wednesday Mini Mason Jar Favors The Details

Best Mini Mason Jars Wedding Favor from DIY Wedding Wednesday Mini Mason Jar Favors The Detailsblog.weddingstar.comblog.weddingstar.com

You can seamlessly blend your supports right into your day by having style wedding celebration prefers, whether your theme is by color, vacation or even place, like a location wedding.

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Tea Blend Or Coffee Beans

Edible gifts are a great eco-friendly option that guests will really appreciate. Whether you prefer tea or coffee or want to offer guests both options, its an easy favor to DIY. Just put the loose leaf tea or coffee beans in a jar and theyre good to go. Try to choose organic tea or fair-trade coffee if possible. Not a tea or coffee drinker? No worries! You can easily give guests hot chocolate instead, layered with your favorite toppings on top.

Lovoin Regular Mouth Glass Mini Mason Jars

Hershey Kisses in a small mason jar #mason #jars #favors ...

This LovoIn Regular Mouth Glass Mini Mason Jars is crafted from high quality thick glass that resists cracking and breaking. The glass of these mason jars are 100% food safe and lead-free for food storage and beverage drinking. The crystal clear and smooth design of these glass jars ensure the highest visibility possible, allowing you to easily see the contents inside. It’s sure to keep beverages tasting fresh and prevent dry foods from going stale.

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Fill Them With Something Unexpected

Many couples fill their mason jar favors with snacks and drinks, but Nikki Boyd, home décor blogger at At Home With Nikki, says to think outside the box. ” Make your jars into a mini terrarium or fill them with a few air plants instead-they are soil-free and easy to maintain.” Instead of tossing the leftover jar in the hotel trash, your guests will want to use them as windowsill decorations for their home and office.

Make It A Diy For Guests

One wedding favor trend that’s becoming increasingly popular is making them into an activity for guests to do at the reception. One fun idea is a flower bar. “Ask your florist to use extra loose stems to stock a flower bar during the cocktail hour or reception, with presentation tables on either side filled with mason jars with a chalkboard label,” explains Boyd. “Then, encourage guests to write their names on the mason jars and DIY their own arrangements during the evening.”

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Wedding Favor Candles 50 Mason Jar Favors Rustic Favors

Best Mason Jars Wedding Favors from Wedding Favor Candles 50 Mason Jar Favors Rustic Favorswww.etsy.comwww.etsy.com

A special wedding event favor can be something that reflects a specific theme. Currently, if you are intending a themed wedding event, be it a seasonal style, ancient theme or modern style, make sure that the rest of your wedding materials, consisting of the wedding celebration prefers will certainly be selected as necessary.

Wedding Favor Engraved Mini Mason Jar Mug Love Laughter

DIY Mason Jar Packaging (Wedding Favour Idea)

Best Mini Mason Jars Wedding Favor from Wedding Favor Engraved Mini Mason Jar Mug Love Laughterwww.etsy.comwww.etsy.com

An unique wedding event support can be something that shows a certain theme. Now, if you are planning a themed wedding event, be it a seasonal style, old theme or contemporary motif, make certain that the rest of your wedding materials, including the wedding celebration favors will certainly be picked as necessary. If you will certainly have a coastline themed wedding celebration, where you will certainly be holding it somewhere at the beach, consider beach themed favors. Typically, you can discover beach themed favors that functions white sands, stones, rocks, seashells and various other tropical-like adornments on the favors. Aside from that, you can also discover various other seasonal-themed supports to match any type of seasonal wedding.

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Personalized Chalkboard Wedding Mini Mason Jars Wedding

Best Mini Mason Jars Wedding Favor from 48 Personalized Chalkboard Wedding Mini Mason Jars Weddingwww.ebay.comwww.ebay.com

Homemade sweet and also mints for wedding event favors are commonly reminiscent and also this conventional idea is still a terrific edible wedding event favor suggestion to day. Numerous business come out with specifically designed or personalized mints and also sweets fit for edible wedding celebration favors. Bite sized sweet or mints are readily available in adorable pocket dimension tins with the bride and grooms name and also wedding day on the tin. This suggestion can be functional as once the treat is eaten, the tin can be made use of for keeping other little items. An inexpensive however enjoyable concept is to have conversational hearts as the candy support. These enjoyable candies have charming wedding event statements that are amusing for the guests to review and also share with each other.

Mason Jar Smores Cookie Mix

Smores Chocolate Chip Cookies by Natural Honey Bee. Check price HERE.

Perfect forvintage and rustic weddings, this smores chocolate chip cookie mix is adelicious wedding favor your guests will surely be excited about! You canchoose from a large number of flavors with each one custom made and unique. Eachjar makes a large batch of buttery cookies loaded with three different kinds ofchocolate to satisfy everyones sweet tooth. Yum!

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Mini Mason Jar Wedding Favors 4 Oz Mason Jar & Mini By

Best Mini Mason Jars Wedding Favor from Mini Mason Jar Wedding Favors 4 oz Mason Jar & Mini byetsy.cometsy.com

Its not something that your guests will just put in their closets as a design. They will need to grow these seeds, see it expand and later on marvel at the variety of flowering blossoms that will poise their residences. They will be advised of your event as well as how special it was when they see the flowers.

Ways To Use Mason Jars At Your Wedding

DIY Popcorn Mason Jar Wedding Favors

by BrideBox Wedding Albums· January 14, 2014

Mason jars are hugely popular right now in the crafting world, providing infinite possibilities when it comes to DIY projects. Not only are they incredibly versatile and budget-friendly, but they are adorable too! Heres 15 fun ways to include mason jars in your wedding:

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Personalized Wedding Theme Mini Mason Jars Wedding

Best Mini Mason Jars Wedding Favor from 96 Personalized Wedding Theme Mini Mason Jars Weddingwww.ebay.co.ukwww.ebay.co.uk

Because they are an extension of your celebration, your supports can take your celebration to higher elevations. As soon as your guests leave for home, they will certainly have something to keep in mind your wedding celebration by. Frequently guests will certainly keep your motif wedding celebration favors as keepsakes and place them in scrapbooks or present them in their houses.

What Can I Put In Mason Jars For Wedding Favors

4.9/5mason jarsmason jar wedding favorsMason jarsplacewedding

Herein, what do you fill Mason jars with for wedding favors?

30 Ideas To Fill Your DIY Mason Jar Wedding Favors With

  • Fill your mason jars with trail mix.
  • Popcorn in mason jars caramel, plain, kettle corn, flavored or even kernels to pop your own at home.
  • Cupcakes in a jar be sure to add on a wooden chevron spoons so your guests will be able to eat their sweet treat on the way home.

Furthermore, what do you give for wedding Favours? 12 Budget-Friendly Wedding Favour Ideas

  • A DIY Wedding Soundtrack.
  • Lucky Lotto Ticket or Scratch Cards.
  • Pretty Tea Bags.

Herein, what can I use to fill a jar?

75 Easy & Creative Things to Do with Mason Jars

  • Hanging Pendant Lights. An awesome decorating idea for your kitchen or garden.
  • Blue Glass Lamp. You can be creative here!
  • Painted Jar Luminaries.
  • Mason Jar Techno Tiki Torch.
  • DIY Solar Jars.
  • What is the smallest Mason jar?

    extra small mason jars

    • Ball 4ct 8oz Collection Elite Glass Mason Jar with Lid and Band – Wide Mouth.
    • Ball 12ct 4oz Quilted Crystal Jelly Jar with Lid and Band – Regular Mouth.
    • Ball 4oz 12pk Smooth Sided Regular Mouth Mason Jars.
    • Ball 12ct 32oz Smooth-Sided Mason Jar with Lid and Band – Regular Mouth.

    Trust me, they’ll adore this gift!

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    What Should I Give My Wedding Guest As A Favor

    Its an unexpected favor idea that will satisfy even your most critical foodie guest. If youre known for your fabulous dinner parties, let your guests in on your kitchen secrets. A homemade jar of your famed spice rub, or a similar savory favor, will be a huge hit. French macarons have become a trendy wedding favor.

    Secrets To Giving Mason Jar Mug Wedding Favors

    Budget Friendly Mason Jar Wedding Favors

    Best Mason Jars Wedding Favors from 5 Secrets to Giving Mason Jar Mug Wedding Favorsemmalinebride.comemmalinebride.com

    A motif always spruces up any kind of celebration. Wedding celebrations are no exemption actually nearly all couples today choose a style to make it more unique. Your theme can be applied to all aspects of your day, from your bridesmaids gowns to the invite, to the cake, to the favors to name a few.

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    Items Similar To Wedding Favor Mini Mason Jar Sample Jars

    Best Mini Mason Jars Wedding Favor from Items similar to Wedding Favor Mini Mason Jar Sample Jarswww.etsy.comwww.etsy.com

    Lot of money cookies will be a fantastic choice for wedding cookie prefers. Whether the pair opts the fortune cookie or one more style wedding event cookie prefers, it will certainly be a fantastic reward for everybody.

    Mason Jar Place Card Holders

    Wedding Place Card Holder by Viviantreasury. See them HERE.

    These pretty favors double as place card holders so you can kill twobirds with one stone and still impress your guests. The jars contain realpressed flowers inside and are simple but have an elegant look. Each holder isunique and one of a kind and will be a colorful part of your wedding décorthats sure to grab everyones attention!

    Wrapping up

    When buyingmason jar wedding favors, double check to make sure the jars dont have anychips or imperfections. If youre having personalized ones with your guestsnames on them, make sure the names are spelled correctly. Some of these masonjar ideas can be used on your wedding tables as place holders and décor beforebeing taken home by guests.

    We hope youenjoyed our mason jar wedding favor ideas. Have fun surprising your guests withfavors they will love!

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    Mason Jar Shot Glasses With Leak Proof Lids

    These Mason Jar Shot Glasses with Leak Proof Lids can hold up to 16 ounces of their favorite drink. Engraved especially for your guests, you can be sure the personalization will last forever. This special high class gift is wrapped in shimmer snow white organza bag ready to give or send to your guests.

    Personalized Mason Jar Mugs

    Mason Jar Favors #favors #wedding #engagement # ...

    Personalized Mason Jar Wedding Mugs by Suncoast Laser. See it HERE.

    These personalized mason jar weddingglasses are an excellent idea for favors for your guests. They come withhandles making them easy to hold, they are versatile and can be used as part ofyour wedding décor. After your nuptials are over, they can become lovelywedding favors for your guests to take home. They will find them useful andwill be reminded of you every time they take a sip! Because of the higher costof these jars, its best for smaller intimate weddings with only a few guests.

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    Is It Ok To Not Have Wedding Favors

    If youve been wondering whether or not brides and grooms still give out wedding favors, the simple answer is yes. Now, couples are more interested in giving their guests something meaningful thatll remind them of the experience they had at your wedding, or else something edible they can enjoy right away.

    Mason Jar Wedding Favors With Flowers

    Best Mason Jars Wedding Favors from Mason Jar Wedding Favors with Flowerswww.youtube.comwww.youtube.com

    Currently, for those with a sweet tooth, sweet possibly the excellent fit! You can select your favorite sweet to give away theres sweet layered chocolates, difficult candies, M & Ms and also a lot more candy options! You can bring as well as spend lavishly on a selection of candies and make a buffet out of them! Your guests will certainly sure to have fun in selecting the candies to put in their unique support bags! In addition to your little guests will certainly remain in sweet paradise.

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    Diy Wedding Ideas& nbsprustic Wedding Ideas& nbspwedding Decoration

    Incorporating some mason jars, lace, ribbon or some twine into your wedding planning will make it a dream rustic themed event. Therere many ways to use mason jars on your big day, like centerpieces, hanging decorations, aisle decorations, etc. Whats even more exciting is that mason jars can work perfectly with candles thats what I love most!

    Mason Jar Centerpieces

    Mason jars make a lovely centerpieces all on their own, grouped together, or paired with other items. Theyre opening is very small so it doesnt take a lot of flowers to fill a mason jar when youre using it as a vase. You can wrap ribbon, lace, or twine around a mason jar to really dress it up.

    Aisle Decorations

    Mason jars make adorable aisle decorations because they hang so lovely from a shepherds hook. They also look great when they are placed on logs or on upside down buckets and they are easy to move so they can be repurposed for the reception.

    Mason Jars Inspired Stationery

    Mason jar inspired stationary is sure to set the right tone for your rustic wedding. It will give the sense to your guests that this is going to be a relaxed, rustic soirée and they should definitely attend.

    Wedding Drinks

    Your signature cocktail, peach tea, or fresh squeezed lemonade will taste so much better when its served from a mason jar. Dress them up with labels, fun straws, or have them etched or printed as a take-home favor for your guests.

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