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How To Find Your Wedding Registry On Amazon

How To Find A Couples Amazon Wedding Registry

how to setup an amazon wedding gift registry

As long as a couple’s Amazon wedding registry is public, you should be able to search it by their name.

If a couple has set their wedding registry to the public, you can go to Find a Wedding Registryand search by name, location, or within certain date ranges. Wedding registries are searchable 15 minutes after they’re created.

Reasons To Choose An Amazon Wedding Registry

Getting engaged and planning a wedding often means that a friend or family member will offer to throw you a bridal shower, and Amazon Wedding Registry will make the gifting part easy for you and your guests.

Bridal showers stem from the old-fashioned practice of the bride needing a dowry to marry well. If the money wasnt available or the brides father didnt approve of the marriage, friends would shower the bride with gifts that would act as a dowry. While dowries are a thing of the past, the tradition of bridal showers remain to help the bride celebrate her upcoming nuptials and build a nest with all of the small appliances, kitchen tools, towels, and sheets that the couple would need.

Wedding registries allow guests to easily choose gifts for bridal showers and weddings that they know the bride and groom would like to receive, and while some may still think picking out your own gifts is poor etiquette, the Emily Post Institute approves this modern convenience.

10% Registry Completion Gift. Get 10% off remaining items on your registry after the event for a savings of up to $100.

Largest Selection. Amazon.com has massive inventory and carries nearly any item youd want to add to your registry. Youre not limited to just housewares at Amazon.com they sell items for nearly any hobby, tools, luggage, games, camping equipment, holiday décor, housewares, and nearly anything else you could think of to put on your registry.

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Manage Your Amazon Registry On The Go

These days, couples are busier than ever. We all have our attention being pulled in so many different directions. Thats why its amazing that you can create and manage your registry on-the-go with ! See something that you love while youre out and about and want to add it to your registry? Just open up the mobile app and add it in a snap!

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Poor Environmental And Local Impact

Let’s face it: Amazon isn’t the most eco-friendly company or the biggest champion of local economies. All of those boxes and packaging will have to be either thrown away or possibly recycled if your recycling service accepts those types of boxes and plastic packaging. Then there’s the fuel used and emissions produced in the process of shipping all of those items. Although Amazon does try to offset some of these problems, such as offering pickups at lockers and weekly Amazon delivery days, not all of your guests will take advantage of these perks.

Amazon also isn’t helping small businesses in local economies. Many of them can’t compete with Amazon’s platform or fast shipping speeds, and they don’t always pay liveable wages in communities where they have warehouses and distribution centers. Shopping local benefits your immediate community and keeps your well-earned paycheck supporting the lifeblood around it. You might not be able to create a registry through your local shops , but you also don’t have to give more money to an already thriving company.

Maybe these points matter to you. Maybe they don’t. But it is worth considering how your Amazon wedding registry could be adversely affecting the planet and your town or city especially when there are other wedding registry options that offer more flexibility and thoughtfulness.

Why Do People Have Wedding Registries

Amazon Wedding Registry Search from a PC or Mobile

No two couples are alike. Some might prefer more classic presents like cookware and bedding, while some may want to fund a honeymoon. Others may choose more unconventional options, such as requesting cash to put toward a down payment on a home or asking for donations to their favorite charities. A registry is a foolproof guide for your loved ones: It eliminates the guesswork of gift giving and guarantees their money will be well spent.

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Planning Your Wedding Registry And Dont Know Where To Begin We Recommend Starting With Amazoncom

So, youre finally engaged and youre planning your wedding when you realize its time to start discussing a wedding registry with your significant other. What do you do? You probably know the general etiquette and rules around wedding registries: select some items, tell people, and get those items ! Here are some tips on what to think about when planning your registry and the best places to register.

Product And Product Only

Up until the last decade or so, most engaged couples never lived together before tying the knot. While it was less common for 18- and 19-year-olds to get engaged right out of high school, many couples were in their early 20s when they got married. If you went to a wedding shower for these couples, you almost certainly brought them home goods as a gift. After all, they would be building up their homes from scratch and would need all of the basics before they moved in together.

Nowadays, the profile of your average engaged couple has changed. More and more people are waiting until their late 20s or even 30s to get married. Perhaps more importantly, they’re also choosing to live together first before getting engaged. This matters for two reasons:

  • Because couples are older when they move in together, they’ve already replaced many of their college leftovers, which means they already have nice vacuums, cooking sets and even furniture. There’s no need to ask for them as gifts on a wedding registry.
  • When couples do combine households, chances are they have most of the essentials already between them. If one person brings a nice set of sheets, the other will likely bring the towels or toaster.

If this sounds like you and your partner, then you might have trouble filling up an Amazon wedding registry because you have so many of the items already. Why replace a vacuum if the one you currently have is a good model and only a few years old?

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Great Alternatives To Amazon Wedding Registries

Above all, Amazon wedding registries feel impersonal. You can’t send out thank-yous from your registry, and you can’t personalise your registry by writing out your own introduction or gift descriptions. You and your partner will be limited to products, not cash or experiences, as gifts, and because you can’t add your own descriptions or thoughts, your registry will look just like every other registry that your wedding guests have seen. And where’s the fun in that?

But Amazon isn’t the only option when it comes to wedding registries. Online platforms like Hitchd allow you to create the perfect registry that fits your needs and allows you to ask for exactly what you and your partner want. Instead of keeping it bland and predictably on Amazon, why not use your registry to fund your honeymoon or raise money for your community?

Here are great alternatives to Amazon wedding registries that ask for what you truly want and make all guests feel welcome and appreciated.

Search By Name Location And Date

How to find a registry on Amazon | Babies and Weddings!

If youre looking for a couples wedding registry and they have a common last name like Smith or Martinez, youll need to provide more details on Amazons Find a Wedding Registry page.

Beneath the space to enter the couples name Amazon allows you to search by state and general event date. You dont even need exact details for this to work! If you know the wedding is at some point in October on a California beach, you can easily use Amazons drop-down menus to find it.

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Ultimate Guide To Create Your Amazon Wedding Registry In 2022

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An lets couples sign up for almost anything at a minimum, you can find it on .com. Therefore, its not surprising that Amazon wedding registry sites are extremely well-liked.

Fortunately, searching for the Amazon registry isnt too tricky. Like most internet-based companies can do, Amazon makes finding and using wedding registry websites a breeze. Well show you how.

Easy To Stray From Traditional Wedding Gifts

Amazon really does sell just about anything you could possibly need for your home, but it also sells clothing, movies, video games, electronics and more.

With so many other items available, some couples find it difficult not to stray and add non-traditional products to their wedding registries. This can be extremely tempting, especially when you’re looking at that new video game console that you’ve been dying to get or that new winter coat you love.

Couples should stick to the home goods department because guests may feel offended at being asked to buy you clothes. They want to help you two build your new home together, not your wardrobe. Older guests who are more traditional might opt for a gift card or even skip the gift altogether. Even younger guests who might accept a Nintendo Switch as a home goods item might feel slighted over having to buy you books, movies or clothes.

The last thing you want to do is hurt your guests’ feelings. Many guests won’t complain to the couple but they will talk amongst themselves and even possibly with your parents. You don’t want to hear about guests’ displeasure from your parents.

Fund memories, not things.

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What Is A Registry

In many cultures, it’s traditional for wedding guests to bring a gift for the bride and groom to the ceremony. And oftentimes, the gift is intended to be something useful for the couple as theyre starting their life together. The wedding registry has developed as a way to organize this process both for the couple and for the guests. A registry is a service provided, usually by a retailer, that allows couples to compile a list of products that can be easily distributed to their guests. This lets the guests know what items the couple need , and whether or not they have already been purchased by someone else.

Amazon, the worlds largest online retailer, provides a registry service with a lot of great features that well explore throughout this guide.

What Is A Wedding Registry

Amazon Wedding Registry Search from a PC or Mobile

OK, lets back up for a minute, just in case youre not quite sure exactly what a wedding registry entails. Its essentially a long list of wedding gifts assembled by the couple. As guests purchase items, they are removed from the list. Its important to add to your registry often, especially after events like engagement parties and bridal showers, to make sure it isnt depleted.

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How To Search Wedding Registry On Amazon

Its very easy to learn how to search wedding registry on Amazon, and we simplified the steps according to their customer support. We will also discuss everything you need to know besides familiarizing yourself with how to find an Amazon registry.

Perhaps youre also curious if its possible to be notified if someone bought from your list. And to tell your guests regarding your wedding registry, here is how to word registry information on the wedding invitation.

How To Edit Items In Your Amazon Wedding Registry

  • Visit your wedding registry
  • Find the gift you want to change
  • Select Edit item and customize or do the changes you need for that specific item Amazon allows you to mark the item as essential, allow comments for guests, or even change the requested amount
  • You can also remove the item from the list
  • Select Save Changes once youre done
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    How Do I Adjust Privacy Settings

    When you create your registry, you can make it visible only to yourselfor to the public. Making it visible to the public means that anyone, not onlyyour friends and family, can search and view it. You also have the option tomake it visible only to people who have its unique link.

    If you make the registry public, your guests will be able to find it byvisiting Amazon and entering your name in the Find your registry search box. Youcan share the registry with your relatives and friends via Facebook, Twitter, E-mailor by providing them with its URL.

    Is There A Completion Discount

    How to Find a Person’s Wedding or Baby Registry on Amazon

    If there are items left on your list after your day is over, Amazonoffers a wedding registry completion discount which allows you to save on anyof the remaining items that you may decide to purchase yourself. You are givena one-time-use promo code which you must enter at the checkout in order toredeem the discount. Discounts vary depending on the type of membership youhold.

    If youre a Prime member on Amazon, you will receive up to a 20%discount and if youre a non-Prime member, you will receive a 10% discount ongifts that remain on your list. Amazon not only offers generous completiondiscounts, but they also give you the chance to earn bonus gifts. If youregister for certain items or brands and if your guests purchase these, youwill receive a bonus gift.

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    The Ultimate Wedding Registry Checklist

    From classic gifts to honeymoon experiences, here is the ultimate list of items to consider adding to your wedding registry.

    Visit to create a wedding registry with everything you need, all in one place, and start adding the essentials below to your list today.

    Ready to create a gift registry? Use this handy wedding registry checklist to take stock of what you have, what you need, what youd like to upgrade and what you will need in the future . Then take the time to build a complete wedding registry so your guests can celebrate your newlywed status and help you outfit your home. To get you started, weve listed all of the most popular items from kitchen appliances to a honeymoon fund to give you lots of wedding registry ideas.

    Does Amazon Have A Return Policy

    Amazon does have a generous return policy which allows you to return anyitem within 180 days of delivery. This policy is only for items purchased offthe wish list by others. If you are purchasing items off your own registry,then there is only a 30-day returns period.

    When you return something, the refund will be sent to you in the form ofa gift certificate from Amazon. Keep in mind that there are no brick-and-mortarAmazon stores which means that if you are returning something, you will need toship the unwanted items back yourself.

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