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How To Ask Someone To Officiate Your Wedding

Exchanging Your Own Vows To Further Personalize Your Ceremony

How to Officiate at Your Friends Wedding

Asking someone you know to be your officiant can help make your ceremony feel more personal. To further personalize your gathering, consider penning your own vows. This allows you to share why you love your partner in your words, and even offer details on why you are eager to be wed. While you do not have to memorize these vows, rehearsing them in order to feel comfortable with what you are saying is recommended.

Your Contribution Will Be Crucial

Chances are, you will be adding more tasks to your plate by having a friend or family member officiate your wedding. Not only will you want to ensure this person has all their required documentation but youll need to have a lot of input into how the ceremony will go and what is said.

Hiring a professional can often alleviate this as they have officiated plenty of ceremonies and can help direct you in what they need from you to make the ceremony all your own.

When in Doubt, Team Up If the task seems too mammoth for your special candidate, split the difference and have them team up with a pro. This is one way to turn a con into a pro by using an officiant and still honoring someone special to take on a part of the ceremony. Allow the professional to lead the ceremony and take on the official tasks, but have your guest of honor offer their hand at a special reading during the ceremony. While not all officiants will do this, I am more than happy to accommodate you.

I hope this has given you some insight and helps to make your decision an easy one. As always, if I can answer any of your questions regarding officiating your wedding, please reach out to me, and lets talk about how to make your day one-of-a-kind.

Tips On How To Find A Wedding Officiant

The points mentioned above will have given you a clear idea of who the different wedding officiants are, and you might have already chosen the right kind of officiant. However, other details need to be taken care of, and these include the fact that not all wedding officiants are going to be ideal for your wedding ceremony.

Different wedding officiants will bring different things to the ceremony, and you will have to let your officiant know precisely what you are looking for in the ceremony.

Now given below are some of the best tips that you can have when it comes to choosing the right wedding officiant.

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What Is The Difference Between An Ordained Minister And A Wedding Officiant

An ordained minister is ordained and fulfils specific duties unique to their denomination. They can perform legal marriages and other functions of the church, including church rites, sacraments and funerals. Ordained ministers may be restricted in what they can and cant do, depending on the church they are affiliated with. A wedding officiant, on the other hand, refers to anyone who can legally officiate a marriage.

How Long Have You Been An Officiant How Many Weddings Have You Done

Will You Be My Ring Bearer Card

Just as you would with any wedding vendor, make sure to inquire how long your prospective hire has been an officiant and what type of marriage ceremonies theyve performed. Youll want an officiant whos an expert at logistics and can handle even the most unexpected situations. If you need additional reassurance, simply ask for a list of references to check in with past couples. This is a common question to ask a wedding officiant, so anyone you’re considering should be happy to provide referencesand you can read reviews and testimonials on a site like WeddingWire.

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Creative Ways To Ask Officiant

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on October 2, 2016 at 8:29 PM

  • MrsDrum Master on October 2, 2016 at 7:50 PM

    I asked my sister in a private Facebook message lol. I wanted her in the wedding somehow but she wouldn’t have wanted to be a bridesmaid. I knew it was right up alley to officiate. She was traveling for work so it was the easiest way of communication and she was so excited and honored.


  • Devoted on October 2, 2016 at 7:52 PM

    I asked my uncle by taking him out to dinner and attaching a little note to a bottle of margarita mix and a giant margarita glass. He loved it.


  • VIP on October 2, 2016 at 7:58 PM

    I just asked my brother in person when we were already out to dinner. Our dad passed away last year, so he asked if he could walk me down the aisle, and I told him our mom would, but we were planning on asking him to officiate. He got teary and accepted. And, contrary to WW predictions, the ceremony was beautiful and went off without a hitch. You’ll probably get some “no friendors” / “hire a real professional” comments on this post , but just FYI to be prepared for that advice here too.


Can We Write Our Own Vows Will You Help Us With That

Many couples want to speak from the heart at their ceremony. Your officiant should be able to help you put your feelings into words and guide you in crafting beautiful wedding vows for one another, Rev. Jeffries said. Of course, if you dont want to write your own vows, they should also have an arsenal of choices and verbiage for your vows.

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How Long Is A Typical Ceremony

Each officiant will have a different time range their ceremonies last, but should also be able to accommodate your preferences. This is one of the most important questions to ask your wedding officiant, as your expectations of your ceremony length may be wildly different than your chosen officiants.

A Token Of Appreciation

How to Choose a Wedding Officiant (Minister) for your Wedding Ceremony

Asking someone to marry you can be a big deal, and there are many interesting ideas to consider. You can go a sentimental direction and write a personalized letter detailing why you want this person to get ordained and officiate your event. You can even go in a silly direction and ask the question by tying a message to your dog while having your friend over for drinks. In order to show your appreciation, you may want to ask the question with a gift. The possibilities are endless when you decide to go this route.

The gift does not have to be anything too extravagant. You still have a wedding to pay for, after all. Something simple like a mid-range bottle of wine is the perfect token of appreciation. If you want something even more personalized, try to get a small gift that aligns with your friends interests. You probably know this persons hobbies and passions, so try to work with that information when finding your present and youre likely to pick a winner.

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Submitting The Marriage License

The most important part is to have them sign the marriage license after the ceremony, and then put it in the mail back to the issuing office the next day. Do not wait.

This is because a lot of states have strict rules stating that the license must be signed and returned within a certain time frame. In Minnesota, the limit is 5-days. The days following a wedding can be busy and before you know it 3 days have passed by. So, bring an envelope that is stamped and addressed and plan to pop that baby in the mail as soon as you can.

And thats it! Once the marriage license is in the mail your duties are officially over at least in a professional capacity. For the most part the process should cost you about $20-50 and take about 30 minutes of your time . And then, of course, theres writing and delivering the sermon

Use The Will You Marry Us Gift Package To Pop The Question To Your Officiant

Bridesmaids proposals are so common, theyre practically expected. Use this awesome kit to carry out a thoughtful and helpful Officiant Proposal for the special person wholl help you exchange your I dos!

Buy the Will You Marry Us? Kit HereAmerican Marriage Ministries is a Seattle-based non-profit that ordains ministers through their website AMM guides officiants through the ceremony creation and delivery, and advocates for ministers across the country to ensure that everyone can marry who they want, in a way that reflects their values and beliefs. This is something we at The Budget Savvy Bride can really get behind.

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Get The Marriage License

The marriage license is issued by the county where the ceremony will take place. and is typically picked up by the couple. Your job is simply to know how it works. Id suggest taking the marriage licenses off their hands and being in charge of it. That means keeping it safe, bringing it to the ceremony, making sure they set aside time after the ceremony to sign it with their witnesses, and then ensuring it gets sent back to the correct office.

Who Would Make A Good Officiant

Pin by Budget Savvy Bride on Wedding ideas

The best person would be someone who is at least 18-years-old, knows you and your groom well, and can comfortably speak about your relationship and future. Opt for a family member or friend who can deliver a heartfelt speech and touch the crowd rather than the comedian who keeps everyone in stitches but doesn’t say much worth remembering.

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Who Should You Ask To Officiate

Your officiant should be someone you care about , and whom you trust to make your ceremony special. This person should be reliable and organized. They’ll need to go through the ordination process and be prepared on your wedding day. You’ll also want to ask someone who feels comfortable speaking in front of crowds, since, along with you and your future spouse, they will be the center of attention during your ceremony.

Do It On The Last Minute

If you still havent found the right person to officiate your wedding, why not ask them a few moments just before you tie the knot?

Now, you might think that this is a joke, and hopefully, it wouldnt happen in your case, and it should never be your first plan either. However, there is still a big possibility that the person who was supposed to officiate your wedding wasnt able to do the job for whatever reason.

Remember that wedding day mishaps can happen, and minor disasters will occur, from traffic jams to flat tires and a sudden onset of illness. All of these can make your designated wedding officiant miss your big day.

When these unexpected things happen, you can ask a family member or a friend to serve as a backup officiant moments before the wedding ceremony. This way, you can be sure that will be someone available even on short notice to share a few words and serve as the signatory for your marriage license.

But if no family member or friend is available for the job, be ready to ask a guest to perform your wedding ceremony even at the last minute to solemnize your marriage.

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What Should Your Officiant Wear

It doesn’t hurt to discuss what your officiant will wear to your ceremony. Remember, they will be front and center along with you and your spouse, which means they’ll be in some of the most important pictures of your life. Make sure they don’t overdress or underdress for the ceremony so that their outfit doesn’t distract from the overall magic of your big moment.

Everything You Need To Know About Asking A Friend To Officiate Your Wedding

How to Choose a Wedding Officiant

If you’d prefer to have a family member or friend perform your marriage ceremony instead of asking a traditional clergy member, judge, or justice of the peace, you’re not alone. More and more weddings are being officiated by someone close to the bride and groom who got deputized just for the occasion. While it’s simple, in most cases, to be deputized, there are a few critical questions you need the answers to before proceeding. Before tapping a friend to officiate your wedding, make sure you understand everything you need to know.


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Helping A Friend Get Ordained

Once youve found the right person and theyve agreed to perform the ceremony, the next step is to help them get ordained to become a legal officiant. Fortunately, this process is quite straightforward just direct them to the ordination page here on our site where they can submit an application.

Although ULC ordinations are recognized by marriage officials across the country, keep in mind that your officiant may need documentation from us proving they really are an ordained minister. To learn more about what is required in your area, visit our map of state wedding laws. Any required documents can be ordered from our online store.

The Results Of A Friend Officiating A Wedding:

I get lots of calls from brides and grooms who regret their decision that a non-professional officiate performed their wedding. Sometimes couples call me to come to the rescue to issue a marriage license and officiate a private ceremony. Why? Because the couples non-pro officiant did not know to instruct them of that need. Many couples, who did not have a on the date of their friends and family ceremony, ask me to put the date of the big wedding ceremony on the marriage license. But I cant since that is against the law.

Is it really a fun idea that your friend officiate your wedding? Think it all the way through. I think you will realize that your wedding ceremony is something that you should leave to a professional wedding officiant. I would be happy to help you and make this day about the two of youand not the three of us.

Here is a copy of the Huffington Post article I mentioned above:

Chris Robinson is an LA marriage ceremony officiant. He has been performing weddings and issuing wedding licenses for over 20 years. If you wish to get married in LA County or Orange County give the best minister for weddings in California a phone call at 882-5039 or 547-3255 or fill out the contact form.

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Are You Available On Our Date And Legally Able To Perform A Marriage In Our Wedding Location

While this first question might sound obvious, its important to double check a prospective officiant is available and legally able to marry you before diving into any further questions. Asking this wedding-planning query upfront will save everyone the hassle of back-and-forth communication if the officiant isnt able to perform the ceremony on your specific wedding date or in your location.

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