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How To Become Wedding Planner

Interning For A Wedding Planner

Become a Wedding Planner in 2020 with the Wedding Academy Certification Courses.

There might be a wedding planner local to youand if so, great! Wedding planning companies range in shapes, sizes, and opportunities. The first place to gain some on the ground experience would be with a wedding planning company.

During the decade I owned by business, I hired many interns. Here are some tips on approaching a wedding planning business thatll increase your odds for getting hired as an intern:

  • Do Your Research: Before you apply, do your research about the company and its owner. Understand who they are, what types of clients they serve, and the opportunities available. Many wedding planning companies will have a careers webpage or instructions on how to submit your resume.
  • Be Personable: Wedding planners get tons of applications to intern/assist. Stand out by being personable. Dont send a canned email addressed to Whom It May Concern or Dear Sir/Madam. Know who youre emailing and be personable in your approach.
  • Follow Them On Social: Become one of their fans on social media and show an interest in their content and marketing.

Because wedding planning companies come in all shapes and sizes, many of them being small, there might not be an opportunity to intern with a company. And if you desire to start your own wedding planning business many planners in your area will be guarded. The next best opportunity if you cant get an internship with a wedding planner?

Create A Marketing Plan

Whether you want to be an independent planner, part of an agency, or anything in between, your business will have a hard time taking off without the right marketing plan. Just like wedding venue marketing, wedding planner marketing is all about understanding what couples want and then reaching those couples on the channels that they use. Here are a few tips:

Consider Pursuing A Certification

Getting certified is another way to expand your knowledge of the wedding planning industry. It lets your future clients know you are knowledgeable and highly capable of organizing a memorable event. Certifications are often available through various associations or trade groups.

For example, the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners offers a two-month certification to become a Trained Wedding Planner, and Longevitys Wedding Planning Institute offers an 8-12 week course to become a Certified Wedding and Event Planner. When choosing a certification course, consider how the curriculum might improve your skills and knowledge. You can also consult reviews from previous program attendees.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Wedding Planner

Wedding costs can vary intensely depending on how you plan them.

You can have a small wedding in your backyard or a gigantic one in Paris.

The price of a wedding planner depends on various factors, including the venue, the number of guests, venue decorations, and more.

On average, wedding planners can cost anywhere from $1,800 to $4,000.

Although tipping is not required for wedding planners, if you are extremely satisfied with the service provided, you can tip anywhere from 10 to 20 percent.

Wedding planners can work around your budget, so if your budget is low, you can always coordinate with your planner to create your dream wedding.

Understanding The Job Requirements

Learn How to Become a Wedding Planner Online
  • 1Meet with the client to develop a personalized wedding plan. Working with clients is at the heart of wedding planning. Discuss the clients preferences in detail and get a budget. Keep in mind that its your job to book the venue, select caterers, pick a photographer, hire music and entertainment, and consult the clients on invitations and wardrobe.XResearch source
  • Youll be responsible for coordinating all aspects of the wedding–rehearsals, the reception, the ceremony, and any travel arrangements–while sticking to the budget.
  • Additionally, the wedding planner has to attend the wedding to make sure everything goes according to plan.
  • Every client is different. Some will want to be super involved in the planning process, while others will just want to discuss the big picture. Talking to your clients and learning their preferences upfront will make your job a lot easier.XExpert SourceProfessional Event PlannerExpert Interview. 11 February 2020.
  • 2Respect the couples tastes. Remember, you should plan a wedding according to the couples preferences, not your own. Its good to offer your judgment, but dont let your own tastes dominate your clients.XResearch source
  • The couple may ask for color schemes or decor that you find downright unattractive. However, its their wedding, not yours, so honor their choices.
  • Couples often ask for style advice. Feel free to give your opinions in this case.
  • Expect late night calls and consultations with the bride or groom.
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    Salary For Wedding Planners

    According to Payscale, the average base salary for wedding planners is $41,653. A further breakdown shows that entry-level wedding planners earn an average of $40,113. Wedding planners with 1-4 years of experience earn around $41,201, while those with at least 5-9 years of experience can expect an average of $42,988. At the top of the food chain are wedding planners with 10-19 years of experience who earn about $43,233. Finally, wedding planners who have been in the industry for 20 years or more can make up to $44,000.

    The Bureau of Labor Services projects that meeting, convention, and event planners will see an 18% shoot in employment rates, which is much faster than the average occupation. Between 2020 and 2030, the prediction is that there will be around 16,400 new openings each year. The BLS further states that the rapid growth is tied to recovery from the pandemic that hit the world in 2020. In the future, the services of event planners in general and wedding planners in particular should be in high demand.

    Should You Become A Freelance Wedding Planner

    There are two options for wedding planners freelance or employee.

    A freelance wedding planner works for their own business and is responsible for finding their own clients. If you are just starting out, it can be easiest to start as a freelance wedding coordinator because you can set your own rates and own hours.

    The other kind of wedding planner is one that works for a banquet hall, hotel or restaurant. They are in charge of working with couples who are booking the venue both before and during the big day.

    Wedding planners who work as an employee dont have to worry about finding clients but they may not get paid as much as a freelancer.

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    What Does A Wedding Planner Do

    A wedding planner helps engaged couples plan their marriage ceremonies. They perform various tasks, including:

    • Answering calls and emails from clients

    • Finding and hiring vendors like caterers, florists and musicians

    • Identifying venue options and communicating with venue staff

    • Creating master schedules for all vendors, staff and wedding parties

    • Negotiating contracts and conducting administrative tasks

    • Picking out wedding invitations and cake options

    The type of wedding you plan depends on factors like the clients preferences and the scope of your or your employers services. While some couples prefer smaller weddings, others prefer large, lavish events. An experienced wedding planner can fulfill a variety of different client preferences.


    How To Become A Wedding Planner: The Definitive Guide

    How I became a Wedding planner | Tips for starting your wedding planning business

    Do you always get excited when your friends are getting married, only because you want to help plan the wedding?

    Do you dream of the day that you will walk down the aisle, just so you can pick the colors, theme, and flowers that you want?

    If this sounds like you, then a career as a Wedding Planner may be just what you are looking for.

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    Finding A Wedding Planner Program

    Just as it’s important for people to choose the right person to tie the knot with, it’s important for wedding planners to make the right choice when it comes to selecting an education program. This section provides information on how prospective wedding planners can pick the right school.

    Some of the factors to consider when looking for a program include the tuition cost, how courses are delivered, and how long to complete. In addition, future wedding planners may be interested in programs that allow them to earn professional certifications.

    Your Wedding Planner Website

    These days, we all live online. That means prospective clients are going to expect you to have a legitimate website for your professional wedding planning business. Yes, you can have social media accounts but in order to truly be successful, social media alone wont be enough.

    A proper website shows people that youre the real deal and that you take your business seriously. Once someone clicks on your website, the meat and potatoes of it are what will really seal the deal. This is basically just a fancy way of saying, make sure your website is worth their time.

    Firstly, youre going to want to secure your domain name.

    I strongly recommend keeping your domain the same as your registered business name, so as not to create any confusion amongst prospective clientele. From there, make a check list of all the different pages and information you wish to offer on your site. Pertinent information would include:

    • An About Me pages, giving clients the chance to get to know you better as a person, as well as understand your qualifications and certification
    • Your contact information
    • A page where you list all of the wedding planning services you currently offer
    • You can also list your prices, if you wish to include this info as well
    • A blog, if you so choose to add to one to your site
    • Your professional portfolio
    • Client testimonials
    • Links to your social media channels
    • If you so choose, an option for clients to book with you directly from your site, etc.

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    Join An Industry Association

    For anyone considering wedding planning as a profession, I recommend joining an industry association, says Lynne Kennedy, lead planner and owner of wedding planning firm The Gilded Aisle. They can be quite helpful for staying informed about the profession and networking.

    One association Kennedy suggests is the Association of Bridal Consultants . The association offers training and certification and even has state chapters that enable you to network with other professionals in your area.

    As the ABC state manager for Illinois, she says, I mentor many of our novice members and allow them to shadow me at weddings to gain experience and perspective.

    Getting Skills And Experience

    How to become a wedding planner?
  • 1Get an internship at a wedding planning company. Visit the websites of different wedding planning companies to see if they have any internship opportunities available. If you cant find one, apply to a banquet or event planning internship at a major hotel to get some relevant experience.XResearch source
  • Make sure your cover letter and resume are well written and up to date.
  • If youre interested in a particular company but cant find any internship opportunities with them, dont be afraid to reach out. Just make sure youve given their website a thorough search first.
  • 2Volunteer at a wedding planning company if you have limited time. Internships can be extremely time consuming. If youre working a full-time job while trying to learn the ropes of the industry, ask to volunteer as an intern at a reputable company a few times a week. Its free work for them, and valuable experience for you!Advertisement
  • 3Plan free events for family and friends. Experience is super important, so if you cant get an internship or just want more practice, offer to plan birthdays, weddings, and parties for family and friends, free of charge. Treat these people like clients. Its good practice for your future career, plus they can be valuable references down the line.
  • Take pictures of the events so you can start building your portfolio.
  • Check out blogs like Bayside Bride and Snippet and Ink for style inspiration.XResearch source
  • You can also take classes at your local community college or online.
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    Lesson 4 Questions To Ask Your Clients

    Knowing how to get the right information out of your clients is the key to running a successful wedding business. Mostly this is done by knowing the right questions to ask. In this lesson we look at some of the questions we use as wedding planners to get what we need to create the perfect wedding for our clients.

    Secure An Internship With An Experienced Wedding Planner

    Amy McCord Jones is the owner of Flower Moxie. Shes been a wedding planner and florist for over 13 years, and shes planned or serviced more than 600 weddings in her career. Her most pressing tip is to intern, intern, intern!

    I cannot stress enough the importance of interning before leaping into the wedding planning profession, says Jones. Over the years, Ive allowed many hopeful wedding planners to shadow me. Only one person actually went on to be a professional wedding planner.

    Why is this? From her experience, Jones notes that many would-be wedding planners are typically interested in the more creative aspects of the job, such as styling shoots and creating mood boards. But thats a fraction of what the actual job entails.

    Theres a ton of communication you need to manage between the engaged couple, venues, and vendors not to mention how extremely organized you must be to keep up with it all.

    Rob Alberti is the owner of Rob Albertis Event Services. He is a 35-year veteran in the wedding industry, and his company provides DJ services, custom lighting, and AV rentals at over 300 weddings each year. On the subject of internships, hes in complete agreement with Jones.

    Theres no substitute for actual, real-world wedding experience, he says. Its not until youve faced the numerous and varied challenges that come with this role that you can understand the pressure and responsibility required of a wedding planner.

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    How To Be A Good Wedding Coordinator

    A good wedding coordinator has a combination of event planning knowledge, communication and organization skills, and customer service expertise. To succeed in this field, you should develop a network of trusted vendors and event spaces. If you work for a private company, many of these connections will already exist. Work hard to keep open communication with your clients and stick to your established timeline. Lastly, be calmweddings can be stressful for all parties, but you, as a trained professional, have an opportunity to take that stress out of the big day.

    Stay Consistent In Booking New Clients

    10 Steps To Become a Wedding Planner

    Many new businesses fail because of a lack of commitment. It takes a lot of effort to keep all of the balls in the air, at least for the first few years, or until you have an effective team and system in place.

    So its important to stay consistent in all your business aspects, from marketing and promoting, to skill development and business growth. Keep scoping for new potential clients and network with other suppliers and planners in the industry. Get your name out there and focus on building your brand.

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    Create An Online Presence

    Modern brides are likely to use a Google search to locate wedding planners and see samples of their work, so youll need a website for your business, says Hew Blair, chairman and buying director at Justerini & Brooks wine merchants.

    Blair says a professional website can make your services more accessible. You can also promote your business through social media and other channels, which can make you a more engaging choice for potential clients.

    Be sure to craft a compelling portfolio to properly illustrate your work and inspire clients to choose you, says Blair.

    Join A Wedding Planning Association

    Wedding planning associations allow wedding planners to network, learn new trends, and advance their careers. Some professional wedding planner associations include:

    Wedding International Professionals Association

    The Wedding International Planners Association is great for hoteliers, officiants, and wedding planners. The body has nine chapters scattered across the country. Members have access to meetings and mentoring seminars for new businesses.

    Event Service Professionals Association

    Apart from meeting other wedding planners, members of the Event Service Professionals Association also have the opportunity to network with hotel and destination managers across North America. The organization aims to educate members on the best practices for events.

    Corporate Event Marketing Association

    The Corporate Event Marketing Association is designed for senior event marketers looking to network and develop their skills. There are no chapters for this association. Instead, members benefit through traveling opportunities. Additionally, members can enjoy the benefits of an exclusive job board, newsletter, and member directory.

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    Free Class Retakes For 3 Years

    As a Ultimate Academy® Graduate you are welcome to come back and take your course again, absolutely free, as many times as you like, for three years!

    You may take any part of the course or complete the entire course it is up to you. No catches, no strings attached, no conditions. Simply reach out to our booking department to schedule your class retake whenever it works for you.

    Consider Formal Wedding Planner Training

    FREE GUIDE: How To Become A Wedding Planner

    You dont need a special degree or certification to become a wedding planner. But if you want to head into the industry and you have little-to-no experience, learning the ropes and all of the ins and outs can be extremely beneficial. The American Association of Certified Wedding Planners, for example, was created by wedding professionals who saw the need for an organization dedicated to the education of those seeking to become wedding planners, and to elevate those already in the field through certification and continuing education. The organization offers in-person and online training. Students have two months to complete the course and are then eligible to apply for a membership as a Trained Wedding Planner.

    Another option is the Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institute, which offers a course for people interested in becoming a Certified Wedding and Event Planner. The average time to complete the course is 8-12 weeks, and graduates receive a certificate, letter of recommendation, and the professional Certified Wedding and Event Planning designation. I would highly recommend Lovegevity courses to those who are willing to take the plunge and go after your dreams, wrote one graduate. The Certified Wedding Planner course was the perfect curriculum I needed to reassure that I am going in the right directions.

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