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How Much To Pay Wedding Ceremony Musicians

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Percussionist

How to LICENSE MUSIC for Wedding Films

The average cost of booking a percussionist is £300.

Prices for solo percussionists typically begin at £240 with the high-end prices for percussion players being around £440.

Percussionists are among the more unique ideas for wedding and event musicians. Start your celebration with a bang! and include something special with a solo percussionist.

Whether this is a bongo performer or a live drummer, percussionists are sure to turn heads at any event. They are great when paired with other solo performers such as Saxophonists.

Find out more about percussionists in the UK and check out our percussionists for hire page to book.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Acoustic Trio

The average cost of booking an acoustic band is £700.

Prices for acoustic trios typically begin at £480 with the high-end prices for acoustic groups being around £1000.

Acoustic trios and acoustic wedding bands are growing in popularity for a number of reasons.

Acoustic guitar-based songs have made a resurgence in the charts and many are looking to book bands that perform acoustic music in an upbeat style.

Acoustic bands and trios are also perfect for anyone that is booking a wedding band for a venue that has a sound limiter in place.

Performers of this style can work with sound limiters and noise restrictions easier than a typical wedding band due to their instrumentation! Always ask your wedding venue about potential sound restrictions before you book.

Looking for an acoustic trio for your wedding, party or event? Find more prices by visiting our acoustic bands page.

How Much Does Wedding Ceremony Music Cost

While the cost of wedding ceremony music can vary widely depending on the type of musicians you choose, their level of expertise and a number of other factors, the average wedding musicians cost in the U.S. comes in at $500. Note that this cost is only an average and can increase or decrease depending on where you are in the countrythe average wedding ceremony music cost in Atlanta, Georgia is $500 while the average cost in Portland, Oregon is $335. Wedding music prices for ceremonies have actually increased over the past few years, as couples are now focusing more on music and creating a unique and memorable experience for their guests.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A 50s & 60s Rock N Roll Band

The average cost of booking a 50s & 60s band is £1400.

Prices for Rock n Roll bands typically begin at £880 with the high-end prices for 50s & 60s bands being around £3800.

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and nothing captures this better than a rip roaring 50s & 60s Rock n Roll covers band.

Go back in time to the one of the best eras of music and relive this special time with a Rock n Roll band.

Prices for 50s bands can vary but they are usually a higher cost as it is a more unique performance and style of music.

Overtime Costs For All Venues

Vintage Sterling Silver Wedding Band Ladies Wedding Band ...

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Lets be honest, most receptions run into overtime as the guests, and bridal party, are so having so much fun that no one wants to leave. Most hotels charge you by the hour so overtime charges will occur. Also, cleanup crews and garbage removal, which may be included in your contract, book their services for the same day so if your reception goes past midnight, you will once again be faced with additional charges.

We dont want to deter you from having your dream wedding. Quite the contrary, we want you to have the wedding you always imagined, whether its a chateau in France, a beach in Hawaii, Marthas Vineyard or a simple yet elegant wedding in your local park, or even your own backyard. The purpose of this article is to simply warn you of additional or hidden wedding venue costs so you wont be caught off guard as you are planning your special day. Do your research beforehand and always have a Plan B. Factor in unexpected costs and issues that always seem to arise last minute. Have extra money set aside for unforeseen expenses and your wedding will be everything you dreamed ofand more!

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What Instrumentation Does The Band Need For Wedding Gigs

Once youve compiled a rough set list, you can get to work hiring people.

You need to take a look at your set list and decide what the band needs.

Does it need a keyboard player? Two guitar players? Should it have multiple people who can sing?

These are all worth thinking about when you start hiring people.

Financially, its always worth considering how few people you can get away with hiring.

If you only have three people in the band, then $1,500 is a pretty good wage. Splitting $1,500 six ways not so much.

That said, the bigger and better your band, the fancier the gigs youll play.

Most cities have a reputable big band or dance band. These bands will often have 10 -1 5 people, horn players, multiple singers, etc. These bands also usually play for $10,000+.

So, its worth thinking about the kind of band you want to be, the kind of gigs you want to get, and what it will take to make the band successful.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Violinist

The average cost of booking a violinist is £380.

Prices for solo violinists typically begin at £240 with the high-end prices for violin players being around £480.

Violinists and electric violinists have become an extremely popular option for those booking live musicians for events and weddings.

From gorgeous bridal music to incredible showpieces, electric violinists have everything you need in a solo musician to create amazing memories.

Dazzling covers of the most popular songs and intricate arrangements of classical tunes make soloists and violinists a great option for a variety of events.

Head to our page to take a look at the most popular violinists and electric violinists for hire.

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Everything You Need To Know

Selecting the perfect wedding music is an essential part of planning your I-dos. With so many beautiful wedding dance songs, youre sure to find the perfect one for your big day. Not only can the best wedding music or best wedding DJs help set the stage for an event full of dancing and fun, but it also can set the tone and vibe of your wedding itself. However, there are plenty of wedding music options, and its understandable if you are unsure where to begin with choosing the soundtrack to your big day.

Luckily, help is available. Our wedding music directory gives you access to hundreds of wedding musicians and wedding DJs who are able to provide your wedding day with beautiful wedding songs. In addition, you will be able to check out real weddings at your wedding venue, as well as find local ceremony musicians and wedding bands that past couples selected and loved.

Whether you are looking for an elegant band or contemporary, poppy wedding DJs, our directory can help you find the right wedding DJ or wedding band who will play your favorite wedding songs beautifully. Were here to help you learn how to select the right vendor for your wedding music.

$900 $1200+ The Ultimate Experience Celebrant Rate

How to save money on your wedding!

Celebrants who are highly sought after, in high demand with a lot of experience who are well established in the industry. Exceptional presentation, MC and communication skills and will provide the ultimate experience including personalised custom scripts and introductions.

Theyll guide you through the process of creating an amazing wedding ceremony including special moments planned to perfection. With an incredible celebration experience of meaningful scripting, music, laughter and magical effects, they have the award-winning expertise and experience to create lifelong memories that will be talked about for years to come.

Theyve officiated a large number of weddings and have a wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal. Its this experience that they love to pass on to their clients to ensure your wedding, is your way, on time, on budget and has the WOW factor.

They are simply the BEST!

What can I expect in this price range?

Ceremony Music
  • They only use the latest state of the art digital sound systems ensuring a pleasurable listening experience for guests
  • Bose PA System and microphone with music supplied and professionally mixed.
  • Use of Industry commercial quality Sennheiser Radio Microphone
  • Wedding Music on guest arrival
  • Official entrance song for Bridal Party
  • Official entrance song for Bride/Bride Groom
  • 2 songs for the signing of the register
  • Song for announcing the newlyweds
  • 15 mins of mingle music after the ceremony

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Couples Heres How It Breaks Down


You know you should tip at a restaurant, at your hair salon, and when youre getting out of a taxi, but did you know you should tip vendors at your wedding, too? Before your wedding rolls around, take a good look at your vendor’s contracts to see if gratuity is included. You might see a line for this from your caterer and bartender, but most other vendors dont include tips in their fees.

Familiarize yourself with who does and doesnt include tips, then get ready to head to the bank to pick up some cash. Assuming none of your wedding vendors include gratuity in their fees, ahead we provide the ultimate list of who gets a tip .

Location Size And Playing Time All Affect The Price

Some wedding ceremony musicians, including harpists and string quartets, will offer varying numbers of sets and charge differently depending on how many you choose to have. You could hire the band for just one set at your ceremony, or have them perform a second time or at your drinks reception. Having the band play for longer usually ends up being better value overall.

The cost of a band also varies depending on location. In London and the surrounding area, fees tend to be proportionately higher than in other regional cities. Remember also that you are paying for their travel, so finding a band that is close to your venue is going to be more economical than flying one in from the other side of the country.

Of course, the more members of the group, the more it is likely to cost. This goes for their transport and food costs as well as their general rate. Whilst a twenty-piece a cappella choir may sound incredible in principle, you will be paying for every single performer individually. Maybe you should buy their album instead and make use of the venues speaker system.

Furthermore, if a band plays a rare musical style or is located in an area where there is little competition they will often be more expensive.

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What Are The Different Types Of Wedding Music

There are several different types of wedding music, so you can choose the one that fits the theme and aesthetic of your wedding the best. A beautiful wedding string trio or quartet are the most popular selections for wedding ceremony musicians. They play classical wedding songs during the ceremony that give the event an elegant atmosphere. The wedding music playlist for this portion of the day tends to consist of classical wedding music favorites. However, these days more and more couples are opting for a fun twist on the classical wedding music tradition, and having their wedding string quartet play pop music or rock songs to lighten the mood of their ceremony and make your guests smile hearing songs they know. In addition to playing the best songs to walk down the aisle, your ceremony musicians can entertain guests during a cocktail hour or dinner as well. For wedding reception music, live wedding music the most popular option is to hire a live wedding band to entertain your guests during dinner and for dancing. A live wedding band can interact with the guests, feed off of their energy, and come up with a wedding playlist on the spot that guests will be most excited by.

Alternatively, you can work with a DJ to play your chosen wedding playlist for the ceremony, dinner, and reception. The wedding DJ can also engage with the crowd to come up with the most entertaining wedding dance music as well.

How Much Should I Pay For A Wedding Celebrant In Adelaide

His and hers

Playing such an important role in a couples wedding day really is a privilege. The best Celebrants are all about marriage and are big fans of two people committing themselves to each other in a fun, interactive and engaging way. Not all Celebrants are equal. Over many years there has been a lot of questions asked as to why prices vary so much between Wedding Celebrants and well attempt to try and clarify how much they charge and what you should expect from your Celebrant.

There are so many factors to take into account and let me say that after 15,000 weddings in our group over many years, weve seen it all and know what it takes to have the best wedding ever! Choosing the right Celebrant is one of the most important decisions you will make, and without them, youre not legally married. So do your due diligence and make it special and uniquely different. You dont want a boring Celebrant who conducts your wedding like a funeral!

Its the happiest and one of the biggest memories of your life and the Ceremony will set the tone, energy and atmosphere for the reception to come!

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Wedding Musicians

In general, most harpists and string ensembles tend to quote on a per hour basis, meaning they’ll charge a minimum performance fee covering two or three hours, and then an hourly rate after that.

On average, you can expect a string quartet covering your ceremony and drinks reception to cost anywhere between £650 and £1000.

Acoustic solo acts and acoustic duos will usually offer an all-in price to cover the wedding ceremony and drinks reception with prices starting from £250/£300 per musician.

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When Budgeting For Your Wedding Entertainment

While its important to stick to your budget, dont automatically go for the cheapest option when it comes to wedding entertainment . Premium rates usually mean premium service. That translates to less worrying and stress for you and your partner on the days leading up to the big day and on the wedding day itself.

Thats not to say that bands offering more affordable rates are all bad. When choosing a wedding band with a rate that falls below the average, make sure to clarify the inclusions and ask to see samples of their performance .

Do you have any questions about hiring a wedding band? Do you need help figuring which kind of entertainment will work best for your reception? Fill out the contact form below so we can schedule a call with you!


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