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How Much To Rent A Wedding Dress

Business Model Of Online Clothes Rental Business

How to Rent Wedding Dress

An online dress rental portal is more than just a fashion company. It is also a technology company that is reinventing the fashion industry. The business model is based on strategic partnerships with multiple designers and agencies to give their audience access to their newest outfits and accessories.

As a dress rental website owner, you will rent out items for up to one week and charge a certain percentage of the rental price as the fee. The fee covers the service charges, dry cleaning, and other minor expenditures.

When an order is placed, the product will be dispatched from the vendors inventory with per-addressed packaging. There should also be a provision for holding an insurance amount during the rental period to cover any sort of accidental damage.

Some Brides Choose To Keep Their Dress For Sentimental Reasons Was That On Your Mind

LTB: To be honest, it was my second wedding, and I did a big wedding several years ago. And at that moment I wanted to have, like, the big dress, and that dress is still somewhere at my parents’ place in Canada. And to be honest, it was not worth it. Because I’m pretty sure that, if I ever decide to have kids in my life, they are not going to want to wear my dress they’re going to want to wear their own dress. I think it’s so personal, it’s so unique to you, that it’s not really a big thing. I think it’s more an old way of doing it. And I think things are changing a lot now, and it’s not like as important as it was before.

Cheap Wedding Dress In Singapore

Some say a woman is most beautiful on her wedding day, and apart from that happy glow on her face, lets be real a majority of this is owed to how shes dolled up like a princess for the special occasion. Which is why, for many couples, that first look moment where a groom first sees his wife-to-be in her wedding dress is so climactic, sometimes to the point of being tear-inducing. 🙂

With that dream gown comes a hefty price, though. The market rate for gown rental in Singapore starts from $500, going up to the thousands for designer pieces or more elaborate designs. But through my recent search for affordable pre-wed shoot dresses that wouldnt leave the boyfriend tearing up for the wrong reasons , Ive found a bunch of ways to save hundreds of dollars and channel it towards our honeymoon instead.

P.S.: Read about how my colleague saved money on her wedding here, and why she had a non-hotel wedding here.

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Pro: It’s Easy On The Budget

This one’s a no-brainerrenting a dress will cost significantly less than buying one and paying for alterations. So, if you’re already feeling like your dress is less important than, say, your band or flowers, renting might be a great idea for youyou’ll have more money to invest in something you care more about. Or, if your bridal gown also happens to be a designer gown, you could save mega cash by renting it instead of buying.

Be Stylish And Save Money

How much to expect to rent a wedding dress

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Brides / Designed by Amelia Manley

Lets get real here: No matter how much a bride insists youll be able to wear a bridesmaid dress again, chances are, it will never see the outside of your closet after the wedding. And with price tags that can easily top $200 or $300, that can be a huge bummer for both bridesmaids and their wallets.

Enter bridesmaid dress rental websites: They solve the problem of having to shell out hundreds of dollars for a dress youll only wear once. Being a bridesmaid has never been easieror more cost-efficient. Here are our top picks for the best bridesmaid dress rental websites to help you with your search.

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For The Designers And Consigners: What Made You Join The Bridefolio

Vania Romoff, designer: I was approached by Jam, and she opened up the idea of bridal rentals. We had an inventory of bridal RTW gowns that we were putting out in an archival sale shortly after. We were more than happy to share some of our pieces, so that brides who prefer rentals can consider our pieces, too.

Nicole Nocom, consignor: We decided to join The Bridefolio because of what they are trying to do, theres a gap in the market and I think The Bridefolio is trying to fill that gap for modern brides looking for more practical ways to dress themselves.

Joseph Aloysius, designer: The Bridefolios platform has found a way to make luxury bridal wear accessible to a wider audience through their rental and pre-loved feature, but simultaneously introducing proactive decision-making mindsets for brides-to-be.

Kris Sy, consignor: Been searching for a way to sell or rent my Reem Acra wedding dress for SO LONG! We finallyyyy have a convenient way to do this in Manila, thanks to Find a dress or get yours listed. My gown has its own unique story and Im thrilled to let its story continue with other amazing women thanks to .

How Can You Save Money On A Wedding Dress

Your dream dress may be out of reach. There are ways you can lower the cost, though. This may get you closer to the dress you always wanted.

Buy during the “off” season. New designs come out in the spring. Shopping during the summer or winter could save you as much as 80% off your dream dress.

Shop sample sales. As new designs emerge, bridal shops have to clear the floor. If you are an “average” size, you may snag a dress for a fraction of its original price. .

Buy the dress, “as is.” Don’t ask for elaborate alterations. Unless you need changes to fix the fit, leave it. Choose a simpler version. You can still opt for your desired shape or silhouette, but keep it simple. Maybe you can find a dress with the same silhouette but less beading. Or you find an option with less lace. Find a simple wedding dress, and accessorize: As mentioned, a simple and relatively unadorned wedding gown will cost less than an extremely detailed wedding dress. If you’re on a tight wedding dress budget, we recommend finding a simple gown and using a beaded sash or a brooch to give it some extra sparkle.

  • Visit trunk shows: If you’re set on purchasing a gown by a specific designer, you might find a deal at a trunk show. Trunk shows are when a bridal salon features the collection of a particular dress designerand usually offers a discount . Research which salons in your area carry your favourite designers, and check their websites for upcoming trunk shows.

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Thinking About Renting Do This First

Now that you know everything there is to know about the possibility of renting your wedding dress, you may be thinking: “Wow, I just might do this!” Before you do, do yourself this favor: Go to a local bridal boutique and spend an hour trying a few gowns on. Just to get a sense of what you like, what you don’t, what dress size you are, what elements work great on you and what may not . This is a smart way to pregame renting, so that you can place your rental armed with knowledge and have a better chance of ending up with a dress you love. Which will take you one step closer to your dream wedding.

The Alternative Ways Of Saving Money On A Wedding Gown


Wedding dresses by Alfred Angelo Disney

Now, you know how to rent a wedding dress. In case you want to save money, but want to keep the dress, you may have some alternatives to rent bridal gowns.

Firstly, you can seek for informal wedding gowns. If you dont plan a luxurious wedding, you can easily buy a simple and convenient dress. Also, this variant works for country and beach weddings.

Secondly, you can buy a pre-owned dress. Some brides decide to sell their gowns and, thus, you have a chance to get a luxurious wedding dress rather cheap. As a rule, a pre-owned dress costs 50-60% from the price of a new dress.

An informal wedding dress

Thirdly, some wedding gowns can be sold with discounts. For instance, it can be a dress from the past collection or the one with some small defects, which are almost invisible. In addition, there are some wedding outlet shops throughout the country.

And finally, have a look at the dresses for bridesmaids or evening dresses in white or ivory colors. Surely, there will be some cool variants, which can be worn by the bride as well.

Of course, its up to you to decide if to choose wedding dress rental or buy it. The dress rental has many pluses and price is the main one. You have a chance to rent a luxurious designer dress for about $1000, while its cost is $6000. So, if the minuses dont frighten you, you can definitely rent the dress of your dreams.

In addition, here is a video with some important tips on renting a wedding gown.

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Its Ideal For Destination Weddings

Renting a dress takes a lot of the hassle out of a destination wedding. If there is a wedding salon at your destination that offers rentals, then you wont need to worry about packing your dress and then dealing with the resulting wrinkles.

If youre flying, you also wont have the stress of your wedding dress being lost or damaged during your flight.

What Excites You About Sustainability In The Bridal Industry

Vania Romoff, designer: Sustainability is the future of fashion. This is the same for all sectors of the industry, retail, RTW, and even bridal. Sustainability in our industry can mean circular fashion: renting gowns or buying consciously from companies that practice fair labor. It can also mean having a gown made especially for you. Custom gowns mean zero waste meaning, no inventory or surplus.

Nicole Nocom, consignor: Brides are now more open to trying different materials and styles. They dont go for traditional looks anymore which gives us a wider variation to offer.

Joseph Aloysius, designer: The bridal industry is one of the top sectors of the global fashion industry. Its embracing of sustainability initiatives will surely expand the movement of the advocacy. Soon enough, the whole world will have an environmental mentality and eco sensibilities. That is what is most thrilling about sustainable bridal fashion.

L: Frankie de Leon , Zam Dy R: Joseph Aloysius , Yanna Copwer

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Buying A Wedding Dress

It goes without saying that are plenty of pros to buying your own wedding dress. Your wedding day is going to be the most memorable days of your entire life. True, you will have the pictures to remember it, but your dress can be a particularly special memento to remind you of that magical day. You also will get the satisfaction of knowing that nobody else wore that gown before you. That dress is yours all yours and you were the one person who got to wear it and create all those lasting memories.

Plus, brides who own their dresses will often pass down their gowns to daughters, granddaughters, nieces, or friends as heirlooms. Many of these young ladies will want to wear it at their own weddings.

Then again, while your dress may be expensive, if you own yours, you have the option of renting out your dress to other brides for a small fee, which could eventually pay off the cost of the gown.

Wedding Dress Rental Timeline

How Much Wedding Dress Rental Is and How to Rent a Wedding ...

Many clothing rental companies offer a few options in terms of rental length. For example, you can choose a rental term of four or eight days with Rent the Runway, while Poshare allows you to select from four, seven, or 14 days. This information varies by company, so make sure to check rental periods and return dates wherever youre shopping.

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Poshshare: Best For Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses


Who doesnt love rifling through their BFFs closet? Poshshare is like going through the closets of hundreds of friends. This clothing rental website allows you to both borrow and buy designer dresses directly from the wardrobes of others.

Among the offerings for all kinds of clothes and accessories, youll find an entire section dedicated to bridesmaids. Designers include Adrianna Papell and Mon Cheri, and, while the lender may have shelled out a few hundred bucks for the gown, you can score it for up to 85% less with prices starting at roughly $50.

Simply get the girls together and find your favorite frocks. While there are tons of options, there isnt an infinite number of dresses available for every single style. So, Poshshare is best for achieving a trendy, mismatched bridesmaids look.

After you make your selections, choose the length of your rental , as well as your delivery method. If the lender is in your area, you can simply arrange to quickly meet up in person to get your gownand they may even allow you to try on the frock before you take it home.

Shipping is also an option, and after the wedding has come and gone you can either meet up again to return the dress or ship it back. Now this is bridesmaid dress shopping made simple.

How Much To Budget For A Dress Rental

Just like purchasing a bridal gown from your local salon, theres no set price for renting a dress.

While you can often rent wedding gowns for $100-$600, they can also cost more depending on the dress and the rental company you choose. Gowns by high-end brands will come with a much higher rental price than an off-the-rack dress. Typically, wedding dresses from well-known designers will rent for anywhere between $500 and $2,000.

If you plan to rent more than your wedding gown, a membership service like Rent the Runway, will allow you to pay a monthly fee for a certain number of styles each month.

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How Much Does A Wedding Dress Cost

Buying a wedding dress is unlike purchasing a piece of everyday attire. You’re going to be wearing this dress on one of the most important days of your life, and so you’ll likely spend quite a bit of money on your wedding dress. While wedding dress prices do vary greatly, the average wedding dress cost in the U.S. is $1,000. It typically ranges from $280 to $1,650, but you can purchase a wedding dress for far above and below those prices.

As the materials get pricierthink silk instead of polyesterthe core cost of the dress will rise. The table below shows how materials are priced by the yard, and how much more you might pay depending on what your dress is made of.

So what do we think? The new average price of a wedding dress is definitely nothing, but it’s also not too crazy . According to the study, brides also spend an average of $250 on accessories like the veil, shoes and lingerieso don’t forget to factor those into your budget as well. We’ll add that preserving your wedding dress might also be worth budgeting foryou might as well keep the gown you shelled out for in excellent condition.

According to Easy Weddings’ 2016 Annual Australian Wedding Survey, the average price of a wedding dress is $2,475.

When it comes to how much brides are willing to part with to secure the garment love of their life, the price varies from state to state.

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