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Men’s Cocktail Attire Wedding

Classic And Understated Mix

Cocktail Attire for Men – Wedding, Party & Event Dress Code Guide

Prefer an outfit that looks more youthful but still has a classic feel? Go with the same timeless white shirt but pair it with slim-leg chinos in an all-over bold hue, like blue or red. Play this combo down with a blazer jacket in a neutral color, like grey, beige, or white. For accessories, stick with a traditional leather belt and lace-up brogues for a cool and understated appearance.

Can I Wear Jeans If I Receive A Cocktail Dress Code Invitation

As a general rule, no, you cant wear jeans as cocktail attire.

If you know that this is a super casual cocktail party, then perhaps a very dark pair of well-tailored jeans with a very nice blazer would be acceptable.

However, you need to be absolutely certain that this is acceptable beforehand.

Hi, Im Alex, and Ive studied and specialized in styling in Rome. Through my writing, I want to help men dress well and learn the purpose and significance of suits and other formal attire. My final goal is to make men more confident in their wardrobe choice and life in general.

Cocktail Wedding Attire For Guests

An invitation with Cocktail attire indicated, provides more freedom in look styling than Black-Tie and Formal dress codes. With Cocktail dress you can loosen the neck-tie a bit, literally and figuratively, and relax into chic and modern fashions for the event. Now remember to keep it classy because its still a wedding!

  • Wear a suit. For a wedding with Cocktail Attire, suits or suit separates are most acceptable for mens wedding guest attire. Navy blazers and sport coats are often popular for cocktail events because as the evening moves on and the dancing begins, you can lose the jacket and get more comfortable.
  • Wear a necktie. You should consider wearing a necktie with your suit to the event initially and if you see that other guests are not in neckties, feel free to slip it off and put it in your jacket pocket.
  • Accessorize your look. Feel free to adorn your look with sophisticated jewelry , lapel pin, tie bar or patterned pocket square to really show your personal style

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What Is Cocktail Attire

Cocktail attire is a balance between formal and casual and elegant and comfortable. To an event with this dress code, such as a wedding, men typically wear a suit and tie while women wear a cocktail dress.

Cocktail attire is meant to bridge the gap between day and night, explains bridal consultant LauraLee Baird. It is still an occasion to dress up, but a full-length gown is not necessary. This merges the silhouette of a garden party dress with the fabric and embellishments of a formal gown. Think somewhere between a sophisticated formal occasion and office or party wear, adds Alena Kate Pettitt, author of English Etiquette: The Motivation Behind the Manners.

Still, with so much ambiguity, cocktail attire could mean different things depending on the venue, the time of day, and the season. Read on to learn more about deciphering this common wedding dress code.

What To Wear To A Cocktail Attire Wedding

Cocktail Attire For Men: How To Get It Right

Even though the above guidelines for cocktail attire may seem a bit subdued, they will be appropriate for most weddings. The result of the cocktail attire dress code is that you will be elegantly and respectfully attired for the occasion without being flashy or otherwise drawing attention away from the focus of the day the bride and groom. Unless you have information suggesting otherwise, such as a beach or barn location, you cant go wrong with traditional cocktail attire at a wedding.

Never Overshadow the Wedding Party

If the bridegroom has a flamboyant personality or is someone who wears shorts and t-shirt, no matter what, try to adjust your outfit so you will not be completely out of place: for a more casual wedding, go with more colorful accessories and for a completely informal wedding, skip the tie and just wear a combination with a dark jacket and lighter colored slacks again, it is the bridge and grooms special day so you should try not to catch much attention with your outfit or risk overshadowing the wedding party.

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A Brief History Of Cocktail Attire

A cocktail party in the 1930s | LIFE Magazine

As youre now aware, cocktail attire today is all about dandiness, a smattering of eccentricity and personality. But, in years gone by, things werent quite so informal.

In the early twentieth century, the upper classes would quite often indulge in a spot of alcohol-fuelled, mid-afternoon socialising. This was a chance to dress up in ones finery and show off.

Its debated as to whether the concept of the cocktail party arose in England or the United States what we are sure of is that it happened during the mid-1920s. One school of thought is that the idea originated with a woman from Missouri, a known socialite who invited 50 guests to her house for cocktails. From then on, cocktail parties became an institution in the States and quickly spread around the western world.

The dress code has been around ever since. To an extent, its followed trends in tailoring flares and huge collars in the 70s, for example but has become much more relaxed over time. A tuxedo, for instance, would have been perfectly appropriate cocktail wear in the 1920s. Over 100 years later, however, it would likely come across as a little over the top.

That being said, some pundits are predicting a decade of decadence post-pandemic. After spending so much of the early 2020s away from bars in head-to-toe jersey, maybe the roaring 20s are set for a re-run. Well drink to that.

Attire By Wedding Theme

If youre new to weddings, theres a surprisingly wide array of wedding themes that are actually incorporated into the wedding attire and decor. Weve covered the most popular wedding themes below, but there are so many different ways a couple could go. Work with the details you have to use a weddings theme to choose your look.

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Creative Black Tie Mens Attire

What It Means:Creative Black Tie keeps the wedding vibe somewhat formal, but the rules are flexible. A tux is still the way to go, but you can branch out a little, too. Dinner jacket looksa contrasting jacket with black tux pantsare a great choice, and both neckties and bow ties are welcome in patterns or low-key colors. You could also wear a colorful suit for this dress code.

Recommended Wedding Attire:

What Should Groom Wear To Cocktail Attire Wedding

Cocktail Attire Dress Code Explained

A man should wear a dark suit for cocktail attire wedding. This will give him the right mix for the wedding. Both neckties and bow ties are good to go, but black shoes re recommended. A man should also be sure to have stylish accessories on hand, such as a watch or a bracelet. He should also keep his hair styled and clean.

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Rule : If You Are Invited To A Formal Cocktail Party

If youve been invited to a formal business party in the evening, remain conservative with your look and opt for a dark-coloured suit with a white shirt and black leather dress shoes. Take a tie with you but be ready to take it off and unbutton the collar of your shirt if suitable for the event.

You can use accessories to differentiate your cocktail attire from your usual Business professional look. Go with a light-coloured pocket square to contrast with your suit and wear classy cufflinks on your shirt cuffs.

What Is Cocktail Attire For Men

Cocktail attire for men takes on various forms, but the easiest way to think of it is to treat it as the optional portion of the black tie optional dress code. To be more specific, its typically safe to opt for a dark suit, light shirt, rich tie, a pocket square, and dark, well-shined shoes.

You could even regard it as the business casual dress code of black tie optional. While cocktail attire tends to find itself gravitating towards business attire, there is lots of room to manoeuvre.

While the suit may very well come out of your capsule wardrobe, it doesnt have to. Its great to opt for striking details like peaked lapels or hacking pockets. In other words, stuff that wouldnt normally fly at the office. Feel free to let your rake flag fly a bit, as it were.

You should never wear a strict black-tie tuxedo to an event with a cocktail attire dress code. This is overkill and youll look very much out of place. However, you can wear smoking jackets.

With that said, there are some events that are more formal, and some that are more casual. Below, well do a garment-by-garment breakdown of whats best for a casual cocktail event and a formal cocktail event.

Note that the word formal is being used loosely throughout this page. This is simply for ease of use, not as an attempt to re-define the word formal.

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The Perfect Look Delivered To You

If youre like most people, you have one suit youve worn to every wedding or party in the past five years. Its practically a uniform at this point. But half the fun of mens cocktail attire is changing it up, showing a new side of yourself, and doing something unexpected.

On the flip side, its not practical to have more than a few unique suits in the stable. Still, you still need to find a way to stand out, and while renting hasnt always delivered, thats in the past.

Weve created a better, more fashionable way to rent a suit. And yes: we deliver. If you can handle the compliments, well handle the sizestake a few minutes and find yours entirely online.

This is part III of our dress codes guide. Learn about more dress codes

What Should You Not Wear To A Wedding

Simplifying The Wedding Dress Code #cocktailweddingdress

We have talked about what to wear to a summer wedding, but what should men not wear? Unless specified or virtually permitted, stay away from athleisure pieces. While a sweatsuit is technically a suit, its not the right one for a wedding. Denim is also typically a no-no for summer wedding attire. Stay clear of jackets, jeans or anything denim related for your summer wedding looks.

While we are a fan of bold head-to-toe print, your job as a guest is to support the union and not be the focal point. The same is said for white or cream. These designated colors are for the people at the altar and not the people in the crowd. A white or cream dress shirt? Yes. A full white or cream ensemble, unless requested of the guests in the invite, no. Subtle patterns and lighter colors like pastels are a great focus for your summer wedding looks.

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Indochino Hemsworth Suit In Burgundy

If you’re looking for fall cocktail wedding attire, then this rich Burgundy suit is a real winner. Crafted from pure premium wool, this made-to-measure suit is crafted to your unique measurements, so you’ll receive your best fit. Plus, Burgundy is a great color alternative to traditional black and blue suits.

Formal Wedding Attire Etiquette

Formal weddings offer a bit of flexibility for guest attire, but there are still some important rules to abide by. Below well share some of our favorite rules, tips, and etiquette for dressing your best for a Formal wedding.

  • Avoid wearing white or anything close to it, like cream, ivory, soft gold, pale blush, or light tan.
  • Men should wear a matching jacket and pants, either in the form of a tux or suit, or by wearing trousers that match their dinner jacket.
  • While simple floor-length gowns and stylish cocktail dresses are ok, avoid any ball gowns, flashy dresses, or revealing clothes.
  • Prints and metallics are ok as long as theyre incorporated subtly and tastefully.
  • The bride, groom, wedding party, and parents often dress in attire more elevated than the general dress code.
  • Ask other guests what they are wearing to the wedding to get a better idea of the overall style.
  • Check the couples wedding website to see if they have any recommendations or give better insight into their Formal dress code.
  • As you consider different attire choices, go for the dressier option. Its always better to be a bit more elegant than too underdressed.

As you prepare to be a guest at a Formal wedding, consider the venue, the season, and your own personal style. Feel free to have a little fun with your look but be sure to respect the dress code. Elegant yet understated should be your ultimate goal from there, try to have fun putting together a look youll be proud to wear!

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What The Cocktail Attire Dress Code Is Not

Existing in the middle of the dress code spectrum, it is easy for anyone to become confused as to precisely what is and what is not Cocktail Attire. Part of the confusion stems from the name: if you associate cocktails with a glamorous evening at a fancy bar or restaurant, you would not be remiss in thinking that a more formal ensemble, such as a tuxedo, would be appropriate. Conversely, if you associate drinking with a rollicking good time with friends, you might assume that a more casual look should be in the offing. In reality, Cocktail Attire is intended to fill the sartorial void that exists between these two spheres: it offers the refinement and cohesion of more formal ensembles mingled with the creativity and opportunities for self-expression of the more casual.

As such, clothing that is more casual such as jeans, polo shirts, or casual sneakers has no place in the Cocktail Attire dress code, but neither does more formal menswear such as dinner jackets, formal waistcoats, or cummerbunds.

Wedding Attire For Men: Complete Guide For The Big Day

How To Dress For A Wedding | Mens/Womens Formal Outfit Ideas

Getting ready for the big day just got easier. Choosing mens wedding attire can be intimidating, but our 2022 guide to wedding attire for men has the answers to your prenuptial style questions.

Whether youre trying to choose wedding attire for groom or for groomsmen, or just need some help with mens wedding guest attire, we can point you in the right direction.

Need a shortcut to the perfect look? Check out the chart below and choose your destinythen read on to get expert tips for selecting wedding attire for men.

If youre the groom , you need a wedding outfit men will admire for mere generations as they look back at your wedding photos. That feeling youre feeling is pressure. Luckily, youre in the drivers seat. You can dictate the wedding attire vibe through a dress code, wedding theme, venue, or timing.

As a wedding guest, its reasonable to assume youll be tagged on some form of social media before the last dance at the reception. Learn what to wear to a wedding now with the wedding details you have, and save yourself hours of tediously untagging pics later.

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What To Do If You Underdress

So, you showed up underdressed, perhaps in a more semi-formal look than a cocktail look. The first thing to do is not to panic! Ultimately, no one will be mad at you, and you might just feel awkward. There are a few things you can do to remedy this issue.

For one, remove some accessories, especially things like sunglasses or large jewelry, like earrings. You could also add something extra, like a shawl, or a pocket square. Women might also want to put their hair in a chignon for a classier look. These are all little things you can do to refine your look.

The History Of Cocktail Dress

Cocktail attire gained notoriety between the roaring twenties all the way up to the 1960s, where gentlemen were seldom seen dressed unruly or without an air of elegance. Were talking about a time that encapsulates the very pinnacle of menswear dressing, from a sartorial point of view.

Men of this era, especially those of wealth and affluence, would refer to cocktail as after-five attire as it would give men the chance to change from their daily work suit into a more appropriate, pre-dinner option perfect for parties and other social frivolities of that era. Thus was born cocktail attire.

Today, the cocktail dress code bridges the gap between casual and formal, it is a semi-formal occasion offering you the chance to wear a complete look that can take you from day to night with just a slight tweak of garment .

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How Should A Cocktail Suit Fit

It doesnt matter how stylish or expensive your suit may be if it doesnt fit well, that is all anyone will notice. With that in mind, your suit needs to look like its been tailored to perfection. Luckily, our technology allows you to find your perfect fit through just a few quick questions. And our Free Home Try-On gives plenty of time to adjust if needed.

Whats The Difference Between Cocktail And Semi Formal

available for sale

When it comes to wedding attire, there is a bit of a difference between cocktail attire and semiformal attire. Cocktail attire is typically a bit more formal than semiformal attire, and is often for weddings held later in the day. Semiformal, on the other hand, is usually for afternoon weddings. To avoid looking too formal, try going for a well-tailored suit with a solid shirt tie optional but encouraged.Depending on the location of the wedding, you may want to consider dressing a bit differently. For example, if the wedding is taking place at a beach wedding, you may want to bring along some sandals and a sun dress.

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