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How To Make Your Own Wedding Programs On Microsoft Word

How Do You Design A Program

How to Make a Wedding Program on Microsoft Word : Using MS Word

How to design a new program Find out what the problem is. Find out who the stakeholders are. Think about what resources and skills you have available. Research which interventions are effective. Choose your goal and how to measure it. Identify which activities are likely to lead to the goal. Create the documentation.

Make A Funeral Program

Funeral programs help you honor your loved one’s memory, as well as give pertinent information about the service. A funeral program is a printed document that gives the events of the funeral or memorial service, and celebrates the life and milestones of the deceased. Funeral and memorial programs can also be distributed electronically, such as through email and posted to social media and memorial websites. Many people choose to make their own funeral programs. If you have word processing software and a printer, you can easily create a very special custom funeral program for your service. Here are some general instructions to help you make your own easy funeral program.

What Will You Write

On the front panel, which will be on the right-hand side whether you use a booklet or trifold style, put your names plus the date, time, and location of your wedding. Decide whether you want a photo of yourselves or some clipart on the front. Center your text and choose a great font. If you click on the screenshot, youâll see a sample of the one I created.

Remember that youâll have six panels, three on the front and three on the back. Decide whether you want to devote one or two panels to the names of your wedding party format a textbox to cover two panels if youâre doing it like the sample to the right. Refer to your sketch to see where this will end up in the folded final product. In my example, Iâve begun with the grandparents and worked my way down to the flower girl.

Use another panel to list all the different âpartsâ of your actual ceremony. Some people simply choose to list these events in order, true program style :

  • Prelude
  • Presentation of husband and wife
  • Recessional

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How To Make Elegant Classic Wedding Fan Programs

Learn how to make these elegant classic wedding fan programs. Easy to follow steps to DIY your way to the perfect ceremony program for all of your guests.

Let me start with a little back story for you today!

I got into making paper crafts years & years ago when my sister Trisha was getting married.

She was looking for ways to make her day special and being the awesome big sister that I amI made her wedding programs, table seating cards, favor tags, and menus for her big day.

Yup, it was a lot but Im super nice like that!

And besides shes my baby sister.

After her wedding, I started to make paper crafts for family and friends for weddings, baby showers, parties, etc.

Looking back nowhonestly, some of the items I made werent all that great in the beginningsorry Trisha.

But I got better with each eventor at least I like to think I did.

So, that brings us to todays project!

When my step-sister, Chrisi, got married recently she asked if I could make some paper crafts for her wedding.

She wanted me to create table numbers, programs, favor tags and a wedding seating chart.

OMG you have to check out the beautiful wedding seating chart I made for her reception.

But Im pretty sure I knocked it out of the park with that project! It turned out sooo goodif I do say so myself!

It really turned out so good!

Dont take my word for itgo look here!

Ok enough of the back storylets get to todays tutorial of how I made these simple and classic wedding fan programs.

Free Wedding Program Templates You Can Customize

Create your own Flat Program


  • Lavender Flourish. Mountain Modern Life has designed this free wedding program template that can be used as a program fan or simply printed out on cardstock.
  • Wedding Program Flags. If you’re looking for something a little different for your program, you’re going to want to check out these program flags. They’re so much fun!
  • Flower Garden. I’m in love with this adorable free wedding program template that features a chalkboard style along with flowers. It’s just so pretty! The back and front of the program template can be opened separately and edited with all the names and details for your wedding.
  • Pretty Blooms Wedding Program Paddle Fan. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, summer wedding, or you just want to have a natural feel to your wedding, these paddle fan programs are going to be one of those great details everyone will remember.
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    Free Wedding Program Templates You Can Customize

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    Ways To Design Your Wedding Program Templates

    Before designing your wedding program template, its good to remember that there are varied types of templates for every program. For instance, retirement program templates are suited for retirement activities and concert program templates are for concert engagements and programs. To design your wedding program templates, here are 10 ways you can do it.

    How Do I Become A Event Planner With No Experience

    How to get into event planning with no experience Get an education. Consider pursuing an education in event planning or a similar field. Earn professional certifications. Find your niche. Engage online through social media. Attend local events. Research industry leaders. Find a mentor. Volunteer with local organizations.

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    What Your Wedding Program Should Include

    Wedding programs are a great way to keep your guests feeling included and engaged in the celebration. Create one just for the ceremony, a separate one for the reception or design one that will outline the entire nights festivities. Its important that you include some of the most essential details though.

    Learn about what you should include as well as some dos and donts below!

    How To Print Out A Wedding Program From A Template

    How to make a double sided wedding program using MS Word

    You can choose a free theme which allows for limited customization, or a paid theme which allows more flexibility. Either way, you will need to print out your template after customizing to your tastes. Each template comes with dimensions that work with the design you have chosen, so ensure to print on the right sized stationery. If unsure, you could have a trial print on paper first to make certain you are on the right track.

    Love quotes in a wedding program do the job of tying all the words up in a bow and delivering the wedding programs as keepsakes to your guests. These words remind your guests about the essence of their presence and the delicacy of your love. Below are a few sample wedding quotes for programs to make your wedding program checklist complete.

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    How Do You Make A 4 Page Brochure On Microsoft Word

    Answer Open Word 2016 and create a new Blank Document. Select File > Page Setup. Ensure that the page is set to be A4 and Landscape and press Ok. In the Layout tab select Margins and choose Narrow Margins. In the Layout tab select Columns and select 3 Columns. Add your content to the brochure and you are ready to go!.

    Free Wedding Program Templates For Microsoft Word

    Wedding ceremony program template word. A simple Word document can also be used to make a good wedding invitation template. Catholic Wedding Program Template. The basic wedding ceremony template for most weddings is.

    Get Yor Website Online Today. If you are inviting non-catholic members to your wedding they will be confused about when and what to do. 3 Wedding Guest List.

    These templates come in PDF PSD and MS Word formats. Free Wedding Program Templates Microsoft Word. Canon in D Pachelbel.

    Procession of the Bride. Procession of the Bride. Printable wedding program templates are easy to design using any graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop.

    Free printable wedding programs templates wedding party. Presentation of the Bride. Plan the big day with free wedding program templates in Word.

    12 The Cover of Wedding Program. Wedding program template. You can send them the ceremony details using catholic wedding program templates that would explain to them how the entire process would be carried out.

    4 Good Ideas for Your Wedding Programs. Blessings of the Families. Use this marriage ceremony program template to create a two-sided wedding program adorned with red and yellow flowers for your ceremony.

    Canon in D Pachelbel. Christian Wedding Program Template 1. This simple marriage ceremony program template has room for an address and all the proper acknowledgments.

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    Programs From Wedding Chicks

    Wedding Chicks offer DIY simple wedding programs as part of an invitation suite. But you can use it independently without the suite. Log onto the website where youll find the tool tab. Click on it and customize the front and back of the program with your desired color, text and font.

    The time spent on DIY wedding programs is a fun-filled and creative one. You take on the project to personalize these intimate details for your wedding day. There are so many samples to choose from, with websites offering free templates you can customize. Not sure about how to start or where to get your best programs? Our list of downloadable and printable programs for every wedding style will keep you inspired.

    How To Make A Wedding Program Template On Microsoft Word

    Printable Wedding Program Template " Grace"  Gray Make Your ...
    • Open a new document. Go to Microsoft Word and create a new document.
    • Outline. From this new document, begin outlining. Making an outline will help you identify the parts where you need to put the borders, headers, colors, and other designs for your template.
    • Design and style. You are free to decide on the design and style of your template. Be creative but still make sure that the template is formal and appropriate for the occasion.

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    How Do You Make A Trifold Double Sided Brochure On Microsoft Word


  • Open Word 2016 and create a new Blank Document.
  • Select File > Page Setup.
  • Ensure that the page is set to be A4 and Landscape and press Ok.
  • In the Layout tab select Margins and choose Narrow Margins.
  • In the Layout tab select Columns and select 3 Columns.
  • Add your content to the brochure and you are ready to go!
  • Finish The Wedding Programs With Pretty Ribbon

    Adding ribbon to the handle was the perfect finishing touch for these easy DIY wedding fan programs.

    I used sheer organza ribbon in both silver and gold to complement the wedding colors.

    These programs could be used for any special eventnot just weddings.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

    Dont miss any of our tips, tricks, or stories! Wed love for you to follow us on social media! You can find us on TikTok, ,

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    Printable Wedding Program Template Ideas

    Youre finally getting hitched to the love of your life, but its time to plan the wedding and youre not sure where to begin. Well, one of the aspects youre definitely going to need help with is the wedding program template. If you find yourself wondering just how to design a wedding program, youre in luck because we have a stream of options right here. Whether youre in need of funny wedding program templates or modern wedding program templates, you will be sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.

    The wedding program ideas provided in this post are updated to 2019 to keep our readers up to date on wedding program wording and trends.

    Aylee Bits Fan Programs

    RUSTIC BURGUNDY | How to make WEDDING INVITATION in Microsoft Word (MS Word) | Cassy Soriano

    Having a summer wedding or want your guests to look like graceful fashionistas? These designer printable DIY fans for wedding programs are the perfect knockout. The program is both ornamental and functional as fans and information outlets. Download, edit, print, cut uniformly and join the cut pieces at the bottom.

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    How Do I Create An Event Program In Word

    How to Make a Program on Microsoft Word Open Microsoft Word, click the File tab and click New. Double-click the More templates folder under the Available Templates section. Double-click the Programs folder to open the collection of Word program templates. Click into the program title text box.

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    What Is The Typical Size Of A Wedding Program

    8.5-inch by 5.5-inchCommon wedding program finished sizes include 8.5-inch by 5.5-inch, 4.25-inch by 11-inch, and 5.5-inch by 5.5-inch though these sizes are approximate and vary by wedding program printing company. Of course, you can print wedding programs in any format and size youd like and get as creative as you want.

    Red Poppy Ceremony Program Fans

    Create your own Flat Program

    Anna Skye

    If you are planning a sophisticated wedding, these elegant programs are a great option. The flower pattern adds beauty to the program, and the bow is an extra special touch your guests will appreciate.

    Double-sided tape

    Ribbon or spray paint

    Microsoft Word

    1. Download the template here and open in Microsoft Word. Add your ceremony and wedding party details. You can change the formatting and fonts, but stay within the trim lines. Print the template on 8.5″ x 11″ card stock. Sixty-seven pound paper works best as most home printers can handle the weight just fine, and it’s heavy enough to give a professional feel to your DIY project. Makes 1 5.25″ x 5.25″ paddle fan per printout.2. With the non-blade point of an X-acto knife and a ruler, score the program down the center fold. Scoring makes for a straight fold. Fold the program in half to make a booklet.3. Using a paper trimmer or scissors, trim the three outer edges of the programbe careful not to cut along the fold line.4. Adhere double-sided tape to both sides of the fan stick, and the reverse side of program. Tape works better than glue as it won’t leave a soggy mark on your paper.5. Line up the fan stick in the middle of the bottom edge of the program. Fold the program over the fan handle and press for good adhesion.6. Dress up the fan handles with ribbon . Another idea is to spray paint the handles an accent color. Paint them before taping them to the program so as not to get paint on your paper.

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