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Best Men’s Wedding Bands

Best Celtic Knot Design: Brilliant Earth Celtic Eternity Knot Wedding Ring

Top Black Wedding Rings For Men!

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

The Celtic knot is the well-loved symbol of two souls bound by love and is proudly displayed between two beveled edges in this special band from Brilliant Earth. The design comes in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum and is a comfortable 6mm width.

Points To Consider When Selecting A Wedding Band For Your Wedding


Every wedding ring is made with a distinct material. Rings are made with platinum, tungsten, titanium, antler bone, Damascus steel, wedding band metal, and other materials.


Mens wedding bands come in a wide range of designs.

Four categories can be used to describe mens wedding band styles:

Vintage bands

Vintage bands feature a straightforward design. They can be plain or etched and are often made of gold or platinum. While the latest mens bands and traditional bands are comparable, the former may have more elaborate features.

Trendy bands

Trendy bands have a fashionable appearance and are usually made of unconventional raw materials like titanium, ceramic, tungsten, carbon fiber, etc.

Bespoke bands

Bespoke bands are available in practically any material and can be customized to match any style. They are ideal for men who want a unique and different wedding band.


Consider the cost before you go for a particular wedding band. Some wedding rings are more pricey and expensive than others, depending on the material used in producing the ring. Wedding rings can cost anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Pick a band that suits your pocket.

Ring Size

You wouldnt want to buy a ring that wont fit snugly on your finger not too tight and not too loose. Size is one of the things you should check before buying a wedding band.

Use any of these methods to check the size of your finger before placing an order for mens rings in our store:


Where To Buy Men’s Wedding Rings

Most in-store jewelers don’t carry a lot of variation in their men’s wedding rings. You will find more of the high-end pricing with gold bands and diamonds.

More places are carrying alternative metals, but they are very plain and expensive.

If you’re looking for a unique band or something to fit your individual style for an inexpensive price, Amazon is going to be the best online retailer for you. Amazon carries multitudes of men’s bands of all different metals and designs.

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Blue Nile is another great retailer to go to if you’re looking for a wedding ring that is top of the line quality, whether it be a gold, platinum, or tungsten ring.

They’re more expensive than Amazon, but when you buy from Blue Nile and their reputation, you can know with confidence that you are buying a reputable ring from a reputable brand.

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Which Men’s Wedding Bands Are Popular

Mens wedding bands are popular in gold, silver, and platinum, however, other metals may interest you as well.

  • Gold – Many of the top-rated wedding bands are made of yellow, gold, rose gold, or white gold. Gold is the most preferred metal for mens wedding bands. 14K and 18K are the most popular even among gold wedding bands.
    • Silver – Silver is preferred for wedding bands for its durability and affordability. Silver can be alloyed with other metals to create some of the most stunning bands. Its malleability makes it possible to mold it into any shape.
    • Platinum – Platinum is one of the rarest metals in the world, hence it is no surprise that it makes the most expensive mens wedding bands. While it is expensive, it is also durable. It is an everlasting symbol of your union.
    • Palladium – Palladium is very much like platinum and has a similar white hue and shine. It is not as durable but it is affordable. It does not have much wear and tear and can withstand harsh conditions that rings are subject to.

    Find out what suits you best by writing to us at to know more.

    Wedding Band Care And Cleaning

    15 Best Ideas Wood Grain Men

    Clean your wedding band at home by soaking it in a bowl of water with a squirt of dish soap. Rinse and and leave to dry on a soft cloth.

    You wont need to clean your jewelry as often if you take it off when using sunscreen and lotion, which leave residues that can dull your wedding bands shine.

    Don’t wear your wedding ring, when swimming in pools as chlorine can react with the alloy and dull the surface. Gold rings shouldn’t be worn at the beach or in the water, since cold water makes your fingers smaller and rings can slip off and be lost.

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    How Long Does It Take To Engrave A Wedding Band

    Mens Wedding Bands can get your chosen wedding ring engraved with a special message, quote, signature or fingerprint in record time. However, if you are selecting a tungsten ring, order the engraving process with some time in hand. Tayloright Tungsten is notoriously tough and scratch resistant. Jewelers have to spend a lot of time etching names and messages using lasers since the etching tools that work on titanium, gold, and platinum just do not work.

    One Ring For All Occasions

    Tayloright Tungsten wedding rings for men with carbon fiber inclusions and wooden inlays are our specialty. The black tungsten wedding band from men’s wedding ring collection is perfect for corporate employees who have to dress down for meetings, conferences and regular client servicing works. Titanium matte finish rings are perfect for the same reasons. The matte finish goes well with summer shorts and polo necks, as they do with three piece suits for black tie events. Forget the moral and physical discomfort of taking your new wedding ring off just to meet your clients. The modern era tungsten and titanium wedding rings are so pure and yet so elegant that they blend right in with all outfits during all occasions. Do not forget to check out the sandblasted tungsten designs from our online collection.

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    Mens White Gold Wedding Bands

    Love the look of a cool-toned ring? White gold might just be the perfect option! White gold has a silver look to it, but its a more durable substance, making it a better fit than silver for anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

    We love the versatility of white gold. It pairs well with all types of clothings and styles, given its neutral tone. And its a classic look thatll never go out of style.

    Best Titanium Mens Wedding Bands

    Trying On Affordable Amazon Men’s Wedding Bands & Review

    Titanium offers a more affordable alternative to classic precious metals like gold and platinum. It can give a shiny polished appearance, or a brushed matte finish, with equally stylish results. Titaniums more masculine appearance lends itself well to mens jewelry, as does its durability. Titanium rings are perfect for a spouse-to-be with an active and hands-on lifestyle.

    Here are some of the best options for titanium wedding bands:

    This is a classy, yet practical take on the classic wedding band design. The outer is sleek, durable black titanium, while the inner is made from strong and comfortable tantalum.

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    Wear Your Love On Your Finger

    Mens Wedding Bands enables couples to engrave a special message inside or on the ring. Whether you want a simple signature or an intricate fingerprint engraving, just let us know at least a week in advance. We will make sure that your wedding becomes more special with a touch of love engraved inside the ring. We have done everything from cutesy love messages and fingerprints, to elaborate psalms and quotes from popular culture to add a personal touch to the wedding rings. Such personalization including inlays of different wood, bone, meteorite, carbon fiber and precious gemstones is like the secret pocket in your jacket. No one knows it is there, but you always know about its presence, and it speaks about who you are. To get some of the best ring inlay design ideas, check out our website right now.

    Wedding Band Design And Finishes

    Now for the fun part! Once you have the basic shape and material of your wedding band selected, its time to add the finishing details to make it your own.

    The classic traditional finish for a mens wedding band is high polish. But you can also choose a satin, brushed, or hammered finish even on a classic band to give it a custom look.

    You can also add a simple detail to the edge of your band like milgrain detailing or a carved beveled edge. One finish on the center and another on the edge accentuates the detailing.

    You can also add a design to the center of the band like one or two parallel grooves, a cross hatch pattern, or a twisted rope detail.

    Even if you want your band to be completely plain, you can add engraving or a stone to the inside of the ring: no one will see it but you.

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    Are Men’s Wedding Rings Expensive Or Cheap

    Like all jewelry, the cost of men’s rings is going to depend on a few factors, mainly what it’s made of and the brand or retailer it comes from.

    Men’s bands made of precious metals like sterling silver, platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold are going to be on the pricier end.

    Gold plated rings aren’t usually high in price, but if you’re looking for solid gold, 18K gold is going to be more expensive than 14K gold rings. The same goes for any plated precious metals.

    Alternative metals like tungsten, titanium, stainless steel, palladium, or cobalt are usually cheaper than rings of precious metals. The cheapest you’ll find is going to be silicone ring usually.

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    If the ring contains natural or synthetic gemstones, diamonds, or cubic zirconia, price may be adjusted based on rarity.

    And lastly, if the brand is a high-end brand, you’re going to pay more. You can find tungsten carbide rings for $150 or less, but popular tungsten industry giant Triton, can price their rings between $200-$500.

    How Do I Find My Ring Size

    15 Best Black Male Wedding Bands

    This is the best place to start. Its always useful to have your size in mind when thinking about wedding rings. It saves you the stress of finding the perfect ring then having to find the right size afterwards or, even worse, just guessing and buying yourself a ring that doesnt fit properly.

    There are plenty of free and easy ways to find out your ring size

    • Online tools where you measure the diameter of your finger. Using one of our charts, you can even compare your diameter size to a UK ring size to find the perfect match.
    • You can also order one of our Free Ring Sizers to get an answer without all the hassle of searching around endlessly on the Internet.

    Its best to measure your finger when you arent too hold or too cold. Heat can cause your fingers to swell up, and a chill makes your fingers a lot slimmer, which means you wouldnt get an accurate reading. Its also best to measure at the end of the day, as fingers tend to be a lot smaller in the morning.

    If you find that you measure up between two sizes, its best to go for the bigger size just to guarantee that youll be comfortable, especially if youre going for a wider band. If you go for a wider band in a bigger size, youll find that it fits much more comfortably. If you choose a wider band in the smaller size, you may find that its tight as its wider than average.

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    Best Place To Buy Mens Wedding Rings

    In most physical jewelers, you will get a few variations of the mens wedding rings. However, you will find some high-end priced diamond and gold rings.

    Most of the jewelers offer alternate metals. These metals are rather plain and quite costly.

    Amazon is one of the most reliable online retailers. They offer unique wedding rings that fit your style. You will also get cheap pieces that come in different designs and metals.

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    If quality is what you are after, then Blue Nile is the store to visit. Here whether the wedding ring is gold, platinum, or tungsten, you can trust that they are high quality.

    The prices at Blue Nile are higher than at Amazon. The high-quality rings offered is what makes the price higher. Other than quality, Blue Nile is also a reputable and credible brand.

    Top 5 Best Places To Buy Mens Wedding Bands Online In 2022

    Looking for the best men’s wedding ring?

    Perfect, you’re in the right place! In this LearningJewelry.com guide, you’ll learn:

    • What is a “men’s wedding ring”?
    • Are they expensive or cheap?
    • What to look for when buying a wedding ring for a man?
    • How to clean a man’s wedding ring?
    • Where should you buy a wedding band for a guy?

    And much more!

    1. Brushed and Polished Comfort Fit Ring Editor’s Pick
    2. Titanium Comfort-Fit Stepped Edge Ring Best Value
    3. 7mm Magnus Wedding Ring Most High-End
    4. Men’s Black & White Cobalt Striped Ring Best Design
    5. Marteau Men’s Diamond Band Diamond & Gold

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    Best Overall: Saferingz Silver Silicone Wedding Ring

    SafeRingz is the pioneer of the silicon wedding band and still one of the best options out there. One of the features that make the O.G. of our list so unique is its realistic metallic finish. And since SafeRingz is a master of disguise, its products are perfect for anyone who works with their hands or lives an otherwise active lifestyle but is hesitant to temporarily ditch their real wedding band.

    Each ring is made in America from heat-resistant materials that are designed to break under stress. And to bring things full circle in terms of these things being second only to the real deal , you can get your band engraved with whatever custom message youd like. My other ring is a Ferrari, for example. Yes? No? Well see ourselves out

    Of The Best Silicone Wedding Bands For Active Men

    The Best Wedding Band Ever – The Stealth Carbon Fiber – Modern Gents

    While theres certainly something to be said for doing things the traditional way, it doesnt always mean its the best way. Take your wedding band, for example. Its eye-catching. Its strong and sturdy. It tells a timeless tale of love and devotion. All of these things are true.

    But its also true that traditional rings can be impractical or even dangerous if you live an active lifestyle, work with machinery, or are involved in a myriad of other activities. Enter: mens silicone wedding bands. Theres a lot to love about the best silicone wedding bands out there and how to wear them. Theyre inexpensive. They make a subtle statement in all the right ways. And most importantly, unlike gold, platinum, or steel rings, theyre designed to break under pressure, which could potentially save your finger in an accident.

    But not all silicone wedding bands are created equal. Our list of the best silicone wedding bands for men is here to help you wade through the seemingly endless options.

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    The Best Materials For Mens Wedding Bands To Last A Lifetime

    Theres a lot of information out there on engagement rings and wedding bands for women. However, when it comes to mens wedding bands, its still a bit of a mystery. Rest assured guys have their choice, too, especially when it comes to metals and materials.

    This post contains affiliate links, and purchases help our blog grow.

    Life can be tough. Whether its your job or a demanding hobby, your hands tend to bear the brunt of that tough work. When youre picking out a wedding band for men that will last a lifetime, you want to make sure that it can keep up with you and continue looking its best for years to come.

    After all, this is the ring youll be wearing for the rest of your life. Therefore, you want to choose a ring that is true to the hand that is wearing it. Here are the best materials for mens wedding bands that really will stand the test of time.

    Voted Best Wedding Band In Ireland

    The Best Men Wedding Bands Ireland Winner of Weddings Online Wedding Band of the year

    Reliability.Award-Winners! The Best Men Wedding Band

    An Unrivalled Musical Performance.

    The Best Men Wedding Band can guarantee a musical experience simply not equalled by competitors. Have a read through our Testimonials tab, as proof that The Best Men deliver on their promises. The bands vocalist, Jonathan, has a vocal range which strongly extends from the low tones of Johnny Cash to the high soulful pop of Michael Jackson. Colin, the bands guitarist is a sound engineer and pro live guitar technician, and you can be sure of crystal clear sound. You will certainly not regret entrusting us to entertain on your big day. We have our own little way of arranging the music its a blazing, non-stop, energetic run through all of your favorites, with barely a pause between like a DJ set, only we play everything live. Make sure to check out The Best Men Wedding Bands Ireland Playlist.

    Passion.The Best Men are devoted music lovers, and performing as part of the wedding band is their full-time career. The guys are in their element on stage, and come alive in the raw energy of performing a live set! This is what you want for your wedding day your guests to be swept up in the music of a lively, energetic band, truly passionate about giving an unforgettable performance!

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