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Black And White Wedding Ideas

What To Wear To A Black And White Wedding

A Modern North Carolina Wedding with a Black-and-White Color Palette | Martha Stewart Weddings

As a guest, you may feel timid about being asked to wear white or black to a wedding. After all, wedding white is generally known to be off-limits, and until recently many considered black a wedding style no-no as well. However, if the to-be-weds handling the wedding planning ask you to dress in line with their white-and-black color scheme, go for it!

Black And White Wedding Cakes

Go for a trendy black and white wedding cake with a marble or watercolor effect, sugar crystals and geodes, edible glitter and greenery. Enjoy!

  • a black and white marble wedding cake with greenery, burgundy blooms and thistles is a modern and fresh solution
  • a marbled and hand painted fondant cake with sugar crystals and edible glitter is a stylish and cool idea
  • a white wedding cake with black brushstrokes and dried grasses, some dried blooms is a lovely idea for a modern wedding
  • an edgy white wedding cake decorated with black brushstrokes and greenery and white ranunculus is a chic and bold idea

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Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

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In line with the black and white wedding, your seating chart should definitely not be excluded. Create a wedding that pops with a simple black and white setting that exudes style. Black matte flower vases propping up table numbers and guest names. White plates set against black tablecloths with a white and black menu atop the plate. For something hard to miss that is stylish and simple at the same time, you could design a large black seating chart decorated with blooms and with white cards for your guests.

A marvelous idea for a wedding of black and white wedding decorations. Black and white striped tablecloths set against black matte plates and a gilded menu in the same style as the table numbers. There are numerous ways to use a black and white wedding party to your advantage and to fit with your type of wedding.


Your table setting can be simple and minimalistic, or it can be all-out modern and luxurious. For a minimalistic look you could stick to black, white and greenery tastefully added. For something more luxurious, a balance in black, white, velvet touches, gilded décor, and metallics would give you the ambiance you are aiming for. You could try lush greenery as your table runner.

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Unique Black And White Vintage Wedding Ideas For 2021/2022

Many unique wedding ideas that have become a type of new wedding trends sprung up like mushroom in recent years. Lots of couples are scouting for these. But getting back to some traditional and classic wedding ideas may give you more inspiration. A black and white themed wedding is brimming with elegance and versatility. Matched with other colors, such as gold and red, a black and white wedding creates an solemn but innocent atmosphere. There are some wonderful black-and-white wedding pictures for your choice. Get yourself a cup of drink and have a good time reading!

Dos And Donts For A Black And White Theme

Black and White Wedding Theme

In this section, we will be breaking down the specific Dos and Dont s for a black and white wedding.

These points are to help you so that when you have your dream black and white wedding, it goes as smoothly and magically as you have hoped.

While black and white color coordinations are simple enough, these points will help you run the whole thing with ease and pleasure!

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Black Wedding Colors& nbspwedding Color Palette

After talking so many unique wedding ideas and new wedding trends, maybe get back to some traditional and classic wedding ideas will give you more inspiration. A black and white themed wedding is elegant and versatile. Decorated with other colors, such as gold and red, a black and white wedding creates an solemn but innocent atmosphere. Take a look at the wonderful black-and-white wedding pictures for you!

Photo credits:Kortnee Kate PhotographyElegantweddinginvitesvia Clark+Walker Studio

Vintage black damask laser cut wedding invites

Photo credits: via Allure Bridals Hello Pinecone Photography ElegantweddinginvitesHeather Roth Fine Art Photography Corbin Gurkin Photography

Simple modern black lace layered wedding invite

Photo credits: via Planned Perfectly Wedding & Event PlanningJamie Lauren Photography colincowieweddings Kortnee Kate Photography Elegantweddinginvites

Black and white vintage damask pocket wedding invitations

Photo credits:via WeddingIds Rosalind Miller Cakes ElegantweddinginvitesCandy Capco Photography

Love bird monogram wedding cake topper design personalized with first names

Black And White Wedding Color Palettes

Sarah Pierce

Black and white is such a sophisticated and versatile color palette. And although you could certainly just stick to black and white, you should also consider adding in other colors. Well show you how to do black and white in three different ways: brights, pastels, and metallics.

Black and white is such a sophisticated and versatile color palette. And although you could certainly just stick to black and white, you should also consider adding in other colors. Well show you how to do black and white in three different ways: brights, pastels, and metallics.


One of the most popular looks of this years weddings, bright details absolutely light up a black and white wedding. Best for modern affairs, pairing bold black and white patterns with flowers in shades of fuchsia, orange, and red creates a dynamic and lively aesthetic.

For this look, make sure to balance white and black throughout the wedding. Use brights as pops of color rather than the focus. Above, this striped cake is perfectly accented with bright pink flowers. When you want to create areas that are a little moodier, such as cocktail tables and quiet corners, remove the white and use just black and brights. Likewise to create a more vibrant, lighthearted atmosphere use white more than black in your decor.

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Bride And Groom Attire And Accessories For A Black And White Wedding

When choosing your attire, the black and white wedding theme allows you to be both traditional and creative. Black and white is a classic evening tandem, so you can opt for a white wedding dress and black tuxedo. Those who like something more original may opt for the opposite option a white suit for the groom and a black wedding dress for the bride. This may sound quite extravagant but if that is your choice just go for it! However, before choosing a black wedding dress, it will be a good idea to make sure that your fiancé and parents have no objections. Of course, there is a third option a white dress with black elements for the bride and the groom can be dressed up in a traditional dark suit with white accessories boutonniere, tie or bow tie, cufflinks, etc.

How about the bridal bouquet? We all know that there are no black flowers in nature. Yes, there are black roses and tulips, but it is best if you use them as accents. Snow-white roses tied with a black satin ribbon will look elegant, stylish and luxurious. You can choose any other white flowers and decorate them with black ribbons, beads, nets, feathers, etc.

Grooms boutonniere should also be done in accordance with the chosen black and white style of the wedding. It is better to select similar or the same flowers as the ones for the brides bouquet.

Unique Black And White Wedding Ideas

Black and White Tablescape | Wedding Ideas

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The timeless black and white wedding design will always remain a go-to choice for elegant gatherings. But this classic look is just as easy to personalize as a wedding filled with a vast palette of colors. By sticking to a simple color combination, additional colors or unique accents stand out with style. Include the contrasting colors from start to finish of your wedding day design: throughout your stationery suite, in your bridesmaid dresses and all the way to the confetti tossed during your end-of-the-night send-off.

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Black And White Bouquets

White flowers and bouquets are already a very done thing at a wedding. But What about black and white flowers? While black flowers may not seem like a very romantic flower color to have at ones wedding, think again.

There are so many types of black and white flowers to choose from to make that elegant and pretty wedding bouquet. There are also so many beautiful and chic flower arrangements you could come up with to make the simple black and white color scheme look really good.

Because the colors black and white are common and simple colors, as opposed to more flashy colors magenta or mint green, it will give the wedding a more sharp and elegant look.

Best Dipped Skirt: Sweet Caroline Styles Cordelia Skirt In Caviar

Courtesy of Etsy

One of the best things about a bridal skirt is you can easily pair it with any type of top you wantand can switch it out between the ceremony and reception for two different looks. Opt for this sweeping white-to-black dipped option from Sweet Caroline Styles for a marvelously modern look.

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What Are Flowers For A Black And White Wedding

True black is difficult to find for live flowers. However, some can be dyed black to match the color scheme. Others are a very dark purple tone that looks black and some berries and leaves provide dark accents for wedding bouquets.

Conversely, youre in a lot of luck for white flowers as most blooms come in some shade of white to add to arrangements. Plus, an all-white bridal bouquet is perfectly acceptable and gorgeous, too.

Black And White Wedding Attire

Get Black And White Decor Ideas For Wedding Background

Your monochromatic color scheme can be reflected in your wedding attire: the basic idea of a groom wearing black and a bride wearing white always works. If you are two brides, you may stick to only white and add black shoes or go for a contrasting look with a black and a white wedding dress, and the same goes to two grooms black tuxedos or white ones this is up to you. If you have bridesmaids, they may wear a color contrarious to your looks black if you are wearing white, white if you are rocking black.

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Black And White Wedding Ideas For A Stunning Celebration

A black and white wedding is both traditional and modern. These stunning wedding colors can bring any theme or style to life. Whether you desire a classic ballroom wedding with a timeless aesthetic or a whimsical celebration with funky and eclectic elements, black and white wedding décor can accommodate any vision.

While this sleek wedding color palette wows on its own, it also goes well with additional accent colors. Create a soft and dreamy look with rose accents or go for dramatic and bold with hints of crimson. Nothing says glamour like incorporating elements of gold into a black and white wedding. You can even think outside the box with more eclectic colors like green or blue.

The possibilities are endless with black and white wedding colors. From eye-catching décor and floral to memorable photo ops, we know all of the ways to create a picture-perfect wedding with your ideal color palette.

Black and white wedding décor can accommodate any vision.

PartySlate is here to connect you with a talented team of wedding vendors that can bring your dream black and white wedding to life. Use the curated directories to discover everything from top wedding planners to acclaimed .

You can also use PartySlate to discover top trends and find endless inspiration. Browse the Wedding Idea Gallery or find new ideas by searching through real wedding albums.

Table Settings & Decor

Since you are having a black and white wedding, you want to make sure that everything down to the table decorations gets the memo.

But a black and white wedding does not mean everything has to be black and white. You could do plain white table decorations and cutlery. Or you could go the other way and make everything black at the table. Many black and white weddings feature gold accents.

You can also add pops of other colors into your decor. Maybe baby blue table runners and bows tied to everything? Again, be as creative and daring as you like, it is your wedding after all!

You can be really creative with your black and white color scheme here. Maybe you want the aisle to be decorated with black and white tapestries and balloons.

There can be white chairs with black cushions and bows. You could have black and white table mats. The aisle floors could even be decorated with black and white carpets.

Perhaps you want the black and white flowers to be placed all around the room and the ceiling! Basically, as creative and luxurious as you want your wedding to be, is how you can make it.

This is just a few ideas for you to use if you happen to get stuck.

So, the wedding itself is a black and white wedding. But that doesnt mean the wedding reception has to be strictly black and white as well.

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Modern Black And White Wedding Ideas

Though colorful and earthy tone weddings are all the rage right now, theres always a place for classic color schemes neutrals, black and gold, black and white and others. Id like to tell you about the latter black and white weddings and about some fresh and edgy ways to pull off this color scheme without looking outdated or tasteless.

Sophie & Issacs Wedding Story

Black and White Wedding Decor

Living on the same hall their freshman year at Liberty University, Sophie and Isaac became fast friends. But after that first year, they moved and lost touch. It wasnt until 3 years later that the pair reconnected and they both knew it was meant to be. Isaac proposed after a year and a half of officially dating, surprising Sophie on his familys annual camping trip.For their wedding day, the whole goal was timeless elegance. The couple avoided anything too trendy and kept to a color palette of black, white, and cream with accents of gold. Their ceremony backdrop featured dramatic draping, which made a huge statement against the venues exposed brick walls.

As a surprise to the groom and a tear-jerking moment, Sophie recorded herself singing The Good Ones by Gabby Barrett for the pairs first dance song. Adding to the unexpected moments was the fireworks display, which the brides parents planned in secret, giving a fairy tale ending to the night.

Now on to pictures of a black and white wedding!

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Do Tell Guests In Advance

If you want your wedding to be an all black and white wedding, you have the right to want so. It is your wedding after all!

When it comes to wedding dress codes, the couple should inform their guests of the type of clothes and colors they would like them to wear at their wedding.

They should be informed well in advance of the wedding date so that everyone has time to find or buy their black and white wedding attire.

However, while you may hope for a total black and white wedding, its ok to be lenient on the dress code if your guests simply cant or dont want to get the exact shade you were wishing for. While you can make color requests, its a good idea to keep that optional. Or at the very least be lenient when people show up to the wedding in non black and white clothes.

You want your friends and family to have a good time the whole wedding, not worrying if their charcoal black dress is not meeting the super black dress code criteria. You can control the wedding venue and set up a look, but you cant control the way people want to dress. If they want to wear black and white, great!

Black And White Wedding Theme

Getting married soon?Looking to hire tableware & decor?Let’s help you find the right supplier.Get Offers Today

Many brides love to add blush colors or bright colors to their wedding decor, while others are not color lovers but still want nice wedding decorations.

So how about a black and white wedding theme? The black and white wedding theme is perfect for the contemporary bride and groom who want to make a chic, elegant, and bold statement.

From black and white invitation cards to centerpieces, table linen, wedding cake, and wedding favors, you can create the perfectly matched wedding theme with this classy color combination.

If you are the romantic type and love lace, which is very trendy these days, introduce it in both black and white into your wedding decor and fashion accessories.

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Awesome Ideas For A Black And White Wedding

Black and white is classics, its popular in any time because this color scheme makes anything stylish and to the point. A black and white wedding is also a cool idea because its rather simple to stick to the scheme and very fashionable. You may choose not only a white dress but also a black and white thanks to the designers that create many lovely dresses of these colors add a pair of black lacy shoes and the romantic image is ready! Dont forget of the bouquet! It should be black and white, of course! Now lets look at the table décor ideas: black and white may be diluted with gold or maybe red to enliven the composition. And add a wonderful balloon chandelier to excite your guests but in black and white also.

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