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Thank You Card For Money Wedding

Break It Up Into Batches

PhotoAffections.com Wedding Thank You Cards Unboxing & Review

One of the most overwhelming parts about thank you notes is that there are so many. Trying to write 75 to 150 notes in one sitting is a bit much. Instead, try breaking down the thank you notes into batches.

In general, etiquette dictates that you have three months to send thank you notes after the big day. You can go down your guest list and do 10 per day or set aside 15 to 30 minutes per day to get the job done. Write each note together with your spouse or divide the list and conquer it as a duo.

Send Handwritten Thank You Cards

Its important to send handwritten notes to your guests. If youve thrown an elaborate wedding with 500 of your closest friends, you may feel compelled to send a heartfelt typed message or e-mail to speed up the process, but its much more polite to take the time to do it all by hand. Almost everything we do these days is digital, so theres something extra special about receiving an old-fashioned handwritten letter in the post!

Think About Sending Thank Yous To:

  • Wedding guests that attended the day or evening
  • Wedding guests that couldnt be there but joined via live stream
  • Wedding guests that couldnt attend but sent a gift
  • Your wedding party
  • Wedding guests that sent you a gift
  • Wedding guests that made a charity donation
  • People that made something for your wedding or helped by contributing their time

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Thank You Messages For Wedding Gift

  • Thank you so much for the ! Well think of you every time !
  • Thank you for helping us make our house feel even more like a home. We love the gift so much!
  • Were so excited to use the beautiful you got us. party at our place!
  • Thank you for sharing in our joy and giving us such a beautiful and thoughtful wedding gift. We appreciate you so much!
  • Cheers to you for the amazing . We love them!

Thank You Note Wording For Graduation Money

wedding thank you cards for money

When you graduate its common to receive a gift of money from family or friends. So say thank you with these example messages.

  • Thank you for the amazing graduation gift! I will be using it towards ______ and it will help out so much.
  • Before I head off to college Im grateful for the money you gifted me, it will be so helpful as Im starting out. Thank you!
  • The support youve shown me as I embark on this new and exciting journey is so appreciated. Thank you.
  • Thanks for the cash gift! Dont worry, I wont spend it all on beer!
  • Ill be using your generous gift to help with furnishing my new apartment. Thank you for being there for me.

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Thank You For Monetary Gifts

  • The money you gave us is going help us out in a huge way to settle into our new place. Thank you so much!
  • Thank you so much for your monetary wedding gift. It means so much to the both of us and we appreciate more than you know.
  • We appreciate the money you gifted to us so much. Thank you for helping us celebrate and remember our special day!
  • Our trip is going to be extra-amazing because the money you gave us will help . Thank you so much!
  • The money you gave us for our wedding is wonderful, but it means even more that you were there to share the day with us.

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to write your own wedding thank you cards! Enjoy the process of writing them and remembering your special day. Lots of happy wishes for this new chapter of your life, too!

Hi, Im Katie Hilbert! Ive been adding love to the world as an editor at American Greetings since 2010. Im also a veteran blogger and a lover of lattes, polka dots, and possibilities.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording For Cash Gift: Tips For Saying Thanks

When the wedding ceremony is all wrapped up, you and your new spouse will want to enjoy your marital bliss. While that means cherishing every memory and savoring each new moment, it also means completing a few post-wedding tasks. Among the most important is sending out thank you cards to all the guests who attended your wedding and loved ones who sent gifts.

For many couples, writing thank you cards can be daunting. Finding the right words to express your appreciation while avoiding an etiquette faux pas can be difficult especially if someone has given you a cash gift. Here, well show you proper wedding thank you card wording for cash gifts so you can show your guests how much their generosity means to you.

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Wedding Thank You Verbiage Ideas

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Wedding Photographer: Erin Latimore Photography | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day, in what was honestly the best day of our lives! Your generosity, thoughtfulness and kind words will always be remembered. You were all what made the day so special and we hope you found it as enjoyable and memorable as we did.

Words cannot express how honoured we are to be surrounded by such loving and supportive family and friends. Thank you for your abundant generosity and kindness with your gift, we are beyond grateful.

Tips For Warm Closings

Wedding Gift Card/Money Holder With Pocket Slot

In addition to a sweet thank you message, a warm closing is like a cherry on top. Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Love, your name
  • Much love to you, your name
  • Beyond grateful, your name
  • Love and thanks, your name
  • With love, your name
  • Lots of love, your name
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your name
  • With gratitude, your name
  • God Bless You, your name

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Who To Send Wedding Thank You Cards To

Weâre sure that you expressed your gratitude to every single one of your guests, whether you had a formal receiving line or made the rounds to each table. But, thank you notes are still in order after your special day. A thoughtful thank you note warms the heart, but itâs also a chance to give your gift-giver a permanent reminder of the fun they had on your wedding day. While you donât need to send a personal message to every individual wedding guest, hereâs who you really ought to send a thank you note to:

Anyone who gave you a physical gift.

Anyone who gave money. This includes guests who gave to your honeymoon fund or charity registry, as well as any benefactors who contributed to the cost of the event itself, or anyone who gave a cash gift or gift card, day-of.

Everyone in the wedding party: maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.

Hosts of the wedding and attendant celebrations, including the wedding dress shopping, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and post-wedding brunch.

Wedding vendors who went above and beyond throughout the wedding planning process or in their execution .

Any loved ones who helped you out in a pinch or helped make the day extra specialâwhether by printing wedding programs, hand-delivering a lost wedding invitation, officiating your actual wedding ceremony, or who brought the funk to the dance party at the wedding reception.

Dont Blow Your Last Bit Of Budget

If you are concerned about blowing the last of your wedding budget on elaborate thank you notes then there is no need to worry a budget friendly option that still looks great would be to send wedding thank you postcards, saving you money on the cost of envelopes.

If you havent ordered your wedding thank you cards yet, the Hitched wedding stationery section has a stunning selection of , or for pretty handmade cards browse our directory of local wedding stationery suppliers.

  • Say congratulations to the happy couple with our selection of the best LGBTQ+ wedding cards. There’s a design here that everyone will love!
  • Stationery and Wording IdeasLooking for the perfect foil wedding invitations? Whether you fancy gold, silver or rose gold foiling, we’ve got the most gorgeous designs here!
  • Stationery and Wording IdeasFrom colourful confetti designs and beautiful florals, to bright coloured illustrations and vibrant tie-dye styles, our round-up of the best bright coloured wedding invitations is sure to add a splash of colour to your special day.
  • Stationery and Wording IdeasWith personalised designs and the ease of ordering online, these are the best websites for wedding invitations that’ll make finding your stationery set a breeze
  • Stationery and Wording Ideas

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What To Write Wedding Thank You Card

First of all, congratulations on your wedding! Hopefully it was a beautiful day and youre settling in happily to your ever-after.

And more congrats are in order for getting started on your thank you notes. After all the time and energy you put into planning your big day, you may not be excited about having another project to do, but heres the good news youve come to the right place for help! Writing out wedding thank you cards and getting that wedding thank you wording down to where it flows magically out of your pen can actually be easier and more fun than you imagine, simply by following some simple tips.

Remember, you dont have to get them all done today but three months should be your deadline. There are varying schools of thought on the exact timeframe, and some sources have said you have up to a year, but three months is currently the consensus. However, if month three has already gone whooshing by, dont panic! Just get started.

Set yourself up for success. Gather your supplies the notes, envelopes, address list or labels, stamps, and a few good pens and keep them in one space, whether its a table, a tote, or a box, so when youre ready to write, you have everything handy. And then set a goal to write, say, five in one sitting. Once you get going, youll likely do more, but this is much less daunting than fifty and youll do a better job.

Wedding Thank You Card Etiquette

Thank You Card Etiquette

Stamp or Send

Your wedding thank you notes should be hard copies sent through the mail. Period. This etiquette point stands firm in the midst of changing standards for acceptable manners. Browse our collection of Wedding Thank You Cards for a favorite to download or print directly from our site. As for your message of thanks, handwritten is still highly preferred, but computer-generated text is better than good intentions unsent. Choose a font thats attractive while also easy to read, and upgrade your paper to printer stationery with a nice finish.

On the Clock

The sooner the better is always the rule for thank you notes. For weddings, the limit is up to three months from the day you say, I do. Plan to write a few every day to make the task more manageable.

Whats Right to Write?

Your message should be personal and sincere. Make sure you address the person or persons by name as you would in a letter. Mention their gift and any special meaning it might have or how you plan to use it, as in, The cute coffee mugs will make us smile every morning! Sign off with an appropriate salutation, and finish with both your names.


More Thanks

Thank you notes to your parents and the bridal party are a given. Consider including anyone who helped with your wedding, paid or not. Ministers, musicians, vendors, etc. would appreciate your expression of gratitude, but it is not essential to go this extra mile. Gift givers are not optional.

Ending Well: Salutations


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Thank You For Being In The Wedding

Taking part in a wedding can mean a big investment of time, energy, and support. Thats why bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, attendants, and other helpers deserve a warm thank-you note.

Example #1

Dear Janae,Having you in our wedding means so much to us. Your smiles, your words, your hugsthey all made our magical day even better. We loved having you there to share in the celebration. Everything about the wedding was better because of you. Thanks for being an important part of our special day, and the best maid of honor ever!Love always,

Example #2

Dear Cody,What a great wedding day we had! But it wouldnt have been complete without youour usher extraordinaire! Thank you for all the big and small ways you helped out, and for all the laughter and energy you shared. Youll always be an especially fun part of our wedding memories.Love,Cathy and Brian

Writing-tip: Wedding thank-you notes dont need to be stiff or formal, especially for people you know well. If you use humor and casual language to communicate with your recipient in everyday life, then feel free to do the same when write them a wedding thank you.

Thank You Card Wording For Friends And Family Who Did Not Attend The Wedding But Gave You A Cash Gift

This type of thank you card can be sent along with the thank yous from those who attended the wedding.

Dear X:

We were sorry that you could not attend our big day you were missed!

It was so thoughtful of you to give us money to celebrate our wedding. We are planning an epic honeymoon and will use it to purchase luggage, which we both desperately need!

We hope to see you soon. In the meantime, we send our love and hugs! Thank you! Bride and Groom

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Sending The Thank You Messages Out

It is good etiquette to send all your wedding thank you notes out at the same time. That way loved ones dont get them at different times, wondering if they will be getting one too.

Simply save up all the handwritten thank-yous and post in one go.

If you are going digital, create digital drafts and send them out as close as possible. Some email providers allow email scheduling which may be a good option for you. Just be prepared for multiple incoming messages if sending via text message in one go.

Photo: With Love Rose Photography via Boho Fairytale Wedding

Make The Message Personal

Wedding Thank You Card Tips

Try and thank each guest in a personal way. Its such a rare thing to write a note to each person you care about so put a bit of extra effort into it. Youre beginning to see why youve got a whole three months, arent you? Split the task between the two of you and just do a few a night while youre watching TV.

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Handwritten Vs Digital Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding card thank you etiquette is a bit more flexible in todays online environment. Wedding guests are used to receiving digital invitations, purchasing gifts or sending cash via an online wedding registry and receiving thank you cards via email. Plus, younger generations care more about their carbon footprint and opt for electronic thank you cards because they are better for the environment.

With that being said, we all know the feeling of receiving a handwritten thank you note in the mail. Nice stationery and a beautifully written thank you can go a long way in telling your wedding gift givers you appreciate their gift.

Whether you choose to send handwritten or digital thank you cards for your wedding is up to you. Just remember to follow some of the suggestions around what to include on a card and when to send it – and always add a personal touch for the gift giver.

Hitchd allows you to choose a thank you card with a beautiful design that is yours to customize. We take care of the part that most people dont want to deal with – addressing and mailing thank you cards! Or, you can choose to go the digital route and email thank you notes instead. We help you easily keep track of guests who have contributed to your online registry and send custom thank you notes with beautiful photos .

How Do You Say Thank You For Money As A Wedding Gift

When you are given money as a wedding gift, it is important to express your gratitude in a way that is appropriate for the occasion. You may want to say thank you in a handwritten note, or you may want to say thank you in person. Here are a few ways to say thank you for money as a wedding gift.

Thank you for your generosity! Your gift will help us afford our dream wedding.

Thank you for your kindness! We are so lucky to have friends like you.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness! We are so grateful for your support on our special day.

Thank you for your generosity! We are so lucky to have friends like you.

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Wedding Thank You Card Wording

Your wedding thank you card wording can be stressful at first you want to convey your gratitude, but you may have anywhere from dozens to hundreds of notes to write. When youre writing your thank you cards, the key is to be sincere. These thank you cards arent just about gifts make sure to let your family and friends know that their presence on your wedding day was meaningful and meant the world to you.

Come up with a generic template for your wedding thank you cards so that you can efficiently get them all written. Starting with a basic template of what youre going to say makes it easier to get in the flow of writing them. Your notes dont have to be long just a few sentences should do the trick.

That being said, you should also be specific when thanking friends and family for their wedding presents. With cash gifts, you dont need to mention the exact amount of money, but you can go into a bit of detail about how you plan to spend the money. Take your template and personalize it based on each persons gift.

Even if you dont love the gift, find something genuine to say about the present. You can focus more on the happy memories youve shared together and how their presence made your wedding day all the more brighter!

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