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Is A Wedding Video Worth It

How Much Does A Wedding Videographer Cost

Is Marriage Worth It?

Most videographers are independent contractors, so it often varies. Typically, videographers will offer packages and a la carte pricing for extra services, extra time, or extra editing to allow you to customize your package. It is recommended that you start with a standard package and customize it from there to make sure all your bases are covered. You can often get a better bargain this way.

There are a lot of variables to consider, Thomen says. Every video is personalized and custom-made, so it really depends on what the couple wants, like the length of the video, inclusions of whole speeches versus snippets, add-ons like raw footage, how many cameras they want floating, and even the style of the video, like how its shot and edited, he elaborates.

Peak wedding season may also affect the cost for some vendors, making coverage from June through October a bit pricier and harder to secure. The range can often run between $1,200 and $1,500 nationwide or as much as $12,500 for a luxury shoot that turns you into a television-quality star for a day.

We Dont Need To Capture 2 Hours Of Dancing

Usually the first 30-60 minutes of dancing allow me to capture all of the best moments of your guests dancing. Typically the most exciting moments are when your DJ first opens up the floor. So if you have allowed more than 1 hour to film dances this might be too much and you may be able to reduce your coverage time by reducing this.

Wedding Videographer: Yes Or No

The final decision is up to you.

If your budget is already stretched thin, youll probably be trying to come up with reasons why hiring a wedding videographer isnt a good idea.

Youre too camera-shy. There will be guests capturing footage. It really is an unnecessary splurge and what matters the most is being in the moment.

The one thing you should understand is that your budget can handle the expenditure on professional wedding videography. There are so many ingenious ways to cut out some of the costs without depriving yourself.

Choosing a charming but less popular venue than the one you want is one idea. Creating the wedding decorations on your own if youre crafty is another.

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Seattle Wedding Videography At Seattle Tennis Club / Jo + Doug

“I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am with my wedding video! It brought tears to my eyes and was so great to relive the moment. The music, the audio clips and the vision was everything I could have asked for and more. If you’re reading this review, this is what I want you to take away: Stop searching! I searched for weeks online looking for a videographer. I read hundreds of reviews and watched more wedding videos than one probably ever should. Dan is so easy to work with he’s extremely professional and has an amazing talent for capturing all of the beautiful moments you will share with your special someone on your big day. Thank you Dan for this amazing video that we’ll keep for many years to come, we couldn’t be happier! ~Joanne & Doug

Hear The Sounds That Fade From Your Memory

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Live Wedding Band?

A year from now, youll probably remember your vows word-for-word , the sound of your grandmothers laugh, and the noise of your guests gasping as you graced the aisle. But as time goes on, picturing your wedding day is far more straightforward than hearing it.

Having a wedding video will allow you to listen, over and over, to things like:

  • Your heartfelt vows to your new spouse
  • The music as your family and friends busted moves on the dance floor
  • Every toast made at your wedding reception
  • Conversations going on in the background
  • What you said to your spouse as you shared your first meal as a couple
  • Your first dance & the music to match

A wedding videographer can give you more than a photographer can, allowing you to reminisce on the movements and sounds rather than relying purely on your memory.

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To See The Moments You Missed

Wedding video coverage allows you to see some of the stuff you missed. Maybe you skipped cocktail hour because you were off taking sunset portraits, or perhaps you wanted to see the look on your spouse’s face when they opened your wedding gift while getting ready. Video coverage could allow you to see some of these moments for yourself.

The human face has 43 muscles capable of making 21 unique expressions. All of which can be captured on camera. But what about micro expressions? Expressions that last 1/15th to 1/30th of a second. Like the joy right before the tears come. Video can capture that. That can be the difference between seeing your mom cry tears of joy in a video, and just tears in a photo. Need a Wedding Video Company for your special day? Look no further, Vogue Ballroom have you covered.

When you have a photographer and a videographer, you now have a second set of eyes. No less than one million different things are happening at once on a wedding day. It’s statistically impossible for a photographer or videographer to capture everything. Having both a photographer and videographer means your odds of capturing beautiful and meaningful moments and interactions skyrockets.

You can’t possibly see how your guests will react to certain parts of your day but on film, you’ll be able to look back at everyone and see things that you may not have seen if you didn’t hire a wedding videographer.

I Just Cant Afford It Videography Is A Luxury Item

More to the point, you dont THINK you can afford it. But lets take a look at some of the other areas youve allocated your budget to for the day itself.

You have a photographer but youre also thinking of having a photo booth. Youve chosen delectable meal options and the tables are decorated beautifully but you still think you need favours . How about a sweet cart for the younger guests or an ice-cream van? All lovely touches but all eat away at your budget at the expense of other investments.

OR another way to look at it why spend all that money on just one day and not have a well produced wedding film to remember all of those things you have spent your money on?

Not only that, but there will be moments in the day you will miss . Your videographer will be there to capture all your friends and family having fun, which you might not get to see yourself.

TIP: Dont leave any of the larger investments until the last minute because you might run out of money and this could be a real regret. Videographers and photographers should be something you consider seriously at that start of the planning stages to avoid disappointment. Videography should not be regarded as an add-on or luxury item.

Another little hint here: Ask your parents ????! I often get commissioned by the bride or grooms parents, as happened with this wedding of Gerry-Rae and Nick in Austria

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The Experience Of Your Videographer

Unsurprisingly, youll pay more for your wedding videography if your videographer is more experienced. Videographers who have reached a certain level of expertise will charge what is appropriate for their skillset and the standard of work theyre providing.

Its all about getting that balance between affordability and quality, so make sure you shop around!

Reasons To Hire A Wedding Videographer

15 Reasons A Luxury Wedding Isnt Worth The Money

You’ve hired most vendors on your wedding checklist, but maybe there’s one you’re questioning: Why hire a wedding videographer? Some couples toy with adding this particular vendor by presuming it’s an unnecessary cost, but it’s worth it. Take it from couples who didn’t hire a videographer on their wedding day .

While professional wedding photographers are total experts at capturing moments from your day, there are some things they can miss. Having a professional wedding videographer on the scene ensures you’ll get all the details from your daywrapped up in one sweet video you can treasure for years to come.

If you’re still not sold on the idea, here are five reasons why you should hire a wedding videographer:

1. Wedding videos are not what you think.

Throw out the idea that a wedding videographer means lights-camera-action in your face all night. Today’s videographers embrace a more documentary styleof filming, meaning you might not even notice them until they’re handing you a stunning video of your day. Plus, video can also be taken in a variety of styles.

2.Video captures sounds that your photos can’t.

3.Video captures the in-between moments.

Yes, your photographer will get both posed and candid shots, but for everything in between, you need a videographer. And since there’s no posing, you won’t have to worry about looking stiff or awkward on film. All you have to do is enjoy the party.

4.Wedding videos are not hour-long sagas.

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You Can Easily Share The Video With People Who Couldn’t Make It / You Can Share It With The World

As sad as it is to think about, there is a chance some family members or friends might not be able to attend your wedding due to illness, distance, or age. And, if you decide to flee, it’s likely nobody, but your officiant will get to witness your special day. So, having a wedding film allows your loved ones who couldn’t make it feel like they were there and experience more emotion than they could get from just your photos. Because videographers can easily post your wedding film on YouTube or Vimeo, you can easily give everyone who wishes they could have been there a front-row seat to the best love story in town. Your videographer can even create shorter clips that you can share on social media for your extended friend group to get a peek into your day.

Aside from watching your wedding video on repeat at home your wedding videographer might be able to create a shorter version for you to share with your friends on social media.

Videography Lets You Experiment With Style

Your wedding day photos are going to be posted on your fridge, so you want these to be timeless. But your wedding video can be a little bit more trendy while still looking classic. My advice is to browse through the websites of some of the best wedding videographers in your area and find the style of video the you vibe best with.

If youre extra-concerned about your wedding photos looking timeless , your video can be a little trendier while still looking classic. Work with a professional wedding videographer to find a creative style that works best for you.

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But I Still Dont Get Why Its Important

Think back to the crucial moments in your life. Not just your wedding day, but anything else of value to you: graduations, births, first steps, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and celebrations of every kind. There is probably some homemade clip of you and your loved ones, no matter how shaky or silly, that you watch with a warm smile on your face. Wedding videography is vital for the same reason: documenting important or life-changing events matters. These memories matter. Someones laugh or voice that you thought youd never hear again could sing out to you one day, and youll find a new value in your wedding videography, making you all the more grateful for it.

A Bigger Guest List = More Time Between Events

How much the average wedding costs item

The more guests you have, the longer time you need between events. This is because it takes a lot of people to move from place to place!

If your guest count is above over 100 people I highly recommend including an extra hour between events. You really want to make sure that theres enough time for your photographer and videographer to move, and for your guests to get ready and travel between areas!

When there is a lot of people the tightness of the wedding day schedule becomes more apparent. So its important to factor in time with your vendors before all of the events occur.

To be candid, if youre looking to save money on your wedding budget, reduce your guest list. Why? It gives you more time between events, and gives you a bigger budget for your wedding photographer and videographer so you can cover more events!

If you have a small bridal party and a small number of family members having photos done, , then less hours will suffice. If you have a larger family or bridal party, you will need closer to 10 hours.

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+ Years Of Experience

First, look for someone that has a couple of years under their belt and here’s why.

They are going to have roughly 20-40 weddings under their belt, and they’re going to have the equipment needed to make a fairly good wedding video or film. Some common camera equipment types include the Sony A7iii, Panasonic GH5 or S1 as just a couple of examples. Videographer will bring far more in equipment to a wedding than most photographers.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Videographer In My State

Like any supplier, the average cost can go up or down a bit depending on which state youre based in and the suppliers available to you. Most of the time, youll be looking at budgeting somewhere between $2000 and $3500 for a popular videography package. But heres the average you can slip into your budget for your wedding video in each state.

Average Cost Of A Wedding Videographer In Each State of Australia

For more information please visit my post: How Much Does A Wedding Videographer Cost?

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The Importance Of Wedding Videos For Future Generations

Heres another really important reason to get that wedding video your kids. Maybe right now they dont care , or maybe they are too young to appreciate the whole thing , but having a video of your wedding day to share with them when they are older is a special way to preserve your history for them.

Think about all the times you have gone through your grandparents things or your parents things. Their pictures and old videos. You might think Wow! Look at how young Mom or Dad looks!, What are they wearing?, or Look at that old car! Having a wedding video is a fun and easy way for you to be able to pass on your personalities, voices, and even those Dad Jokes to your children and their children and maybe even their childrens children. Its a file that someone can easily upload to the cloud and add to their genealogy program to share with family members in the future that you may not even get to meet or those that may never get to know you. These videos can bring you back to life for those that you leave one day, and thats a really powerful thought.

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