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Free Wedding Invitation Templates Word Document

Importance Of Wedding Invitations

DIY Elegant Invitation Template | How to make WEDDING INVITATION in Microsoft Word (MS Word)

A wedding invitation template must be designed in a way that it can make the recipient excited to attend the wedding. These invitation templates are excellent way to convey the information about wedding event which any organizer can easily manage. Generally, wedding invitation templates use as cards which can be post on the mail address of guests to allow them known about the upcoming ceremony. A smart printable and high quality wedding invitation template that guests may wish to receive thorough mail or post will create a sense of excitement and anticipation to make them ready to arrive on ceremony at time.

How To Make A Wedding Invitation Card

Framing a wedding card is easy, but how you mix and match different layouts in it makes it unique and creative. We have followed the following steps in preparing our templates to make it look attractive for your joyful events. Have a look at them and modify your invitation if you have missed out on anything.

Cut Overlay With Paper Cutter Or Trimmer

After you have finished printing, you will need a paper trimmer or paper cutter to cut the overlay in half vertically and horizontally. If you are using a cutter, cut the paper 5.5″ from the edge of the longer side, then again at 4.25″ from the edge . If you are using a paper trimmer, mark the overlay with a pencil using the lines on our paper guide at the top and sides or measure 5.5″ down from the long side and 4.25″ from the short side. Starting with the long side up, match up the pencil line with the guide marks on the trimmer. You can cut two sheets of the 65# overlay or three sheets of the vellum at a time. Mark the cut sheets on top and bottom with a pencil using the paper guide or measure 4.25″ from the edge and make the final cut.

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+ Easy To Customize Wedding Invitation Templates

Basic Invite works with designers all across the globe to create stunning wedding invitation templates that can be instantly customized online with real-time previews of every change. So no matter your style you will be able to find a template that has all of the right elements. Then you can use Basic Invite’s one-of-a-kind editor to make it your own. Change the wording, font style, color, and even add photos to get an online preview of exactly what your card will look like once it is printed.

Once you have your invite designed how you would like it Basic Invite gives you the chance to order a printed sample of your design so you can see your card in person before you ever send it out to your friends and family. Basic Invite also offers many different options that just can’t be done at home from real foil, wood, folded designs and cardstock that is just to thick to be printed at home. Basic Invite gives you the creative control to create a something that is unique to you at a price that will not break the bank.

Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Template 6

Microsoft Word Wedding Invitation Template New Wedding Invi

Looking for a pared-back wedding invitation? This chic design fits the bill, with the calligraphy font the star of the show. If you’re planning a simple wedding for a smaller budget, make sure you check out our guide to planning a wedding for £3,000 – it really can be done!

READ MORE:Wedding E-Vites: Digital Wedding Invite Wording & Ideas

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Get A Portion From The Wedding Budget

Since you included wedding invitations in your wedding package, you get some of the monetary portion intended for the invitation production. Make sure that the budget you enclosed is manageable to the overall number of attendees and other editing and production expenses. Carefully plan the division of money, take what’s necessary. Your budget tells you the extent of your production and the usage of your resources and the proper dealing with expenses.

Plan The Wedding Invitation Design

Don’t do for the sake of just doing it. Know the importance of planning and follow it accordingly.

Your design elements, all that concerns with the colors, shapes and other elements must be proportional. If you add on a sunflower to your invitation, think of what color of the lace you’ll be using. Have a smart eye toward proper design combination.

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Plain Wording Business Card Design Template

A simple and minimalist business card design that will work for many types of businesses. Particularly handy if you don’t have a company logo, by keeping the information provided to the essentials you create a very professional and smart looking card.

Need some more cards? Here is a quick link to the business card product page

Example of how the card design template could be used

> Types Of Invitations

How to Design Modern Wedding Invitation Card Template Using Microsoft Word

There are different kinds of invites that you can send out to people. Before looking up free invitation templates, you need to know about the following types-

  • Birthday invitations A grand birthday bash calls for an even grander invitation card. The Birthday Invitation Template word doc you select must go with the theme of the party, and must be appealing enough.
  • Wedding invitations A wedding is one of the most special days in a couples life, and the key to a great wedding ceremony is a well designed invitation card. It would state all the details of your ceremony, and have a separate section for RSVP.
  • Formal events Formal events like corporate retreats, office parties, award ceremonies require Formal Invitation Templates which are elegant, sophisticated and posh in appearance.
  • Themed invitations Nowadays, theme parties are all the rage. Every party, irrespective of the purpose has a theme. Accordingly, invitations for such parties also demonstrate the same theme.

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Caf Menu Design Template

An elegant, clique menu perfect for achieving that sophisticated yet cute café feel. All you have to do is edit the item and price and you can be using this design in no time.

Want to order the tent tower cards for your menu? Click to order on the tent tower card page

Example of the wedding invitation template

+ Attractive Wedding Invitation Designs & Formats For Ms Word

Right after youve tied the knot with your beloved, your wait for the big day begins. With the much-awaited event, the plans get accelerated. Along with these plans comes one of the biggest ever worries for you: YOUR PERFECT WEDDING INVITATION. Everybody wishes their guests to go into awe the very moment they receive your card. Who doesnt want to have their wedding card stay in the memories of people around them for the longest time!? However, the amount and type of information one must include on their wedding invitation is, for sure, the real challenge.

We will walk you through this journey of your dream wedding card invitation by letting you get a clear idea of what should its structure look like. Dont worry, these manners are not that intricate.

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Making An Invitation Using Word Template

  • 1Open a new Word document. Double-click the MS Word shortcut icon on your desktop or in the Programs menu to launch it. A new, empty Word document will open.
  • 2Open the Template options. Click File at the top toolbar and then New. A window will appear with template categories for you to choose on the left panel while the right will display thumbnail previews of the templates available for that particular category.Advertisement
  • 3Choose Invitations from the categories. The categories are in alphabetical order, so just scroll down to I, and you’ll find it there. The thumbnails at the right panel will display available invitation templates.
  • 4Select an invitation template that suits the occasion from the right panel. Double-click on the selected template to open it in a new Word document.
  • 5Customize the template. Depending on the template you selected, the graphics and texts will be in text/image boxes. Click on a text to edit it. Make sure that the event information is provided in the invitation, like the event name, date, time, venue, and other details.
  • Most templates will have graphics and art on it. You can adjust this to your liking by clicking on it and dragging the image around, or replace it with an image or art you want by using the Insert Picture feature of Word.
  • Once Done Distribute To Intended Audience

    Free Word Document Wedding Invitation Templates

    If you’re done considering everything, start distributing your wedding invitations to your intended attendees. You can have or send it via email. Your invitation is not necessarily for the exact wedding ceremony, you can have it for rehearsal or even for a bridal shower.

    Reassess if there are no mistakes committed in every detail you included in your wedding invitation. Be certain that you created a high-quality invitation output within proper finance.

    Get access to ALL Templates, Designs & Documents

    Limited Time Offer

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    Vintage Wedding Invitation Template

    A free vintage wedding invitation template that can be easily adapted to your chosen colour scheme. Can easily be used as a Save the Date template as well.

    For alternative wording read our wedding invitation wording article for more examples.

    Fonts used for the vintage wedding invitation template: Calisto MT, Cambria and Prestige Elite Std Bold. .

    Click to order postcards to

    Example of the wedding photo album CD envelope design template

    A simple and beautiful way to share the photos from your special day with loved ones. This free wedding photo album CD envelope template is elegant and timeless and can easily be adapted with your own details.

    + Free Printable Invitation Templates Ms Word Download

    A birthday party. A Christmas celebration. A family get together. A barbecue party. A Wedding Ceremony. What do all these various special occasions have in common? Why, they all need an invitation, of course! If you are organizing any of the above mentioned events, you will know how important sending out an invite is. It not only lets your guests know about the event, but also gives them a chance to RSVP. An invitation that you send out must be attractive and eye catching. It needs to impress the recipients at the very first glance. Everything we do today is about creating a good impression on others, and the same goes for an invite. However, if you have too much on your mind and cannot afford to waste too much time on an invitation card, Invitation Template samples found online are for you. So what are you waiting for, try one out now!

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    Vintage Mountain Wedding Invitation With Insert

    Perfect for any hiking enthusiasts or nature lovers, this mountain wedding invitation has a lovely vintage feel. It comes in a range of designs and can be paired with other pieces in the ‘Vintage Mountain’ series to create an adventurous and outdoorsy feel for your big day. The colour palette is also super contemporary and would perfectly match a botanical wedding theme.

    Floral Design Wedding Invitation Card Template For Ms Word

    Wedding Invitation Without Text / Free Template / link in description /KM Creative Works

    Your perfect wedding invitation is one of your most pressing concerns as you start planning your wedding party.

    Everyone hopes that the moment their guests get the invitation they will be in awe.

    When it comes to wedding invitations, who doesnt want their invitations to be remembered for a long time?

    However, the true problem is figuring out how much information to put on them.

    Perhaps this template will help you with that.

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    > Inviting Options For Invitation Cards

    The Wedding Invitation Card is YOUR way of announcing to the world that you are marrying your bellowed. So it must be perfect in every aspect. The things one looks for in a wedding card are elegance, simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and eye-catching. Well, instead of brainstorming different ways to come up with an independent idea why not try one of the word files available online for Free download at for use in Microsoft Word. There are a large number of templates online, for word which offers designs ranging from floral patterns, calligraphy patterns, bird patterns, and probably the most popular one, Heart-shaped patterns sample each of these and see which fits the best.

    Microsoft Word 2010 has an option to include such word file templates where the users need to just input their details and print them out. One has to be careful of the various types of fonts that mingle with each other on the card the fonts must be complementary or contrasting to each other to bring out the beauty of the occasion you are inviting your loved ones to. In MS Word there is such a large number of fonts and typefaces to choose from that we are confident all your needs will be suited. In Word, there are a large number of Word Formats that have to be taken into account as well, so we thought to mention it here.

    Top 10 Free Wedding Invitation Templates Word Document Download 2022

    A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

    Are you planning a party or need invitations for your event? Whatever invitations you need, here you will find professionally designed and stylish Word invitation templates.

    You want impressive and stylish invitations with little to no effort, and with the pre-made free wedding invitation templates word document.

    This article features some of the best free invitation templates in Word. It also includes high quality Word invitation templates. Below is a list of the 10 best free wedding invitation templates word document.

    2.Light Red Wedding Invitation

    Use the summer music party flyer invitation template in Word. Most invitation templates have a standard paper size. This template is available in US Letter and A4 sizes. This template is designed to be versatile and can be used for many different types of events.

    3.Hand Drawing Wedding Invitation

    This Word wedding invitation can be used for all types of wedding parties thanks to its versatile design. This invitation can be used in word, and the A5 paper is a standard invitation format that is easy to send in an envelope or distribute as a flyer.

    10.White Flower Wedding Invitation

    This template is very elegant and easy to use. It is fully editable template. Its color scheme is very great.

    You can also download WPS Office to edit the word documents, excel, PowerPoint for free of cost. Download now! And get an easy and enjoyable working experience

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    Insert The Best Photo

    If you have any pictures in your gallery, you may use them to make your printable invitation more beautiful. Photos give an impact or conviction to the message that you write in your invitation. Especially when you wish to invite for your engagement party, then use a photo wedding. If you want to invite people for a baby shower, use the cutest photo of your adorable baby. Adding images in MS Word is not difficult at all. Go to the “insert image” dialog box and click on the image you want to add. Then, make some necessary adjustments.

    Making An Invitation Using A Blank Word Document

    Free Printable Wedding Invitation Templates for Word
  • 1Open a new Word document. Double-click the MS Word shortcut icon on your desktop or in the Programs menu to launch it. A new, empty Word document will open.
  • 2Insert graphics or art. Creating an invitation with a blank document will allow you to be more creative, as it won’t restrict you to the graphics or art already in a template. To insert your own image file, click the Insert tab on the toolbar at the top, and from the insert options that appear, select either Insert Clip Art or Insert Picture.
  • If you already have the picture or graphics you want to use saved in your computer, use Insert Picture. A file explorer will open where you can locate the image to insert. Use Insert Clip Art to check out available clipart in MS Word. Double-click on a clipart to insert it into the document.
  • Once the image or clipart is inserted, you can move it around by dragging it to the location you want to place it, or resize it by dragging its borders to the size you want.
  • 3Add text. There are two ways you can add text: by using the Text Box feature or by typing the invitation information in. The Text Box feature will restrict the text you entered within a box, while typing in will utilize the regular lines of the blank document.
  • To create a Text Box, click Insert at the top, and then Text Box. It’s between Page number and Quick Parts. Select a Text Box style from the drop-down menu, and then enter the information you want into the box that appears on the document.
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    > Placing Eggs In Different Baskets For Place Cards

    Place cards are the other aspect of your wedding which is reliant on Microsoft Word. The small cards on the table are placed such that it shows that a seat is reserved for that specific person whose name it bears is called a place card. Like invitation cards, there is a large variety of Free Downloadable templates and free fonts available. We recommend you experiment with these to get the suited result.

    Don’t Forget The Details

    Aside from including greetings and graphics, don’t forget to include the complete details. The details should tell your invitees the event name, the venue, time, date, and other necessary inclusions to consider. For you to add the details, you may go to the “text box” feature or simply type the invitation information in. Afterward, you’re good to print your file in your home, office, or in a commercial printing press.

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